Warning! Roasted Plantain Causes Cancer

An Associate Professor of Medicine at the College of Medicine, Ekiti State University, Dr. Deji. Ajayi has cautioned against the eating of roasted plantain (Boli) as this could be a cause of cancer.

Her advised people to go for boiled plantain or the ones fried in a heart friendly oil.

Apart from the research by the professor, several health factors that may not be healthy for human beings surround the preparation of roasted plantain.

One of these reasons include the neatness of the surrounding where the plantain is roasted.

Also, the cleaniness of the man or woman roasting the plantain is another factor. It is common to see women touching their hands with charcoal, scratching their apron with the same hand and then turning the plantain without washing their hands.

The worst of it all is that these sellers would still collect money from customers and use that same hand to touch the roasted plantain and these could introduce bacteria into the plantain which could cause infection. Also, the smoke from the charcoal that goes directly into the plantain is a source of health concern.

So, when next you want to stop and enjoy that roasted boli on the street, take note of the factors listed below.



  1. Abeg make dem nor treading any body oooo; because boli na one of the best delicacies in Nigeria today. Naija sef; only cheap thing that kill. A plate of rice for hotel na N3,000 and above but otapiapia na N30; to lodge for hotel one night na N10,000 and above but mortuary a night na N150. Boli again when by N70 dem say e dey give cancer. So which one we go CHOP na? God come and rescue the poor in Jesus name.

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