(Episode 21) Gone With The Wind…A Tale of Vanity Upon Vanity!

Krisa got into her house and dialed Linda’s number while regretting that the CCTV camera she had was only in her bedroom and sitting room.

“If only I had known, I would have mounted another camera to watch outside the compound, that way, I would have caught that stupid Linda red handed” she thought. 

Linda was still fast asleep when the ringtone of her Samsung phone woke her up.

“Who is this?” she said into the receiver.

Krisa: “oh, so you don’t have my number anymore right?”

Linda: “who are you to call and disturb my sleep this early in the morning?”

Krisa: “this is Krisa. I called to tell you that I saw your handwork. I don’t even know why I didn’t even think about you until now. You have done your worst right? So you have the nerve to send boys to steal my man’s car right? Well, let me tell you that you have bitten more than you can chew and I will deal with you even if it means using the last drop of my blood. The battle line is drawn, you will hear from me”

Linda: “Krisa? Are you out of your mind or something? How dare you call me to tell me such trash? What do you take me for that I will send boys to rape you? What do you think I can achieve by doing that?” she asked, sitting up from her bed, sleep suddenly vanishing from her eyes.

Krisa: “you should be asking yourself such silly questions. You came to my house recently to talk trash and as if that was not enough, you sent boys to rape me in my house and told them to vacate this city for you as if it is your father that is the president of this country. I didn’t push for your arrest because I don’t want anyone to know that I was raped by four men at once. To even add insult to injury, you sent your boys who have been monitoring me to steal my man’s car. You will hear from me” she said and dropped the call.

Linda was lost in thought after the call went off.

“What does she mean by I sent boys to rape her? Was that what Sniper and his boys went there to do? I only told him to scare her away now. And what is this thing about stealing her man’s car, I don’t even know what that girl is talking about. Wait a minute, could it mean that Sniper and his boys went back to that house? Oh no, they won’t try that, they had better not” she said and dialed Sniper’s phone which was switched off.

Linda: “I hope this guys have not gone on an errand that I didn’t send them o, what kind of a problem is this? I wish I had heeded the manager of Adelove.com’s advice to let this girl be, now see the mess I am in” she said.


Mr Abel watched as Krisa made the call and threatened to rain fire and brimstone on whoever it was that she was speaking with. After she ended the call, she explained everything to him and why she was suspecting Linda.

Mr Abel: “you have a point but the fact that you had a misunderstanding with her doesn’t mean that she is behind all these. Besides, you said something happened while we were asleep, what was it?”

Krisa: “I can swear that she is responsible for all these. She sent those boys to rape me and to warn me to leave Abuja for her because she sees me as a threat since I am better at our business than her. And besides, I dreamt about her last night that she was planning something evil against me, I don’t joke with my dreams, I am sure that was a revelation from God”

Mr Abel: “business? What kind of business do you do? I thought you are an engineer?”

Krisa: “yes, I am an engineer but we do other side businesses, like contracts you know” she smiled.

Mr Abel: “I think we have to go to the police station and report the matter to the police so that she can be arrested right away” he said and Krisa nodded in the affirmative.


Mrs Abel heart skipped a beat when she heard her husband make his way into the compound on foot.

Mrs Abel: “let me see the lie that he will come up with this time around, men and lies!” she said.

She got up as soon as she saw her husband and hugged him, pretending to be worried about his absence from the house since the previous night.

Mrs Abel: “I was worried to death over you, I tried to call you last night and yet you didn’t pick your call. I thought of going to the Police but I thought of waiting till this morning first. Where have you been?” she bombarded him with questions while he sat down dejectedly.

Mr Abel: “it was a terrible night, I cannot even explain what happened” he said, undoing his tie.

Mrs Abel: “what exactly happened? Are you okay? Why didn’t I hear you drive in? Did your car develop a fault on your way home?” she asked with feign interest.

“I lost my car” he said plainly.

“What! You lost your car as how? The last I checked, my husband doesn’t gamble, how can you just lose your car?” she pried.

Mr Abel: “listen, I ran into a bad gang yesterday, they took me to a location in town and tied me up and then they made away with my car last night. I actually thought they were kidnappers but thank God they only made away with the car. I have reported the matter the Police and they are already carrying out their investigations, the guys took my phone away from me and gave it back to me only this morning and that is why I couldn’t answer your call when you were calling last night” he lied and got up and went into the bathroom before she could ask him further questions.


The Police invited Linda for some questioning concerning the missing car and the Krisa’s rape but she denied having anything to do with the incidence and demanded to speak to her lawyer before she would answer any of their questions. The Police had no option than to let her go when her lawyer arrived because they had no substantive evidence against her.

Krisa was angry when she heard that Linda had been dropped from the list of suspects and allowed to go free. She called Linda and threatened to deal with her should she cross her path again. Linda swallowed her pride, apologized to her and promised to stay away from her path from that day henceforth.


Two weeks later Mr Abel and Krisa travelled out to Dubai for a weekend gate away, although he had told his wife that he would be away for the weekend on an important appointment, he ended up spending more than a week in Dubai because Krisa had wanted more time to relax away from the all the drama that had happened in Nigeria the previous week.

The trip to Dubai was one of the most remarkable vacations for Mr Abel who had Krisa’s body at his beck and call. It was all day and all night of love making without protection for them and he returned back to the country a happier man. His happiness was however short lived when he came back to his wife who was a dummy in bed.


Krisa and Mr Abel continued their relationship on a low key as soon as they got to Nigeria and even though his wife knew about his illicit affairs, she could not do anything because she all the threats she had made the guys carry out on her husband and his mistress had not worked. She was waiting for a perfect opportunity to strike again and she knew that it would come soon enough.


Few months after they returned from Dubai, Krisa called him.

“I am pregnant” she dropped what sounded like a bombshell in his ears.

Question: Is she truly pregnant? What will Mr Abel do? Men, can you tell your wife that another woman is pregnant for you?

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  1. Mr Abel should be happy cos he expected dat when he had her without protection. men will always be men. he spends fortune on her mistress but not sure he is willing to spend dat on d family

  2. It may be true that she is actually pregnant for Mr Abel…and i think I can tell my wife If I impregnate another person outside , provided that I’m capable enough to cater for the concubine pregnancy without infringing my responsibility of my wife….

  3. If truly she is pregnant, then Mr Abel shud b happy after all he has been sleeping with her without protection…but I think this is just another way 4 her 2 blackmail him

  4. There’s a fifty /fifty chance that it’s real.
    She is a serious player and might be playing one of her games and she could be, considering they had two weeks of unprotected sex

  5. She is likely to b pregnant since dey both engaged in unprotected sex n have being on it for long now. Also I think since Krisa met Mr Abel, she do only him.

  6. When u get married, don’t be a dummy on d bed, dt is why men go out for good sex, simply because u r married does nt mean u shd relax, seduce him every time, n he will kp coming back home

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