(Episode 9) Lovertainment – Turning heads Story!

(Episode 9) Lovertainment - Turning heads Story!

Mabel: “who is Leticia?” she asked. “He is going to beat me; I might as well get information before he does.” She thought to herself, standing her ground.

Jidofor: “since when did this one start? Do you think that I go about sleeping with any dick and harry that comes my way like you.” he asked.

Mabel: “that was many years ago Jidofor, this is now. So because I made one mistake, which I have begged you several times over, that is why you treat me like trash?” she asked, wiping her eyes. She had vowed that she would not cry anymore but sometimes we cannot control pain.

Jidofor: “twelve years, if I am not mistaken and I have to live with the knowledge every day. You slut!” he said, bitterly.

Mabel shifted back at the insult. The word cut into her more than his beatings ever had. Body heal, bruises faded but wounds to the spirit; they fester and burn.

Mabel: “what more do you want me to do, Jidofor? I gave up my career, became a housewife just to atone for my mistake. I have turned to your sex slave just to please you, yet you are not satisfied, Jidofor. If I kill myself, will that make you happy? Why did you marry me, if you don’t love me?” she asked, her voice slowly rising.

Jidofor: “you better watch your tone, or I will smack your mouth so hard all you will be able to say is ‘hmm’.” He replied, sitting up and snatching the phone from her hand.

Mabel: “so you are going to bring your infidelities into our home, Jidofor?” she asked.

Jidofor: “woman, what I do with my time, is none of your business. I married you not the other way round. And let this be the first and the last time, you will go through my phone. If this should repeat itself again; hmmm… hmm. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” he said.

Mabel stood there dejected and watched as the carefully built lie of a marriage crumbled before her very eyes.


Alero stood along the road waiting for a taxi that would take her back home from the market. The cook had been too busy to leave, so it had fallen to her to get the food items to stock the larder. An SUV rolls up before her and the windows on the driver’s side wound down.

Andick: “hell beautiful, how are you?” he asked.

Alero looked him over and shook her head in irritation. She turned the other way, trying to avoid a conversation with the stranger.

Andick: “I am sorry, my name is Dave. I am new in this area.” He said, opening his car door and stepping out of the car.

Alero: “oga, you are disturbing me o. I am not knowing you before o. please come and be going your own.” She replied, angrily.

Andick: “look, I don’t mean to be a bother but I could not just pass such a beautiful lady like you. Besides, it’s about to rain; why don’t I drop you off anywhere you want?” he asked.

Alero rolled her eyes and moved some distances away from the car. Andick looked at her for some seconds, and then he entered the car and drove away. Alero hissed and turned to look for a cab to take her home.

She was still standing there, when the rain suddenly came down heavily on her. There was nowhere to run to. Her load stacked beside her was getting wet. She had refused to come to the market with the driver because Beverly and Cynthia wanted the car for a trip to the beach. She hissed in frustration, turning about for where to hide her purchases as well as herself. The market would have been a good idea but carry the food items back to the market was no easy task. As she debated, the man with the SUV drove up again. She watched as he got down and opened his booth. He didn’t say a word to her as he loaded her purchases into the car. She stared at him until he was done then he opened the passenger side and motioned for her to get in. she sighed and entered the car.

Andick: “now that we are both wet, why don’t we start again? My name is Dave Omotosho. What is your name?” he asked.

Alero: “Alero. I didn’t asking you to help me o. I would have find a taxi.” She replied, angry at finding herself in the stranger’s debt.

Andick: “I know. Let me take you home.” He replied, laughing.


Kachi wandered about the house as the rain beat upon the roof. He was restless. He had tried doing his assignment but as usual, he could not make head or tail out of the whole thing. he wished he was intelligent like Chichi. “I wonder how she is doing sef? Maybe I can get Brother Johnson to take me to her place when the rain stops.”  He thought to himself.

He heard a car enter into the compound and he rushed to the window, thinking it was his father. The door open and a fat light-complexioned woman came out of the car and the gateman covered her with an umbrella. He smiled in glee and rushed to the front door. He jumped into Chidera’s arms as soon as she entered the house;

Chidera: “hey… hey… kiddo, be easy.” She said laughing.

Kachi: “aunty what did you bring? Daddy didn’t say you were coming? You bought my xbox?” he spoke fast, asking so many questions at once, even as Chidera laughed.

Chidera: “small man, take it easy, let me first rest my feet. Where is the old man?” she asked finding a seat.

The gateman entered with her bags and immediately left. Some of Kachi’s elder siblings came out and soon Kachi was pushed to the side. He stood by the stairs and watched his siblings pester their elder sister. After sometime, he climbed the stairs and went back to his room.


Andick drove Alero to the house under her directions. By the time they arrived there, the rain had stopped falling. The gateman opened the door and stared at them in surprise. Andick drove into the compound and stopped. Alero came down and Andick and the gateman helped her offload the foodstuff she had bought.

As Andick drove out of the compound, the front door opened and Chidera came out and stood on the porch;

Chidera: “well, well, well, if it’s not the whore that wants to be my stepmother.” She said.

Alero stopped and stared at her curiously. She had never met her boss’ first child but she heard she was wild.

Alero: “good afternoon ma.” She said, bending her knee.

Chidera: “indeed, at least you know your place.” She said, smiling cruelly.


Andick smiled as he drove away. She is beautiful though. Chidera’s father must be a bad nigga. This I would enjoy.”  He thought to himself.

As he turned into another street, his phone rang. He slowed down and looked at his screen; it was Amy again. He had ignored her calls and text messages for some time now. He was in a good mood, so he picked the call;

Andick: “yes, what is it?” he asked.

Amy: “what is it? That’s how you talk to me now? Anyways I am in Nigeria. In fact, I am on my way to your father-in-law’s house as I speak to you.”

Andick: “What! Are you mad?”

Question: Trouble has come home o. Do you think Andick will be able to get Alero? Will Jidofor’s infidelity affect his marriage to Mabel?

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  1. From the look of things I don’t think Andick will succeed with Alero. Jidiofor infidelity will definitely ruin their marriage bcos he is making his quilty where as his own case will turn out to b d worst

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