(Episode 8) Lovertainment – Turning heads Story!

(Episode 8) Lovertainment - Turning heads Story!

Jidofor: “What are you doing with my phone?” he asked.

Chichi dropped the phone as if it was hot coal and she quickly moved back from the table.

Jidofor: “I asked you a question.” He said, stepping into the sitting room.

Chichi: “I heard the phone ring, I want to bring it to you.” she replied, swallowing the lump in her throat. Her father had never hit her before but there was always a first time for everything.

Jidofor bent to pick the phone and he gasped in pain. He held his head and found a seat to sit down. He picked the phone from the table and looked at the screen was dark. He unlocked it and looked at the video that was playing. His eyes widened and it and he turned to look at Chichi;

Jidofor: “did you see the message I was sent?” he asked.

Chichi: “I could not operate the phone well sir.” She replied, shaking her head.

Jidofor looked at her suspiciously then he placed the phone in his pocket.

Jidofor: “where is your mother?” he asked.

Chichi shrugged and moved back to her book. She could feel her father’s eyes on her. “Did he believe what I said?”  She wondered.

Jidofor got up and dialed a number. He held the phone to his ear and stared at Chihi;

Jidofor: “hello I saw your message… what is the meaning of that?” he asked, walking out of the sitting room.

Chichi thought about following him but changed her mind.


Leticia: “hey darling, is that how you talk to your lover?” she purred into the phone.

Jidofor’s head hurt; he had a terrible hangover.

Jidofor: “you took advantage of me while I was asleep?” he asked, angrily

Leticia: “asleep? You had passed out darling. I needed to ease the tension in your bones. Don’t worry next time will be better, you’d be wide awake.” She replied, giggling.

Jidofor: “are you mad? Do you realise that I am married with children?” he whispered into the phone, his eyes darting to the door. He walked to the door to check if anyone was listening behind it. “My daughter saw the video, you fool. Pray she keeps her mouth shut, or this town will be too small for both of us.” He added.

Leticia: “baby, don’t be like that. We have a good thing going. Why do you want to spoil it? Don’t worry, she won’t tell your wifey, I promise. See I have this party on Saturday. After it, we could hangout somewhere quiet, ehn?” she asked.

Jidofor: “don’t call me again.” He replied and ended the call. “Jesus what sort of mess is this? Where did this one come out from?” he thought to himself as he deleted the video and several pictures, Leticia had sent to his phone. He sat down on the bed and held his aching head. His phone rang immediately. He looked at the screen and saw that it Leticia; he ignored it. His phone beeped and he saw a text had entered his phone from her;

Leticia: “I told your boss that you had called me to take an excuse for you. I told him that you had fallen sick and was at home recovering. If he calls, you know what to tell him.” the text read.

Jidofor sighed and threw his phone on the bed.


Andick stared at his wife’s big flabby bum and he wondered for the millionth time, how he had entered into the marriage. Chidera was ugly compared to the girls he was used to. The only thing that made it worse that she was insatiable in bed. She never got tired of sex. This should have been a good thing because he enjoyed sex a lot but looking at that stretch marked flabby laps and trying to find her cookie beneath all that stomach was too much work even for a man as muscled as he was. he sighed; the things we do to survive.” He thought.

He rubbed the oil all over the offending buttocks and spread it apart. He inserted his well oiled index finger into her cookie and she moaned. He rolled his eyes and shook his head, even as he started to stroke her cookie walls. He added another finger, then another and started to move it faster. Soon all he could hear was Chidera’s grunt and the sound of her cookie coming around his hand. When he was done, he climbed over her and inserted his JT into her really wet cookie. He kissed her neck;

Andick: “here’s a taste of you.” he said as he pushed his fingers into her mouth.

Chidera sucked the fingers, as he pushed his length deep into her. Her lips clamped around his hands even as her cookie clamped around his JT and she began to shake as she climaxed again. At that moment, Andick noticed his phone blinking by his side. He kept on ramming into Chidera, even as his hands deftly moved the phone closer to him. It was a text from Amy. He opened it and read;

Amy: “hi darling, you forgot all about me. You have not called or cared to find out about my welfare. That is so unfair. Anyways I am not mad. Guess what, I am coming to Nigeria this weekend. There is something important I want us to talk about and we can’t talk about it on the phone. See you soon. Love you, bye.” The text read.

Andick immediately deleted the text; without losing momentum, he kept on banging his wife. “Is this girl mad? She wants to put sand in my garri? What is she coming to do in Nigeria?” he thought.

Chidera: “hey boy, what are you doing? Fuck me…” she said.

Andick snapped out of his thoughts and picked up speed. Soon Chidera’s moans filled the room. “I need to do something fast.” He thought as he came inside CHidera and fell to the side of the bed, breathing hard.


Mabel got home to find Chichi reading in the sitting room. She rubbed her head and walked to her room. She had gone to Chichi’s school to meet with the headmistress. She did not want Chichi to miss her exams. The woman had suggested that Chichi enroll for the primary school leaving certificate exams. She was brilliant enough, the headmistress had said; there was no need spending a year at home, doing nothing. She had agreed with the headmistress. She smiled as she entered the room then the smile left her face as she saw Jidofor asleep on the bed.

“Why is this man at home? Is he okay?”  She drew close to him and stared at his clothes. He was still wearing the clothes he wore yesterday. She picked his shoes that he had thrown carelessly on the floor and took it to the shoe rack. As she turned back, she noticed his phone by his side. She had never been the curious type; she had never been the type of woman to go throw her husband’s phone searching for clues on what he does when he is not at home with her. For her, that was a waste of time, as men will still find ways to make sure you never find out that they are cheating, if they don’t want you to know. The husband of a friend of hers even had a special phone for all his runs. The phone was always on silent and the phone back-light was always off. The phone never left his side. She had found out when the man started chasing after her. She told her friend but the fool picked up a quarrel and that was that. “God forgive me for not minding my business.” She thought to herself as she picked the phone and opened it. She scrolled to the call logs and saw her missed calls as well as calls from one Leticia. She turned angrily to Jidofor, lying prone on the bed and saw him looking at her with red eyes;

Jidofor: “are you done? He asked softly.

Mabel knew she was dead.

Question: There is trouble brewing for Andick o. what do you think Leticia is up to? What will Jidofor do to Mabel?

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  1. Adelove WATS happening,cause u usually post four(4) episode in a day and ur timing is always accurate, but am surprised am only seeing 3 episode,admin WATS happening???

  2. Another beating for Mabel, I guess, Leticia is planning to blackmail jidofor if he didn’t agree to marrying her.Andrick is in soup already, set up from Amy and chidera won’t take it easy with dem.

  3. Leticia is up to blackmail,with the pregnancy. Jidofor will beat Mabel blue/black as always, she shouldn’t have succumbed to the urge of checking his phone

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