(Episode 7) The Devil you Know…

(Episode 7) The Devil you Know...

Hmmmmm I am definitely done for. What will I do? I have a phobia for joblessness now.  I have been there before and I don’t think I ever want to go back there. As for Bambi, I am afraid of breaking her heart but don’t hearts get broken all the time?  Gloria is not that bad, I have already developed feelings for her anyway but is this really right? I guess this is how God wants it to be or else I wouldn’t have met Gloria at all. I’d have been working elsewhere instead. I cannot change destiny. Bambi was probably planted in my life to help me during my times of need. I will compensate her fully and…

His phone suddenly rang, interrupting his chains of thought. He checked it and saw it was Bambi.

Maxwell: “Hello” he said and cleared his throat.

Bambi: “Hello, good afternoon. How are you doing?” she asked in an unsure voice. She had waited for his call or text all day but getting none, she had decided to swallow her pride and call him instead.

Maxwell: “I am doing fine. How are you too?” he ran his fingers through his overgrown hair.

Bambi: “I am fine. I have been expecting your call but since none came, I decided to call you. What is going on? Is there something I should know?”

Maxwwell: “Well uhm…”

This is the right time to tell her right? But wouldn’t it be too rude breaking such news to her over the phone? He thought for a second.

Bambi: “Is there?”

Maxwell: “Come to my place later in the day okay? I have something I need to tell you. It has been eating me up  for a very long time now”

Bambi: “Oh I see! Okay then. Don’t come back late since i have a feeling i might not be spending the night with you”

She had a numb feeling at the back of her mind that something was not right. She bit her lower lips thoughtfully, trying to decipher what it is he might want to tell her after ending the call.

What exactly can it be? He has never sounded this serious before. Is he going to propose? Or… no way! He isn’t going to break up with me. Max will never do something like that to me. Yeah, it must be something else. Maybe he is having problems at work? If that is the case then there must be something I should be able to do for him right?


As soon as she got to her office, she called her lawyer to meet her in her office as soon as she could. Few minutes later, the lawyer arrived there sweating like a cow on heat.

Gloria: “I am so sorry for bothering you this sunny afternoon. Please have your seat” shegestured towards the second chair opposite her by ht right.

Lawyer: “It is nothing ma’am. I just had to hurry here as fast as I could since you said it was urgent. Hope there is no problem? How is your husband?” she asked, feeling relieved from the heat due to the AC which was working in full gear.

Gloria: “My husband is fine and he is the reason I have called you over. I want to file for a divorce”

Lawyer: “What? Why now? What do you have against him?”

Gloria: “Negligence”

Lawyer: “But you knew he was that way before you decided to marry him? you know he is a business man and has to be on the move most of the time. Well, have you discussed this with him yet? Did he agree?”

Gloria: “I don’t have to discuss it with him first. It is my life and I have the right to do whatever I want. I want a divorce and my mind is made up on that. don’t even try dissuading me at all, it will be fruitless”

Lawyer: “I am a woman like you and I know a good thing when I see it. I don’t think that man has done anything wrong to warrant a sudden divorce. You have been such a consolation to him these past few years and he treats you so well. I will still advise you to reconsider your decision. I am telling you this as an elder sister and not as your lawyer now”

Gloria: “So as my elder sister, do you have my interest at heart or his? Do you know what I am going through in that house? That man cannot even last for an hour on bed. All he does is sweat and then go limp under thirty minutes and you want me to continue living with him?”

Lawyer: “Thirty minutes of love making is not enough for you as a woman who married a man way older than you? Well, you must have found a reason to make this kind of decision but make sure you will not regret it later like you are regretting this one now.  I shall do my best as your lawyer” she said and rose to her feet.

Gloria: “Regret is not in my dictionary. It is not I who will have to regret but someone else. Well it will be good if you do your job well and make sure i get good alimony from him”

Lawyer: “Uhn uhn” she grunted and reply and walked out of the office.


With head hung low like a heavy sack, she walked home amidst impatient pedestrians who pushed her aside to make way for themselves on the busy road. Tears streamed down her face as his words reverberated in her head. She had never imagined in her wildest dreams that that day was going to come. Her sweet fantasy of walking up the aisle to meet her prince charming in a flowing white gown had been shattered in just few minutes. She could still remember his words vividly…

Maxwell: “Baby…” he had knelt in between her legs as she sat at the edge of the bed. “I am a terrible sinner I know and I would like you to forgive me for what I am about to say” he dropped his gaze to her feet.

Bambi: “What is going on? Are you sure you are feeling fine?” she had asked cupping his face in her palms, trying to make him look her in the eyes.

Maxwell: “Please don’t make me look you in the eyes. i don’t think I will be able to stand it” he dropped his gaze back to the floor while she let him be.

Bambi: “You are really scaring me, do you know that?”

Maxwell: “Please let’s go our separate ways. I don’t think we are meant to be together if not, we would have gotten married since”

Bambi: “What do you mean by that? are you joking with me or what? You want us to break up?” Her tongue had rolled to the back of her throat.

Maxwell: “Yeah. Remember I went to the village some time ago? My uncle made me understand that I cannot marry a Yoruba lady but Igbo when I told them of my intention to marry you. He said it was my mother’s last wish and I must honour it. Please understand dear. I am hurt as much as you are but there is nothing I can do about it. I must honour my parents’ last wish even if it means being unhappy for the rest of my life. Baby please understand that I have an undying love for you and It will never cease but this is way beyond me Bambi. I am hurt too. I am so hurt” he clutched her thighs tightly as tears flowed down his face.

She had looked at him dumfounded and unable to utter a word. She felt like one sinking.

“Please say something. Your silence is killing me”

Bambi: “You want to break up with me Max? Now you suddenly have an uncle after you told me you had no one after the death of your parents? Do you think I am a fool? Just say you don’t want me anymore, I can live with that but you lying to me, trying to console me with lies and practiced tears is unfair” she shot to her feet, sending him flying to the floor.

Maxwell: “You don’t believe me? How can you even think I am lying? I love you, I hav loved you even more than myself for so many years. Please tell me what I can do to pay for my shortcomings. How much do you want?”

Bambi: “You want to pay me off you son of a bitch? How much do you think will be enough to compensate for the wasted five years of my life? The sacrifices I made for the sake of love and all I had to endure for you? You are mean Maxwell, you are cruel”

You are cruel Maxwell, you are mean, you are a coward, a bastard. How am I to live from now on? Who do I turn to, where do I start from? She folded her arms across her midsection. Car horns hooted, conductors screamed for passengers while pedestrians screamed out the names of their destinations. Without thinking, she turned and tried to cross. As she took some steps, she heard some people screaming and before she could come to, she found herself on top of a car. Pain seared through her bones and he closed her eyes slowly.

Question: Was Maxwell saying the truth? She will survive the accident but what will be next for her after then?

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  1. Maxwell is a fucking son of a bitch after all she did for him he has the gut to break up with her because is Gloria…. I bet u he will definitely regret his decisions

  2. Max..thank you 4 letting go of a real woman.. Your reward dey front …Bambi u will not only scale tru dis but u will find a better suitor.. That guy doeant deserve u.

  3. It happened to me….. I found Francisca but cuz of love I have for her I never for once call her by name instead I called her (ANGEL)
    I love her and I know I was even ready to die for her. She told me she was a virgin and I promised her never to ask for sex and I remained faithful to her for 3years without cheating on her for once. Am ready to Die so she might live.
    But just one morning she Called and Said it’s Over…
    That her Parent said she will not Marry from Enugu. And her pastor Said am not the Man for her. One after the other
    I went to 3 Chemist and I told them I was suffering from Fever….. that I need injection they gave me injection and as I was leaving the 3rd Chemist on my way I fainted and was rushed to hospital. And I was saved by God’s Grace.
    I have been there Before so I know what Bambi Feels.
    2 and half year after that ugly happenings I Found TRUE-LOVE without even Looking for it again…….. And my friends and everyone that knows me started Calling me (Angel)…. the name I used to call MY FIRST-LOVE THAT BROKE MY HEART…. because they know what I went through cuz of her.


  4. I have said it, Maxwell will choose Gloria and his job over Bimba. Wicked fellow human being, all what he told her were lies which she already sensed and outrightly told him. God’s grace she shall survive the accident and thereafter will find someone better than Maxwell. As for Maxwell, he will regret ever breaking her heart. Let’s watch.

  5. I have said it, Maxwell will choose Gloria and his job over Bambi. Wicked fellow human being, all what he told her were lies which she already sensed and outrightly told him. God’s grace she shall survive the accident and thereafter will find someone better than Maxwell. As for Maxwell, he will regret ever breaking her heart. Let’s watch.

  6. Maxwell never deserved her after all he went through with him

    maybe the person who hit her if a young man may end up being the one to heal her wound

  7. Bambi no get baba lawo for her village wey go kill dis idiot call maxwell ni?? am beginning to scatter my room bcus am angry at maxwell ooo. toh me I have said my own.

  8. Lier ordained from d pit of Hell is dat son of a bitch called Max. Yes Bambi will survived it but i hope she doesn’t loose her memory but i belived from now on, things will work 4 her good.

  9. Maxwell is a goldigger his not saying the truth he will regret it Gloria is going to loose all that she will loose all that she think she will inherit from her husband Bambi will survive the accident she will find someone better than Maxwell

  10. Max is heartless, his a coward, five wasted years..haba Max you are wicked… I just pity Bambi..I can imagine what you are going through.. Gloria is doomed.

  11. He’s a devil, a lair. Yes! He’s mean and cruel. If he had money to pay Bambi off, why didn’t he quit the damn job and go into business with the money if he’s not a two timing devil that he is? No man is worth killing urself for dear Bambi, I know it’s soooo painful to have sacrificed so much for a Man U truly love and for him to turn around an do this, but sincerely NO MAN IS WORTH U KILLING URSELF. You just bring to ur momma a big trouble nursing u back to good health.

  12. Maxwell is lieing. As for Bambi, she will surely meet someone who will cherish her most and wipe away her tears dan dt fool called Maxwell. She must surely survived the accident.

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