4 Unique Ways to Speak That You Love Him Without Having to Speak ONE Word

4 Unique Ways to Speak That You Love Him Without Having to Speak ONE Word

How can you tell your loved one that you love him? Ah! This is easy: saying “I love you”. Right? Also. Although this phrase succeeds in expressing your love for it, there are several other ways to do this that get the same result, and some of these ways do not even require you to say anything.

In this article, I explain four unique ways of speaking that you love him, without needing to say anything.

  1. Being Protective

There are several ways to protect someone, one of them is giving advice and warnings. Often we do not realize that we have made a mistake or some wrong decision, and it is usually the people closest to us who play the role of alerting us.

This is a way to love. You do not want bad things to happen to your loved one, and you understand that bad choices have bad consequences, so you feel the need to protect them at times like this. You are always ready to give good advice, but it is important that you give advice that animates and helps you to move forward, not criticism that will make you feel diminished.

The fact that you have this protective instinct will make you feel as loved as when you say “I love you.”

  1. Reaching Out

When we have the desire to help someone and reach out voluntarily, it is because we feel love. A simple and beautiful way of showing love for your loved one is by being willing to help him in his difficulties and supporting him in his responsibilities, thus making his burden a bit lighter.

He will be immensely grateful to have a great woman at his side, who knows that he loves him even without saying a single word.

  1. Listening to Him

Listening is easy, is not it? Our ears are already programmed for this. However, truly listening to a person is not such an easy task. Sometimes we are tired, without patience, with a headache or with a mind so troubled that we do not want to hear anyone.

Be careful. As much as all of us, men and women, have moments like this, someone may need to vent and be heard. When your beloved is in need, he will seek you. And even with all the odds, if you listen to it, it’s like you’re talking a real “I love you”.

  1. The look

Ah! The look … Leonardo da Vinci said: “The most beautiful words of love are said in the silence of a glance.” The eyes are powerful tools of expression, they can express joy, sadness, pain, fright, among many other emotions. Through them we can also demonstrate love. You’ve had the experience of hearing something like, “Of course you’re in love, you can see it in your eyes!”

Well, that’s true! It is fully perceivable feelings of love and affection through the look. Besides, this is a beautiful way of speaking that loves you. Sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds, but focus on your feelings toward the loved one, and let it show. He will feel your love for him by the way you look at him.

So, what did you think? Share with us your ways of speaking that loves you without speaking a single word


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