(Episode 17) The Devil you Know…

“If you take any further step from that place I will pull the trigger” she heard him say and froze in her track. She turned back with her hands in the air, shivering. He was already on his feet, though still a little dazed.

Bambi: “Max” her lips quivered at the look on his face.

Maxwell: “I don’t want to hear any word from you bitch” he marched to her like a deranged soldier and shoved her roughly into the room making her fall on her back. He looked the door again with one eye monitoring her.

“I dared trust you. I should have known you could not be trusted. I should kill you right here and now” he raged rubbing his swollen forehead where the bucket had hit him.

Bambi: “I am sorry Max. I only really want to go home”

Maxwell: “You wanted to leave me. You wanted to abandon me even though you know I cannot live without you. What should I do? you might actually leave one day” he started pacing around frantically,

Bambi: : I am not going to run away I promise”

Maxwell: “Shut up you liar. Do you think I am a fool? Do you think I am dumb and stupid? I think I will have to cut off one of your legs so you wouldn’t have to run away. You are mine and no one can take you away from me”

Bambi: “No! If you cut off one of my legs, how will I be able to take care of our children?”

Maxwell: “We will cross that hurdle when the time comes” he went over to her an bundled her up again, making sure the knots were tight enough.


She was almost running mad when she went back to the police station that Monday and nothing had been done about the case at all.

Bambi’s Mum: “What is all these you are saying? I don’t seem to understand a t al” she removed her head tie and tied it around her waist.

Inspector: “Madam calm down na. This is a police station and we don’t tolerate any nonsense here o. Do you know how many cases we have to solve? You came here on Friday meanwhile some people’s case has been here since last week and are still untouched. Better go back home, we will call you when we find anything” he said with indifference.

Bambi’s Mum: “Imagine what you are saying officer. Why on earth then do we have you people here if you cannot solve one single case of kidnapping? If anything happens to my daughter, believe me, I will hold you responsible for it”

Inspector: “Hold me responsible? And wetin you call kidnapping? Maybe your daughter don follow one guy go Dubai and she no tell you. Na hin you wan make I dey suffer myself for? Madam abeg pack your wahala comot from my front. If you no fit be patient, go out go find am yourself. How much una government dey even pay us wey una dey always do like sey una lives dey our hands? Abeg comot for my front jare” he switched to pidgin English, waving her off rudely.

Bambi’s Mum: “Ah Iya ti je mi o (I have suffered). After you people will say ‘Police is your friend’ and simple matter you cannot solve. Ah Bambi! Where are you? Is there no other person here? This one is a mad cop” she shouted on top of her voice.

Another officer stepped out into the reception when he heard the noise from inside.

Officer: “What is going on here please?” he asked looking at the inspector who had stood in attention. “At ease” he commanded him and the officer relaxed a bit.

Bambi’s Mum: “Thank you o oga. I brought a case of a missing person here on Saturday. I came back here today only to find out that nothing has been done about it. Now he is telling me there are two weeks old cases which have not been touched at all. Please sir, my daughter is in danger, help us” she put her hands on her head, stomping her feet on the floor.

Officer: “Is that true?” he asked the inspector.

Inspector: “Yes sir but it’s just that we have  been busy with old cases. I reassured her that we will get to hers soon but she kept heaping abusive words at me”

Bambi’s Mum: “Ah! Which abusive words? Don’t lie o. Oga please help me look into the case sir” she pleaded on her knees.

Officer: “Let me have the report inspector” the inspector rummaged through the files on the table, found it and handed it over to him. “Ah but this must be a case of kidnap. Since Friday night?”

Bambi’s Mum: “Yes o oga. My daughter has been missing since Friday night o”

Officer: “Madam don’t worry. Now that I am aware of this, something will be done about it. Do you know any of her friends?”

Bambi’s Mum: “Just one. Her ex-boyfriend. His name is Maxwell”

Officer: “Do you know where he works at?”

Bambi’s Mum: “Yeah. I have remembered the name of the place now”


The next morning, Two police officers including Bambi’s mum and Smith went to his working place. They got permission from the director to talk to him and together, they all went to the conference room with Gloria in tow. They all had their seat with Maxwell wringing his fingers together.

Maxwell: “So what is all this about?” he said as innocently as he could.

Bambi’s Mum: “Please where is my daughter? I know she is with you so where is she?” she cut in sharply before anyone could say anything.

1st Officer: “Madam please keep quiet let us do our job. We aren’t sure of he is a suspect yet” he cautioned her with a stern look on his face.

Bambi’s Mum: “Hmmmmm… okay o” she folded her arms across her  midsection.

1st Officer: “Please where were you on Friday night?”

Gloria: “Friday night? What is all these about?”

1st Officer: “One miss Bambi is missing and we feel he might have seen her or know her whereabouts” h” explained calmly.

Gloria: “Bambi” her mind suddenly skipped to the conversation they had the previous day and how he had gone MIA (Missing in Action) all through the weekend. “You said she went missing when?”

1st Officer: “Friday night”

Gloria: “Oh I see!”

2nd Officer: “So where were you that night? Don’t forget we aren’t accusing you of anything or you will be in our interrogation room now instead and anyone who enters there becomes a criminal whether guilty or not”

Maxwell: “I was with a friend” he said.

2nd Officer: “Then that friend can stand as your alibi? What is the name of this friend of yours?”

Maxwell: “Erm…” he stuttered.

Gloria: “I am the one he was with. You see? We are planning to get married in two months time” she

Quickly cut in when she noticed his discomfort.

2nd Officer: “Oh I see! Uhn…”

Smith: “Are you sure lady? I seem to have noticed him stuttering out of nervousness when he was asked that question” he said for the first time.

Gloria: “Why wont I be sure? Wouldn’t you be nervous if two policemen are in front of you querying you about the whereabouts of your missing ex girlfriend?” she shot at him.

Bambi’s Mum: “Hmmmmm. Maxwell please tell us the truth, are you sure you haven’t seen her at all? Do you know any of her other friends?”

Maxwell: “I did not see her and I know none of her friends. She never seemed to keep friends” he replied gaining back his confidence.

Officer: “We will call you if we need further info from you. Thank you for your time” he said after collecting his number and making sure it was the correct one.

Few minutes after they had left, Gloria turned to him questioningly.

Gloria: “you know where she is don’t you? Tell me the truth, you saw how I covered you up then”

Maxwell: “Uhn?”

Question: Will he open up to her? Will she turn him in if peradventure he opens up to her?

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  1. Max will not escape this..his so secretive..if he opens up Gloria will use it against him…his just an asshole

  2. yes…. I think she will open up to Gloria and she on d other hand won’t take it easy on her, she’ll give him an option of either dey get married immediately or she’ll expose him to d police. I just pray dey won’t kill Bambi in d process of covering his mess.

  3. This is nonsense joor. How can Maxwell be questioned at the office instead of taking him to the station for questioning….. The truth will always prevail no matter what

  4. Max u didn’t do well at all o, u should v release Bambi earlier b4 d case wide like these. Max will open up to Gloria n dat will b her weapon against him. Pls wot abt Jas, Will n Miranda story.

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