(Episode 7) Lovertainment – Turning heads Story!

(Episode 7) Lovertainment - Turning heads Story!

Jidofor was drunk. He staggered to his car and tried to insert his key into the key hole but his hands could not find the key hole, no matter how hard he tried. The key fell down from his hand to the sand. He bent to pick it but he stumbled and fell on the door. Somebody chuckled behind him and he turned to see Leticia standing behind him. He had not heard her come.

Leticia: “you are drunk.” She said.

Jidofor: “you are not… you cheated.” He replied, pointing at her.

Leticia shrugged and bent down to pick the bunch of keys from the floor. Jidofor eyed her round buttocks as she bent and his felt his JT rise in response. He shook his head to clear the alcohol fumes then he tried to stand up. He staggered again and fell on Leticia who had turned to face him. Her scent filled his nose and he realised that his face was buried between her cleavages. He sighed again; this is how heaven must be.” He thought to himself.

Leticia pushed him away and held his arm;

Leticia: “I cannot let you drive home like this.” She said.

Jidofor: “then you drive me home. No… No… Mabel will be mad, if she sees you. That will be funny, to see her face when she sees you.” he replied, chuckling

Leticia: “come let’s go to my place.it is not too far from here. You can call your wife from there and explain or think up a lie.” She replied.

Jidofor: “I have never slept outside my matrimonial home before.” He said thoughtfully.

Leticia: “you make it sound as if it’s a big sin.” She replied.

Jidofor: “is it not?” he asked innocently, and then he waved and fell on her again.

Leticia: “darling before this night is done, you will do more than sin.” She muttered under her breath.


Leticia’s place was a two bedroom flat about two buildings away from the bar they had been drinking. So despite Jidofor’s staggering and waving from side to side, they manage to get to her house without any incident. Leticia knocked on the gate the gateman opened it. She entered with Jidofor in her arms and after the gateman had locked up after her, she asked him to help her carry him up the stairs.

The gateman dropped Jidofor on the chair and left. Leticia locked her door and went into her room. After some minutes, she came out and dragged Jidofor, who no longer knew what he was doing into the bathroom. She bathed with him then she led him to her bed.

As soon as Jidofor’s back touched the bed, he slept off but Leticia was not done with him. She took his JT into her mouth and sucked the head. She swallowed the length until her nose was deep inside his pubic hair, then she let the organ out slowly. She deep throated him again and again until he was as straight as an electric pole. Leticia tossed her towel to the floor and dipped her hand into her cookie. She massaged her clit for some minutes until she grew wet then she climbed on top of Jidofor and straddled his JT. She bounced on him, her big boobs swinging all over the passed-out Jidofor. When she came, she went back to sucking on Jidofor’s organ then she changed positions and continued to bounce on top of Jidofor.

After coming several times, and satisfying her urges, she laid beside Jidofor, brought out her phone and took pictures of both of them together. She held his JT and took pictures of it in her mouth. She placed her cookie near his mouth and took more pictures. When she was done, she had her bath and went to sleep.


Mabel waited until 11am for her husband to return before heading to bed. she woke up at night to check if he had retuned then she went to check on Chichi. She was worried as she helped her to the bathroom to ease herself; Jidofor has never kept late nights. Yes he used to hang out late, when they were still dating but the moment, they got married, and he stopped it. “What is going on? What has happened? I hope he is okay o?” she thought to herself as she carried the sleepy Chichi back to the room. She tried his number again as soon as she got back to the room but the phone was switched off. She sighed and laid on the bed staring at the ceiling. Sleep had fled.


The next day, Chief Okoronkwo sent for Alero to come to him. She had been avoiding him since the night she heard him tell Kachi that he doesn’t want to marry her. “What is she expecting? That an old man like me will marry a young girl like her? no now… that will be unfair to her. She is old enough to be my daughter.  She is probably age mates with Chidera, if not younger than her even.” He thought to himself.

Another voice in his head whispered; “but she is not too young to fuck o. you do enjoy sleeping with a girl, your daughter’s age o.” it said. Okoronkwo sighed

Alero entered his parlour quietly and stood at a distance.

Alero: “you sent for me sir.” She said.

Chief Okoronkwo: “you have been avoiding me.” he replied.

Alero: “my job here sir, is to clean your house. If you feel say my work no good reach, and then sack me.” she replied softly.

Chief Okoronkwo: “don’t be like this, Alero. You and I, we had a good thing going. Why do you want to let a small slip spoil it?” he asked.

Alero: “What do you calling what we have?” she asked.

Chief Okoronkwo stared at her in silence. He could not answer the question. He could not say he loved her; Kachi’s mother had been the love of his life. He liked her; she was smart, intelligent, hardworking and wise.

Chief Okoronkwo: “I thought we were friends? Come on Alero, we are adults, must we complicate things with words and sentiments.” He asked.

Alero looked at him for a moment and sighed. She turned to the door;

Alero: “clothes dey washing machine, I need to be washing them.” She said.

Chief Okoronkwo: “listen, my daughter is coming. Stay away from her. She is manipulative.” He said.

Alero: “wetin house girl and oga pikin get wey dem wan talk?” she asked as she walked out of the room.

Chief Okoronkwo sighed. “There goes the little sunshine in my miserable life.” he thought to himself.


The next morning, the physiotherapist the hospital recommended for Chichi came and immediately began working with her. Chichi cheerfully participated in the exercises the woman gave her as best as she could. She wanted to walk as much as she wanted to live. Kachi had not been to see her since the day they spoke last. She wondered about school and how much she would miss if she didn’t get back on her feet on time.

The woman was massaging the area above the casts which had not been removed yet, when her father, Jidofor drove into the premises. Chichi watched him as he got out of his car. He looked sick and pale. When he turned to Chichi, she observed that his eyes were bloodshot and he walked as if he was in pain. She greeted him but he ignored her and entered the house. She strained her ears, expecting a shouting match between him and her mother but to her surprise, she heard nothing. When the sun was coming out, the physiotherapist took her back into the house.

The woman left her at the sitting room and left after saying her goodbyes. Her mother was nowhere to be found. She sat back and tried to read a bit. She heard a phone ring and saw that her father’s phone and car keys were on the table. She moved her wheel chair to the table and stared at the phone. She saw that it was not a call but a whatsapp message. She could see that it was a video. She picked it and opened the video. She watched as a woman who was not her mother, make love to her father. The sound was loud… she was trying to reduce it when she heard a sound and turned to see her father staring at her. He was angry.

Question: Why will Leticia take pictures of her and Jidofor? Why does Okoronkwo find it difficult to share his true feelings with Alero? What will Jidofor do to Chichi?

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  1. chichi don enter am o
    Leticia wants to blackmail nd collect moni frm jidofor
    adelove stories wats happening
    ur stories now comes late o
    d updates arnt on time again

  2. blackmailing things for jidiofor and Leticia…… chichi is in soup, she already knw her father’s secret. as for Sleep and chief okoronkwo… hmmmmm.

  3. Leticia is trying to blackmail Jidofor here if he failed to do any of his bidding. Chief Okonkwo dont know how to go abt telling her his feelings. Chichi is in serious gobe o, I hope Mabel will b home on time sha.

  4. Leticia wants to blackmail him but for what reason self? Chichi don enter one chance today. If I were chichi I will blackmail him n make a deal wit him never to hit my mum again or

  5. Nawo….. am beginning to wept for Chichi o….. Only Adelove and crew know what will happen to poor Chichi… I smell blackmail on side of Leticia….

  6. I believe leticia wants to blackmail jidiofor for reasons best know to her, as for chief okonkwo may be he is not really sure of what he is feeling for Alero. What else will Chichi father do to her other than to beat her. But I believe it might be d same dis time bcos she has seen her father immoral act

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