(Episode 6) The Devil you Know…

(Episode 6) The Devil you Know...

He laid her gently on the bed and covered her up with the duvet. Jasmine stood at the door way looking even more confused than ever.

What is going on? Why is he paying so much attention to her when I am the one he is supposed to be doing that for? Did the work in reverse or what? What am I supposed to do at this moment now? She thought worriedly.

Jasmine: “Honey leave her to me. I will take care of her” she said walking over to them “and besides shouldn’t she be taken to her room rather than ours?”

Williams: “You want us to go and dump her in her room with no one to take care of her right? No don’t bother yourself, she will stay here and I will keep watch over her. you should be in the kitchen supervising the cook and the other rest of them. Should I be the one to tell you what your job is now?”

Jasmine: “Since when did I ever have to supervise the house maids?” she looked at him quizzically.

Williams: “Since today. Or do you want to be dictating to me in my own home now? Go to the kitchen my friend” he barked at her, holding Miranda tenderly.

Jasmine: “Hmmmm you definitely need deliverance Will” she murmured and stepped out of the room.

He left the house few minutes later to meet a client. Miranda stepped out of the room then, beaming with smiles she tried so hard to hide but couldn’t.

Miranda: “Hey babez!” she went over and sat on the arm of her chair.

Jasmine: “There is enough space on this chair. Why don’t you find somewhere else to sit other than that place” she said hostilely.

Miranda: “I want to sit close to my friend. Is that a crime now?”

Jasmine: “I guess you are enjoying yourself right?”

Miranda: “Enjoying myself with what?”

Jasmine: “Why is my husband unable to keep his hands off you immediately he finished that drink? Do you think I am an idiot?”

Miranda: “I don’t understand what you are talking about. I presumed you have spoken to him and he has taken to your words. What is my fault here?”

Jasmine: “Didnt you notice how he was all over you? You did not notice how he has suddenly turned hostile towards me?” she looked up at her.

Miranda: “I cant believe you are talking like this just because your husband showed me a little care. So you liked the way he has been behaving towards me right? I thought you were my friend” she stood up and folded her arms across her midsection, looking hurt.

Jasmine; “It is not like that na. I think I was just overreacting. Sorry about that. besides he seems not to mind you staying as long as you want anymore” she announced apologetically.

Miranda: “That is good to know. Now we can both stay together without fear of undue separation. God be praised”


On reaching home, she met her mother getting ready for school since she was a teacher at a private secondary school at Mainland.

Bambi: “Good morning Mrs Orimogunje” she greeted her mum nonchalantly.

Bambi’s Mum: “How many times will I ever warn you not to call me that? all your mates call their mothers mother so why is your own different? Besides where re you coming from and why do you look so downcast?” she dropped the mirror she was holding and faced her daughter.

Bambi: “That is not important now mum” she managed to say.

Bambi’s Mum: “It is very important o. I know you are coming from Maxwell’s place so tell me, when is he coming to pay your bride price? It has been five years now and you told us he got a job two years ago. We have expecting him to show up but there has been no sign of him yet. What is going on?”

Bambi: “Arent you going to work Mrs Orimogunje? Please go to work and leave me alone” she turned her face away from her mum and concentrated on rummaging through  her handbag for her phone.

Bambi’s Mum: “Ah! I said it. I said it that you have been wasting your time and beauty on that guy. Don’t you know some guys change once they become successful? You are my daughter and I bore you in my womb for nine good months. I watched you grow up so I know when something is wrong. He is changing, isn’t he? You are confused and regretting, aren’t you? What an elder sees sitting down, a youngster will not see it even if she climbs the highest tree. I warned you o” she pointed her index finger at her daughter who was becoming irritated.

Bambi: “Nothing is going wrong. Please leave me alone,  I am already in a bad mood don’t make me even madder than I already am” she stood up, scooped her bag up and headed angrily for the one room they all shared.

Bambi’s Mum: “If nothing is wrong then why are you in a bad mood? You this girl will not put me to disgrace in this neighbourhood. All the girls you grew up with in this place are all married but you decided to waste your time waiting for some unknown guy. It is well o” she shouted after her.


He had taken up his phone almost a hundred times to call or chat her up but he ended up dropping it again. He wondered if he was doing the right thing. Marriage was not part of his priority yet and he had made her understand that the first time she had asked after he had gotten the job. He sat in his office, unable to concentrate much on the pile of files waiting to be attended to on the desk.  He heard a soft knock on the door.

Maxwell: “Come in”

The door opened and she stepped. Her stiletto heels making holes in the rug as she walked over to his desk.

Gloria: “I have something urgent I need to discuss with you” she took the seat opposite him.

Maxwell: “Hmmmm… that sounds quite serious. Well, I am all ears”

Gloria: I have given this a lot of thoughts. I have decided to divorce my husband and get married to you instead”

Maxwell: “What? That is impossible. Do you know the implication of what you are carelessly spouting out like that?” his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

Gloria: “Are you saying you don’t even feel anything for me at all? We’ve been at this for two years now and you don’t want me all for yourself?” she looked downcast.

Maxwell: “I have someone I love”

Gloria: “You always have someone you love. has it ever passed that level? I know you like me. I know you haven’t married her yet because of me. I love you and I don’t think I can sit by and watch another woman take you from me. Let’s get married” she persisted.

Maxwell: “Place yourself in Bambi’s shoes. How will you feel if a guy does something like this to you? How?”

Gloria: “Shit like this happen all the time and people get over it and move on. She will get over it too so what are you saying?”

Maxwell: “What I am saying is that it is not possible. I shall not marry you”

Gloria: “You have no say in this matter. When I am done with the divorce, I will let you know. But if you decide to be stubborn then it will mean you have gotten another job. Choose between me and your job or Bambi and wretchedness. I have spoken and so shall it be” she rose to her feet and with a smirk on her face, walked out of the office.

Maxwell: “You cannot do that. you can’t just give me such ultimatum, it is unfair” he said under his breath, afraid someone might hear him.

Question: What will he choose? Gloria and his job, or Bambi and joblessness?

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  1. For the two years he has been serving and working with her, has he not seen other companies he could apply too? he should better start sending out applications by the time she is through with her divorce he should b dropping his resignation letter.

  2. Hummmmmmmm!!!!!. Na wa o.Max you short sighted.I pity you.
    Miranda has over smart her friend,I think she has changed the substance into Love portion. ..I Pity you Jasmine.

  3. Am I the only one dat notice max is so dumb nd stupid ..4 the past 2 years he hasn’t achieved anytin Dan screwing Dat bitch( Gloria) all in the name of keeping his job
    Receive brsin my brother.

  4. Abegi dis Maxwell of a guy na mumu, so he hasn’t saved anything for d past 2 years he’s bin working, well if he dosent marry Bambi someone better will marry her and he will end up with regrets.@ Jasmine Pele

  5. Mtcheeee….. can u imagine Wat d stupid slot is telling Maxwell…. and Maxwell is so dumb day he can use his head, for d past 2 years he has been working dere, he didn’t save or Wat?…. as for jasmine and her friend, d lord is friends strenght.

  6. Max u suppose to have a savings now 4 d pas 2 years n I will beseech you to choose Bambi n also ur little secret wit Gloria so that she won’t use that against you. As 4 Jasmine, you don enter on chance.

  7. Men Like Maxwell are not MAN ENOUGH… see the way a Lady is manipulating Him. It’s a shame he prefers his WORK more than A Pretty Damsel God has Given him. Does he Mean He has not be Abel to Save to at least start-up something????
    Maxwell is a disgrace to MAN-HOOD.


  8. I really forgot to talk about JASMINE…… how somebody go dey for water soap go ccome dey enter im eyes???
    Jasmine is a fool With Capital letters…. she haven’t seen anything yet…. the story just Started, This is just the Beginning.


  9. I. Just so angry wit dis max of a guy….and for Jasmine she has used her own hand to gamble her marriage all in d name of frndshp

  10. No, I don’t think it’s a good idea for them to get married when the man is financially unstable. The marriage will soon end befor it starts. Love alone is not enough to hold up a marriage

  11. Maxwel is a fool. Does he not have friends to discuss with? If not, then it’s high time he confide in Bambi and am certain they’ll both find a way round this. As it is, Gloria will stop at nothing to get him for herself, she’s that crazy. Williams is in deep shit now. What really is between Jasmine and her friend?

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