(Episode 22) Gone With The Wind…A Tale of Vanity Upon Vanity!

Mr Abel instantly lost his voice as soon as he heard those words from Krisa. Even though he had fallen in love with her body, having a child with her had never crossed his mind. Yes, he had his differences with his wife and even though she had not been able to give him a child few years after marriage, he could not bear to break her heart that much by having a child from another woman. His wife had been an integral part of his success story because with the help of her father’s connection, he had secured many contracts and had risen fast in his career.

From the few intimate encounters he had with Krisa in Dubai, he had seen a part of her that she had tried so well to conceal from him and that was the fact that she was materialistic and he wondered if truly she was an engineer as she claimed.

“Hello, you haven’t said anything”, Krisa’s sonorous voice, pierced through the phone, bringing him back to reality.

Mr Abel: “erm, I..yes, you are pregnant, so what has that got to do with me?” he heard himself ask.

Krisa: “are you for real? What the hell are you asking that question for? What do men do when they get women pregnant?” she fired back.

Mr Abel: “Surely the pregnancy is not for me. I mean how come?”

Krisa: “what are you saying? We have been having unprotected sex for a while now. Any man who is comfortable having unprotected sex should expect pregnancy from his woman”

Mr Abel: “we… you and  I…I mean I am not any man. I am a married man and you know that. Besides, I am certain the pregnancy is not for me” he stammered

Krisa: “of course it is for you, you are the only one I have”

Mr Abel: “that is not true. Have you forgotten that one of your boyfriends called to warn me to stay away from you after they stole my car? I am a married man; I cannot be responsible for what you are carrying”

Krisa: “I give you twenty four hours to get here and let’s discuss this pregnancy; else I will call your wife and tell her about us. 24 hours!” she said and ended the call.

Krisa fell on the bed and laughed out loud.

Krisa: “which yeye pregnancy, how can I get pregnant now when I am on contraceptives? This man thinks I am a girl that a man will sleep with without paying through his nose? Mbanu now, after you give me what I want, I will send you out of my life. Good riddance to bad rubbish” she said and walked to pour herself a drink.


Mrs Abel was in the salon for a manicure and pedicure session when her phone rang. It was an unknown number and so she ignored it. After a while, the phone began to ring again and then she picked it up.

Mrs Abel: “hello, who is this?” she said.

Voice: “my name is not important. I am one of the guys you hired to steal your husband’s car sometime ago”

Mrs Abel’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that.

Mrs Abel: “what! How did you get my private number? Haven’t I warned you never to call me again?”

Voice: “madam, relax. All these rich people, una too like big vocabulary. Anyway, I say make I tell you say the money wey you pay us don finish and country hard, recession dey, shey you understand, ma’ama”

Mrs Abel: “I do not understand a sentence of what you said. What is my business if you have squandered the money that I paid you? You should blame yourself for your foolishness and lack of foresight. Please get off my phone and don’t you ever call me again, I don’t know you”

“E no go easy like that o, if you claim say you no know us, we know you and evidence dey to take show the world say you know us” he said.

Mrs Abel: “what evidence are you talking about?”

Voice: “we recorded all the conversation you had with us when you wanted us to steal your husband’s car. Even when we met in the garden to discuss the plans, I was recording your voice with my phone and one of my guys was somewhere filming us with camera. That is more than enough evidence if you ask me” she said.

Mrs Abel: “what do you want?” she asked, looking around her shoulders to make sure that the manicurist was not paying attention to her call.

Voice: “now you are talking. We will send you a location, come there with 5 million in 3 days time, if not, your husband will find out what happened to his car” he said.

Mrs Abel: “what! 5 million naira? Where do I get that kind of money from?”

Voice: “where you will get it from is none of my concern. Your husband is a big boy, I am sure you can come up with a lie to get that sum from him. Do you know the value of the car you made us burn? If you had the nerve to tell us to burn the car rather than sell it off and share the profits, it means that you people are in money and don’t worry, just this 5 million and you will never hear from us in your life again. I will send the address to you right away, if you like, go to the Police, remember, we go down, you go down and that will be the end of your marriage” he said and dropped the call.


Mr Abel was in a heated argument with Krisa for more than 30 minutes after he got to her house.

Mr Abel: “no, there is no way we will keep this pregnancy. I didn’t tell you that I needed a child, you have to get rid of it” he shouted at the top of his voice for the umpteenth time when Krisa insisted that she wanted to keep the child.

Krisa: “I have told you that I cannot abort the baby. Why did you sleep with me without protection when you know you are not ready to have a child with me?”

Mr Abel: “it happened impromptu while we were in Dubai. We got in the mood and when we discovered that we didn’t come in with condom, we had it raw, so don’t make it look like it is entirely my fault”

Krisa: “oh please, don’t give me that silly excuse. Are you saying they don’t sell condoms in Dubai? Why didn’t you go out to buy if really you didn’t want it raw? Besides, it wasn’t one or twice that we had it, we did it without protection all the while that we were there”

Mr Abel: “what do you want? He asked, sitting on the sofa dejectedly.

Krisa: “I want marriage, I want you to make me your wife, I don’t want my child to be born outside wedlock”

Mr Abel: “What!” he asked sitting up. “You know that is not possible” he said to her.

Krisa: “and why not?”

Mr Abel: “because I am a married man, I have a wife already”

Krisa: “the last time I checked, African men marry more than one wife besides, you can afford to keep two wives so you have no excuse” she said.

Mr Abel: “I am a Christian, my religion does not permit me to marry more than one wife, apart from that, I personally do not want to have more than one wife”

Krisa: “Your religion does not permit you to cheat on your wife and yet you did it. You don’t want to marry more than one wife and yet you can sleep with another woman without protection, that does not sound logical. Are you saying that your religion permits abortion?”

“I expected you to take care of yourself, you are a big girl, you should know how to prevent unwanted pregnancy” he screamed.

Krisa: “I want marriage and that is final. If you insist on me going for an abortion, I will destroy your marriage and wreck your reputation in this country, don’t dare me” she said and walked out on him into her bedroom.

Question: Ghen-ghen, trouble everywhere! What do you advise Mr and Mrs Abel to do? Will they be sensible enough to confide in each other?

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  1. hmm Mrs Abel to provide 5m, Mr Abel to marry Krisa nawaoo this too much for them but they should better open up to each other.

  2. Na real ghen ghen o. I hope dey confide in each other cus that’s d only way I know 4 now can stop or minimize d mess dey put themselves into.

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