(Episode 23) Gone With The Wind…A Tale of Vanity Upon Vanity!

Mr Abel sat down for long after Krisa had gone, buried deeply in thoughts. He knew that there was no way he could marry her and to be able to convince her to get rid of the pregnancy, he needed to apply caution and so he swallowed his pride and walked into the bedroom where she was lying on the bed and pretending to be sobbing.

Mr Abel: “Listen, I am sorry I screamed at you, okay?” he said to her.

Krisa: “just leave me alone o, I thought you were a responsible man and that was why I allowed myself to fall in love with you” she said moving away from his hold.

Mr Abel: “I am a responsible man, it’s just that I am married, please understand with me. If I were single, I would have married you right away”

Krisa: “I warned you when you were asking me out that I don’t do married men, didn’t I? Yet you promised me heaven on earth and that you were not like other married men. Why are you doing this to me? What did I do to deserve this?”

Mr Abel: “I am sorry, I didn’t know you would get pregnant for me” he said.

Krisa: “it has happened, let’s get married, I am not saying I will move in with you, I can remain in this house while you take care of my expenses and then come to see me from time to time”

Mr Abel: “baby, I am sorry but that cannot work. I cannot keep more than one woman, please let us get rid of this baby for now” he said.

Krisa: “for now? What if we get rid of it and I take in again? Is that how I will keep aborting for you until I abort all the children in my womb while you are busy enjoying your marriage, at the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for you while it is a lose-lose for me”

Mr Abel: “I understand you my love but let’s just get rid of this for now and then we can plan ahead for the future. Please baby” he said, taking her hands and kneeling down before her.

Krisa: “I don’t want to abort o, what if something happens to me in the process? You promised to always be there for me, why are you changing your words now?”

Mr Abel: “listen, nothing is gonna change about us, I will still love and cherish you after this, in fact,  I will love you more and you can ask whatever you want from  me and you will have it, anything apart from marriage and keeping this baby”

Krisa: “If I must get rid of it, then I have to travel to India to do it. Like I said, I have never aborted before and I don’t trust Nigerian doctors to do it here” she lied knowing fully well that she had done several abortions in the past.

“India? Just for an abortion? Who does that?” he said, cleaning the sweat that was forming on his brow.

Krisa: “I will do it. I cannot go and entrust my womb in the hands of one quack doctor, I am a young girl and if I destroy my womb, I am done for life. I will rather go to the expert doctors in India and do it” she said, turning around.

Mr Abel: “Baby, there are very good hospitals here in Nigeria that can do it without any complication, just name a hospital and I pay for the bills”

Krisa: “will you follow me to the hospital and wait for me to go through it?”

“How can I follow you to the hospital to have an abortion? What if someone I know sees me there? As a matter of fact, what if someone who knows my wife sees me there? I am sorry but you have to go alone” he said.

Krisa: “you see, that is what I am talking about. You don’t want to get involved at all. Well, I am not having the abortion in Nigeria”

Mr Abel: “have you considered the cost of going to India just to have an abortion? You could have it here and do something else with the money” he said, trying to make her change her mind about travelling overseas just to have an abortion.

Krisa: “have you considered the health implication of me having an abortion? In fact, I don’t want to do again” she said.

Mr Abel: “okay, okay. You can go and have it in India. Do you have an Indian Visa?”

Krisa: I don’t have a visa, you should be able to get me that” she said turning away from him.

Mr Abel: “God, that will be way too stressful!”

Krisa: “if it is, we can forget about the abortion then after all I am not interested. It is much easier for us to keep the baby”

Mr Abel: “fine, we will get the visa for you. It will cost a lot of money getting it for you in the shortest time possible but I don’t have a choice”

Krisa: “Of course you don’t have a choice and if you don’t get the visa on time and this pregnancy gets to the second trimester, I will not accept to abort it again. And then I would need five million naira for the trip, that excludes my ticket money which you will pay and remember, I fly First Class”

Mr Abel opened his mouth to talk but he closed it and swallowed hard.

Five million naira after I get her a visa and pay for her First Class ticket to India, all these just because she wants to do an abortion. Hmmn, what have I gotten myself into like this. is this what men who commit adultery go through? By the way, is the thing she has under her legs different from the one my wife has? Does she have gold in there or what? What kind of a problem is this now?” he soliloquized.


Mrs. Abel emptied her account which contained 3 million naira and sold off her gold jewelries to make up the money that her blackmailers had demanded.

She gave it to them and they thanked her and promised that she would never hear from them again, but, do blackmailers ever keep their words?


Krisa travelled to India after Mr. Abel handed her the money and the flight tickets but instead of her to go to the hospital, where she was supposed to abort the fake pregnancy, she stayed with her friend whom had relocated to India for prostitution and there the two friends took to selling off their body to Indians as well as foreigners who were in need of Africans to warm their bed.

Through the help of her friend, she stayed in India for two months, prostituting and amassing money. So lucrative was the business in India that she thought of relocating from Nigeria at the end of that year to join her friend there.

She returned from Nigeria and continued her wayward life, sleeping with men for money and pimping smaller girls to men for a commission. After her returned, she severed all ties with Mr. Abel whom she resolved to call only when she was ready to deal him the final blow.


Linda had an encounter with God and she repented and confessed her sins and renounced her immoral ways. After attending a bible believing Church for several months, she went into evangelism, preaching the goodnews to all who cared to listen to her. Her friends who were into prostitution and pimping girls for men mocked her and taunted her about her new way of life. However, that did not deter her from preaching repentance to all around her.

She had visited Krisa’s house while she was abroad and she resolved to visit her again and preach to her when she heard from a mutual friend that Krisa had returned to the country and was into full time prostitution.


Mr Abel was in his office having lunch when his phone beeped. He picked it up to see that it was a WhatsApp message from an unknown number. He opened it and saw that it was a video. He downloaded and played it.

“What!” he screamed when he saw the content of the video, his heart beating fast as if it was going to come out of his body.

Question: What is the content of the video? Who sent it? Did the blackmailers play a smart one on Mrs Abel? Who can guess how this story will end?

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  1. d whatsapp video is from krisa, though a private no, and d blackmailer will still ask mrs Abel for more money. i pity krisa, she might have contacted diseases from d Indianas she slept with wen she travelled.

  2. the content was the video sex btw Mr. Abel n Krisa!
    It was Krisa that sent it!
    Yes blackmailers played a smart one on Mrs. Abel.
    The end of story will look like Mr. & Mrs. Abel wil land in proverty,
    Krisa might contact a deadly disease!
    Teacher Ike bounced back doing well generally!

  3. D content of video should b evidence Krisa has against Mr Abel and Kris a is d blackmailer. D end should b Mr & Mrs Abel getting to know each other secrets, regretting their actions by alrdy wreck in money. Linda preaching to Krisa but too late for her in accepting Christ. Krisa will b dealt wit deadly desaeases that will send her back to d village or involve in accident. Teacher Ike should become a successful man with his own family.

  4. All this troubles because of lake of communication in the. Family. If Abel and his wife do open-up to each other they. Would. Have prevent all this things that is happening to them. But Abel is following another woman outside marriage and Mrs Abel is Claiming to be Mrs Smart.
    As for Krisa she has been doomed right from time.
    I thank God for LINDA who repented and gave her Life to JESUS….. ADELOVE THUMBS-UP TO YOU GUYS.


  5. The contents of the video is the sexual acts that had taken place btw Mr Abel and Krisa. The blackmailer played his game well.

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