This is serious! Dino Melaye goes on his knees in the senate, begs his colleagues to save Kogi state… See Photos

Senator Dino Melaye who represents Kogi West Senatorial district yesterday went on his knees to beg his colleagues to save the people of Kogi state as they are currently in perilous times. He told his colleagues that civil servants in the state are being owed many months salaries. He made reference to the director in the state civil service, Edward Soje, who was owed 11 months salary and recently committed suicide after his wife of 17 years welcomed a set of male triplets. Dino also made reference to the viral video of an elder couple weeping over the loss of their child who required medical attention that they could not afford because the man is being owed many months salary. Dino called for an intervention from President Buhari and his colleagues.



  1. Dino can deceive himself only, is it not in same Kogi State that his constituents are recalling him because he has neglected them? He should first save his constituents by giving them account of his representation!

  2. Idiot Melaye! Who does he think he is fooling? Let him sell his Dino 1,2,3 cars and use the proceeds to help the needy in his State! Useless Cretin. Mtcheeeeeeeew

  3. He dino himself what has he done to proffer solution, or better the lot from the poor people in his constituency. At least from outrageous allowances if he decides to allow 50% to go back into the lives of his people, he can then show he is better off the governor.

  4. Senator Dino, this is ridiculous and embarrassing to your personality, instead of you pleading with your colleagues in the Senate. With you acquiring expensive ride and your state is owning monthly salaries to civil servants, what are you doing for your constituency.

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