Attention! Things You Must Never Eat When You Are 30 Years

30 is significant figure in the life of everyone but you need to watch your eating habits if you want to age gracefully. Here are a list of what you shouldnt eat as soon as you clock 30.

1 Energy drinks: Drinks with a lot of sugar in them are bad. Drinks made with a sugar substitute are equally bad. Your white teeth are maybe the first part of you that shows the signs of an energy-drink habit, as they can damage enamel and make it easier for stains to form on your teeth. What’s more, their high caffeine and sodium content can lead to dehydration, especially if you’re drinking them instead of water.

2 Cola Drinks: When you’re over 30, soft drinks that contain cola including top brands in the business are not good for you. These drinks are laced with potentially cancer-causing dyes and are the primary source of added sugar in the diet. And not only does sugar negatively impact ovulation, but it’s also been linked to poorer sperm motility which makes it  more difficult for you to have a baby.

3 Margarine: Margarine are often made with partially-hydrogenated oils, one of the most common trans-fats. This type of fat is linked to heart disease as well as quick aging of the skin which makes the skin more vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation.  When the skin gets damaged by the sun, it breaks down the skin’s elastin and collagen. When you’re over 30, eating margarine can cause chronic inflammation, which may also accelerate wrinkle formation.

4 Alcohol: Alcohol sucks the moisture out of your skin, which temporarily makes fine lines more noticeable and, over time if you continue to booze, causes the skin to lose elasticity and form wrinkles.

5 Sugary snacks: If you’ve become thicker around the middle since turning 30, it may be a sign that your liver isn’t functioning optimally. Avoiding toxins like artificial sweeteners will help the vital organ work more efficiently, and in turn, slim your middle.


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