Smartphone explodes on Jet Airways flight, report says it’s a Samsung J7

A smartphone caught fire mid-air on a Delhi-Indore Jet Airways flight last Friday, causing panic among passengers. However, the flight made a safe landing.

While reports suggested that the phone in question was a Galaxy J7 owned by Delhi-resident Arpita Dhal, neither DGCA nor Samsung has confirmed the same. A news report in Hindustan Times said the phone in question was in the passenger’s bag along with two other phones and was placed under the seat. About 15 minutes into the flight, Dhal noticed smoke coming out of the bag and called the crew for help, the report said. The crew put the phone in a tray of water to stop the smoke, but Dhal and her husband complained that there was no working fire extinguisher on board.

A Jet Airways spokesperson confirmed the incident, but said it was resolved “as per guidelines” with the crew “immediately taking charge of the situation”. has reached out to Samsung for comment and will update the story as we hear from them.

The South Korean company has been under fire ever since the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco last September which led to the phone being banned on flights across the world.


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