(Episode 10) Lovertainment – Turning heads Story!

(Episode 10) Lovertainment - Turning heads Story!

Chief Okoronkwo had just turned into his street, when he saw a tall dark-skinned girl with buttocks wriggling a waist down the road. She had just stepped out of a cab. He slowed down for the cab to pass him, then he speed up to meet the girl;

Chief Okoronkwo: “hello, young lady.” He said, his eyes roving all over her full breasts and flat stomach. “God… this one would make me hard even if she was dressed as a nun.”  He thought to himself as he studied her.

Amy: “good evening sir, please do you leave around here?” she asked, smiling at him. “God… look at his car, Andick does not have as much as this one o. I can grab him and put him on hold until I am done with Andick. He would not be as good as Andick in bed o but his money will make a lot of sense in my pocket sha.” She thought, eyeing Okoronkwo beneath her fake eyelashes.

Chief Okoronkwo: “oh yes… the street is actually named after me.” he replied, importantly.

“Gosh, this is Andick’s father-in-law? How sweet, I have got madam I-have-it-all where it hurts.”  Amy thought, smiling to herself.

Amy: “actually I am from Ghana. I was supposed to meet my boyfriend here but he has refused to pick my calls since. I have been moving all over this town since morning. I don’t know what to do, I am confused.” She said, giving Okoronkwo, a sad face. Soon tears formed on her eyelids.

Chief Okoronkwo stared at her, amused by her antics. He knew she was faking the story but he was curious as to what game she was playing. The girl’s buttocks too, made it quite vital that he helped her. he smiled;

Chief Okoronkwo: “I own a couple of hotels in town, I can get you settled in. hop in.” he said, opening the passenger door for her.

Amy smiled and rushed to the other side. Chief Okoronkwo watched her jiggling ass through his side mirror and smiled. “There is no need to go home and see Alero’s angry face. I might as well chill with this beauty and have a good night rest.” He thought as he turned the car and drove out of the street.


Andick watched the scene from his car parked some distance away. “Did Amy know that man before? God! She had not spent up to twenty minutes in Nigeria; she is already following strange men home? The girl is useless. And to think, she expects me to believe that the baby in her womb is mine. She is mad.” He thought. He made up his mind and followed the SUV.

The car led him to a big hotel in another part of town. He watched as the man led Amy into the hotel lobby. As he sat there, his phone rang. It was his wife. He picked the call;

Chidera: “hello babe, where are you?” she asked.

Andick: “looking for a hotel to lodge.” He replied.

Chidera: “okay, so how did it go? Did she fall for your charms?” she asked.

Andick: “oh… she’s a hard nut to crack but don’t worry, I still got some tricks under my sleeves.” He replied. He saw the older man and Amy climb the stairs.

Chidera: “okay, I have given a little scare. I am waiting for the old man to come then I’ll how far their affair has gone?” she replied.

Andick: “why don’t you just leave the man to enjoy his life?” he asked.

Chidera: “please don’t tell me what his good for my family. Now go get some sleep and no girls, Andick… I mean it.” She replied and ended the call.

As soon as the call ended, he got out of the car and walked to the lobby. He asked if a room was available. There were rooms available, so he paid for one and one of the boys around carried his luggage to his room. As soon as he entered his room, he sent Amy a text;

Andick: “you have not stepped into Nigeria for two seconds, you have already started pursuing men abi?” he typed into his phone.

Some minutes later, a reply came.

Amy: “men stop disturbing me. I am working here. I have a plan that will make us both very rich. Where are you?” She texted back.

Andick: “I am in room 231 of the hotel you are lodged in.” he texted.

Amy: “good. I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight.” She texted back.

Andick sighed and threw his phone on the bed. “Where do I even meet this sort of women sef?” he thought.


Amy dropped her phone and took off all her clothing, then she entered the bed and placed the coverlet just below her breasts. Chief was in the bathroom bathing. She smiled and admired the suite she was in; “money is good o. I am going to milk this man dry, his daughter will wish she had never met Andick.”  She thought to herself.

Some minutes later, Chief Okoronkwo entered the room with a white towel tied around his waist. When he saw Amy on the bed, naked, he smiled;

Chief Okoronkwo: “I like a girl who knows her mind.” He said.

Amy: “I like a man who knows how to grab opportunities.” She replied, grinning.

Chief Okoronkwo: “oh… I am good at grabbing. I won’t be where I am today, if I didn’t know how to grab.” He replied, climbing into the bed.

He drew the coverlet down as he drew closer to her and by the time he knelt over her, her beautiful dark body was completely uncovered. Chief Okoronkwo let his eyes rove hungrily all over her body. Then he bent and kissed her lips. They smashed lips together; their lips locking and tongues twisting. He moved his hands to her nipple and flicked it, and then he pinched it and drew it. Amy gasped and opened her eyes wide. Chief Okoronkwo smiled then he bent and drew her breast into his mouth. He sucked on one nipple, then he switched to the other. Amy pushed her hand beneath his towel, searching for his JT. When her hand touched it, her eyes widened again; “It was big; far bigger than Andick’s. Woh! Can he use it properly? It’s one thing to be this big, it’s another thing to know what to do with it o.”  She thought to herself as she caressed the length of Chief Okoronkwo’s hardening member.

Chief Okoronkwo pulled the towel off his waist and spread Amy’s leg apart. He raised himself and plunged into Amy’s cookie at once. Amy screamed at the invasion. She had not been prepared for the size. Chief Okoronkwo smiled and raised himself again;

Chief Okoronkwo: “so tell me, who sent you to me?” he asked, smiling.

Amy: “what?” Jesus!” her breath left her as Chief Okoronkwo’s JT dug into her. “Take it slow now, you want to injure me?” she asked.

Chief Okoronkwo: “who sent you?” he asked again, as he started to move slowly.

Amy looked at the man above her and knew she had made a mistake. This was not an old randy man. “I am in trouble.” She thought then all thought fled as chief Okoronkwo settled into the rhythm and began to bang her. All she could do was yell and bounce like a rag doll under him as he pounded into her. She came again and again; her toes curling in ecstasy.

Question: Do you think Chief Okoronkwo suspects anything or he is just punishing Amy for being so cheap?

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  1. He’s suspecting her,because she asked him if he knows the street very well, after telling her it was named after him she changed the story again that her man disappointed her,so maybe he’s wondering why asking about the street in the first place

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