(Final Episode 24) Gone With The Wind…A Tale of Vanity Upon Vanity!

Mr Abel quickly released his tie which felt like it was choking him and dialed Krisa’s number. She was receiving another call and so he had to wait for her to finish, she didn’t pick until his call was terminated.

Mr Abel: “pick up the call, you bitch!” he cursed when he redialed her number and heard that she was still on another call.

Krisa: “hello love, I am so sorry, I was on another very important call when you called earlier” she said when she finally picked his call.

Mr Abel: “okay, did you by chance send me any video in my WhatsApp?” he asked impatiently.

Krisa: “what video? Oh you mean the video of you pleading with me to date you and telling me how your wife was a weakling in bed?”

Mr Abel: “yes, apart from that, the video contains several scenes of you and I making love. I couldn’t even watch it till the end. What did you record our intimate moments for?”

Krisa: “oh, I am sorry. I thought you saw the CCTV camera in my room, it actually records whatever goes on in my bedroom”

Mr Abel: “what! You mean you had a camera in your room all these while? No wonder you never allowed us go to the hotel. You always insisted on us making out in your room, you had this planned all along right?”

Krisa: “what do you expect from a girl who knows how callous and heartless men can be?”

Mr Abel: “but you didn’t have to do that now. You of all people know that I am not like every other man, I am not wicked!”

Krisa: “of course you are and that is why you asked me to go for an abortion when I got pregnant. Anyway, I am no longer interested in whatever it is that we had between us. I need severance fee”

Mr Abel: “if you are no longer interested, then just walk out of the relationship, you don’t have to make a video of you and I making love. And what do you mean by severance fee?”

Krisa: “I want you to pay me off. I had an abortion for you after which you abandoned me and showered all the love and care you have on your wife, now I want out and I want you to pay me”

Mr Abel: “What are you saying? I called you several times after you returned from India and you said you wanted sometime for yourself and that I should give you a break, now you are making it sound like I was the one who abandoned you after you came back”

Krisa: “see Mr. man, I don’t have time for too much talk this afternoon. Pay me twenty million naira as severance fees and I will leave your life for good. I want to relocate to India and I need that money real bad and I want it in cash. I give you two weeks to bring the cash to my house or else your wife will see that video and many more that I didn’t send to you. Even the one where you were forcing me to go for an abortion is still there and imagine what will happen to your reputation and business if I release that video on social media. Don’t even think of harming me because as you can see, the number that sent that video is not mine, meaning that even if I die, I have the video somewhere and the person will make sure he release it” she said and dropped the call.

Mr Abel: “is she mad or something? What is wrong with this girl? Is this what married men who have mistresses go through? Twenty million naira as severance fee? Who does that?” he said and tried to call her back but she ignored his call for as long as he kept calling.


The days that followed were hell for Mr Abel who could not help but think of what will happen to his family and reputation if Krisa released the video. Twenty million naira was a huge sum of money and with the recession in the country, he was not sure that he could afford to give her that amount. He had invested his money into a business that was yet to pay off and what he had in his bank accounts was not up to that amount.

He tried to call and plead with Krisa but she kept on ignoring his calls. He sent her countless messages and tried to reach her on her social media accounts but she blocked him after a while. Several times he had gone to see her in the house but her security man had informed him that she had instructed him to allow him into the house if he had the money with him. As the days rolled bye, Mr Abel began to get worried and began to run helter skelter in search of someone to borrow him the money.


The blackmailers failed on their part to keep their promise and they called Mrs Abel and demanded for ten million naira.

Mrs Abel: “why do you keep doing this? You promised me that the five million naira I gave you was going to be the last, now you are back to ask for another one” she said into her phone.

Voice: “madam, no vex o, we been no get am for mind to call you again but you see, that money don finish and the visa wey we dey process never enter our hand. If you give us this ten million, we go use am travel out of the country and you no go ever hear from us again”

Mrs Abel: “well, I don’t have ten million naira. I do not even have up to a million naira in my account and my husband doesn’t have either. Business has been bad these days and we are just managing. The last time you demanded for five million, I had to empty my account and sell my jewelries to make up the money, I don’t have any other thing to sell so you can go to hell!” she screamed and ended the call.

Few minutes later, she received a video and a voice recording of all the conversation she had with them when she told them to steal her husband’s car and burn it. She quivered and called them and told them not to send the video to her husband and that she would see to getting the money for them.


Mr Abel took a loan of five million naira from his bank and added it to the fifteen million naira that he had been able to raise from the sales of some his personal belongings and cashed the money. He drove to Krisa’s house with the cash as she had instructed but her security man informed him that Krisa had travelled and was not due to return till the next day. Since it was past office hours, he could not return the money to the bank and so he had no option than to take it back home.

His wife was curious as to what her husband had in the bag he brought back from the office. Out of curiosity, she tiptoed to the wardrobe where she had seen him hide the bag before he had entered the bathroom. She held herself from letting out a scream when she saw mint notes of a thousand naira arranged neatly in bundles. She carefully closed the zip of the bag and kept it the way she had seen it and returned to the kitchen to serve dinner. While she was at it, her phone rang and when she picked it, she saw that it was her blackmailers calling, this time around, they were threatening to expose her if she didn’t send the money the next day. She sat down to think of what to do but even before she could arrive at any conclusion, her husband came out and she went about serving him.


That night, Krisa called Mr Abel and told him to bring the money to her house the following day in the night. His wife who was beside him on the bed pretending to be asleep during the conversation stained her ear to hear what he was talking abour and her heart began to beat widely when she heard him talking about taking the money somewhere. After the call, he went into the toilet and she quickly picked his phone and went through his call log and saw that the last person he had spoken to was Krisa.

“So this man is taking all these money to her while I am here looking for money to pay off these guys? No way, I will not allow him” she said and began to cook up a plan in her head.


Mr Abel drove to Krisa’s house with the money at about 8pm the next day, unknown to him, he was been followed by a car that had been monitoring his movement all day. As soon as he got to her gate, he horned and the security man allowed him. He drove in and came down with the bag containing the money she had requested for. krisa hissed as soon she saw him walk in.

Mr Abel: “we don’t have to part this way, we can talk about this” he said.

Krisa: “Talk about what? Are you alright? I hope my money is complete?” she asked, sitting crossed legged on her favourite sofa.

Mr Abel: “It is, your excellency” he mocked.

Krisa: “Count it, I don’t trust you. How comes you were able to put twenty million naira in this bag? Bring them out and count bundle by bundle” she instructed and he had no option than to obey despite his displeasure. He was still engrossed in counting the money when they heard a gunshot at the gate. Before Krisa and Mr Abel could make out what was happening, some guys stormed in with different guns and weapons.

“Your money or your life” they shouted, wielding the guns at the two frightened and estranged lovers.

One of the robbers made to collect the money but Mr Abel held it close and refused to let go.

Robber: “oga, leave this money now. You wan drag money with armed robber? You go wound o”

Mr Abel: “no, this is all I have and I cannot just allow it go, taking this money is like taking my life” he said stubbornly.

Robber: “oga, my gun no be toy gun o, I go kill you o. Leave this money one, two…”

Krisa: “don’t leave the money o, if you leave it, you have to get me another one” Krisa summoned courage and said.

Mr Abel held the money close to his chest and the robber emptied the bullet in his gun on his hand, he fell down and lost consciousness instantly.

As the robbers turned around to make away with the money, Krisa grabbed the flower vase on her table to hit them but they were faster. One of them turned around and struck her on the forehead with his machete and she fell down face ward, blood oozing from the deep cut on her forehead.

The robbers made away with the money and refused to pick Mrs. Abel’s call when she was anxious to find out how the robbery incidence had gone. After the robbers left, the security man who had been pined to the floor at gunpoint by one of the robbers ran outside the gate and called for help and soon, a police van and an ambulance came and rushed Kris and Mr. Abel to the hospital.

Mr. Abel had to stay in the hospital for several weeks and undergo different surgeries to bring out the bullets that had been lodged in his hand. His wife stayed beside him and more than once she donated her blood for him and prayed to God to help her save her husband.

Mrs. Abel: “God, just have mercy on me and help my husband recover and I promise that I will quit jealousy and envy henceforth” she cried when she saw how fragile and weak her husband was lying down on the bed.

After spending two months in the hospital, the doctors had to recommend him for corrective surgery abroad to avoid getting his arm which was infected from being amputated.

While Mrs. Abel was running around selling properties and personal belongings to raise money for her husband’s medical trip abroad, the robbers went for a robbery operation and after getting involved in an exchange of bullet with the Police, they were cornered and arrested. After being tortured, they confessed to their other crimes and disclosed the roles that Mrs. Abel had played in the robbery incidence involving Krisa and Mr. Abel. The Police came to arrest Mrs. Abel from the hospital where she was sitting beside her husband. Her husband was heartbroken when he heard about his wife’s involvement in the robbery case.

After her arrest, Mr. Abel’s younger brother travelled with him outside the country for his treatment  and after spending some months over there, he returned back with an artificial arm because the delay in getting the money for the surgery has worsened the condition of the arm where he was shot.

The robbers were tried for robbery and the murder of all the people that had died during their subsequent operations. They could not mention Linda’s name because she did not instruct them to go and rape Krisa.

Mrs. Abel was sentenced to two years imprisonment with an option of no fine.  She got out of prison to discover that her husband and his relations had moved her things back to her family house. She returned back to her family house and met her mother and her father who would not have her return to the house.

Mama: “you should be ashamed of yourself, after spending two years in prison because of the shameful act you got yourself involved in, you want to come back to this house, that is not possible” the sad woman said.

Mrs. Abel: “but where do you want me to go, mama? My husband would not even allow me enter the house and he and his people have returned my things back home, where else do I have to go if not here?”

Mama: “you should have thought of that before hiring men to rob your own husband. Because of your jealousy and envy, your husband was robbed of twenty million naira, because of you, he lost a very expensive car and because he was confined to a hospital bed after the many surgeries he had to remove the bullets from his arm, he couldn’t raise the money to travel overseas on time and so when he got there, he lost his arm and has to live with an artificial arm for the remaining days of his life. Now, tell me, what have you achieved by allowing your anger control you?”

Mrs. Abel: “mama, I am sorry. It hurts so much to know that the person you love is cheating on you with a person younger than you are. I was so beclouded by jealousy and hatred that I didn’t know that I would get consumed in my quest for vengeance” she said crying bitterly.

Mama: “even before you got married, I have always told you that men would always be men and that you shouldn’t waste your time going through your man’s phone if you want peace of mind. Most men cheat on their wives, I guess it is in their DNA. All you have to do is calm down and take it to God in prayers and then watch as he will change your man for you. You cannot fight all these husband snatchers on your own, they have a way of making it back fire on you”

Mrs. Abel: “you were right, mama. I wish I had taken your advice to heart. Can I at least stay here until I am ready to face my husband and ask for forgiveness?”

Her father who had been keeping quiet ever since mother and child started talking cleared his throat.

Baba: “you cannot stay here o, just go back to your husband and cry and weep and roll on the floor until he forgives you. I have already given out your hand in marriage and so there is no space for you in this house”


Mrs. Abel: “I am sorry my husband, please forgive me. It was the work of the devil” she said, crying at her husband’s feet, after she had tried to see him for several weeks o no avail.

Mr. Abel: “oh please just leave the devil out of this. Why did you have to do it? You are my wife and I thought you would always stand by me. You should have confronted me when you found out that I was cheating on you, who knows, that may have changed me. Because of you, I lost my most expensive cars, my money and my arm. Now I have to start over again with barely enough to feed myself”

Mrs. Abel: “I admit my sins, my approach was wrong but please forgive me and I am willing to help you start all over again. And it doesn’t matter that your arm was amputated, I will stay with you forever, after all if I hadn’t sent the robbers after you, they wouldn’t have shot you and you wouldn’t have lost your arm”

Mr. Abel: “I am sorry too, I was cheating on you without having a rethink of how I was hurting your feelings. We men most times behave irrationally when we begin to commit adultery. After you denied me sex for so long, the other girl started giving it to me so well that the blood that was supposed to pump to my brain and make me wise was going into my manhood and all I could think of was sex, sex and more sex from her no matter the consequences. Now all that I have is gone with the wind, everything that took me years of sweat and hard work to acquire have all gone down the drain. Indeed, vanity upon vanity, all is vanity”

Mrs. Abel: “I am sorry, my story should serve as a deterrent to all women who go out of their way to fight their husband’s mistresses. They should learn to leave vengeance to God” she said and they hugged affectionately, wetting each other with their tears.


Krisa ran into the hands of a fraudster who pretended to be a rich man and defrauded her of all her money and investment under the guise of them doing a lucrative business of oil and gas exploitation. After fighting depression for months, she managed to raise another money and travelled overseas for prostitution. Unfortunately for her, she feel sick over there and she ran into the hands of the wrong hospital and doctors who drugged her and removed one of the kidneys. Her condition began to detororiate and at the expiration of her one month visa which she had hopped to renew after making money there, she was deported back to Nigeria. Upon her return to Nigeria, she had no place to go other than to swallow her pride and go back to the village and apologise to her parents. Her parents who had not heard from her in a long time welcomed her home like the prodigal daughter that she was and helped to take care of her health which was very fragilewih the deep machet cut she had gotten on her forehead from the armed robbers bringing out pus and disfiguring her face.

Linda who was had become a born again Christian visited Krisa in the village where she was and encouraged her to give her life to God and seeing that Krisa’s body was getting bloated because her kidney was retaining fluid, she donated some money to her parents for her treatment and helped to stay beside her on the hospital in the villagewhile she continued her evangelism

At the end, Krisa lost everything including her health and vital body organ and lived with a scar that disfigured her face for life She lost all her wealth in a twinke of an eye as if they had gone with the wind and lived with her poor parents and the village that she had despised many years ago .

The End!

Thank you for staying with us through this story. Kindly share lessons learnt in the comment section below. We love you, always!

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  1. Hummmmmmmm!!!!!! Vanity upon vanity,all is vanity..truly,they all gone with the wind of lust,greed, adultery, jealous, formication, journey of no return..
    Kudo,adelove & crew.

  2. Krisa would have just made judicious use of the 5m she collected from Mr Abel n help her life but no, the quest for wealth will not allow her. Chei it’s a pity

  3. indeed! vanity upon vanity all is vanity…. thanks for dis educating n eye opening stories…. may GOD continue to give u pple wisdom, knowledge n understanding. kudos



  5. Interesting.
    But I don’t understand y our society always justify a cheating man… this is really not fair anyway. Nobody blamed mr Abel for he was d caused of all.
    As for Mrs Abel, she should av confronted the husband, she was too patience, and it let her to doing the wrong thing.

    • you ar right but d story didnt justify a man cheatin. Mr abel got more dan he deserves. rememba dat he lost one of his hands and all his money and had to start frm the beginin and he even realised hs mistake and apologised to hs wife. as for mrs abel, i dont knw why women will prefer to pretend dat all is well dan speak up

    • I also felt like Mr Abel didn’t get enough blame for what he caused. He was the one who went chasing after Krisa, even when she pretended not to date married men, he persisted. He abandoned his wife and his home for sex (cos it was clear he didn’t even love Krisa). In my opinion if he hadn’t lost his wealth or his arm he would not have stopped at Krisa he would have moved on to Tessa or Angela e.t.c. I don’t even see a need to be happy for him and Mrs Abel cos the moment he becomes wealthy again he will forget her and find another prostitute to date. The only difference is he will make sure the venues are hotels he chooses and he would be more discreet. I am sure of this because there was no evidence he repented and embraced God. His only real regret was he had lost all his material wealth. So the bottom line is for him to find God if he does there will be no repetitions.

  6. Hmmmmm, nobody would v think dis is ow d ending will be. We jus guessed wrongly cus u took another dimension to conclude story. You pple r truly a genius… Its a great story to learn from both either us Women or Men.

  7. Thanks Adelove. Vanity upon Vanity. There is nothing is this life. We just have to take things easy. May God help us

  8. In as much as Mrs. Abel did do wrong, there is no justification for Mr. Abel’s unfaithfulness yo his wife. Everyone, both men and women shall be responsible for any of their actions.

  9. I thank God that I am not the kind of Woman that goes through her husband’s phone and with the Lessons learnt here I would never try it.Thank’s Adelove

  10. Hmmmm vanity upon vanity dey say is vanity …thanks for this wonderful piece. But pls adelove I v stopped getting notification..pls undo wat has bin done..it has bin a boring moment without adelove

  11. Hmmmmm……dis life sha…vanity upon vanity……lady’s like her will learn there lessons…..Kudos to u @ADELOVE.COM

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