(Episode 11) Lovertainment – Turning heads Story!

(Episode 11) Lovertainment - Turning heads Story!

Chief Okoronkwo: “did my daughter send you?” he asked as he rose up from Amy’s body.

Amy stared at him, too dazed to speak. He had fucked her so hard that she had farted several times. She was still trying to accept the fact that she had been played. She could not move her body; she laid there and stared at him.

Chief Okoronkwo: “was it my daughter, Chidera?” he asked, moving from her body. His body gleamed with sweat and he looked fit despite his age

Amy: “erm…yes sir.” She replied. Her voice was rough from all the shouting she had been shouting. She had nearly passed out from all the sex. The old man had done her like no one ever had, not even Andick.

Chief Okoronkwo nodded his head. He had expected something like this from her, so he wasn’t surprised. “This time, I am going to turn the game on her.” he thought to himself and smiled. He turned to Amy and told her what he wanted her to do for him. She was his, the moment she entered the car but she didn’t know until now.


Alero left the house very early in the morning, seeking for somewhere to go to hide her face. She had never been so ashamed in her life. The woman had cursed and embarrassed her at every turn; she had called her names, names no one had ever called her in her life… all because she fell in love with her father.

She sighed as she sat in front of a friend’s tailoring shop. As she watched the road, she saw Kachi walking back from school, his face sad. She called him to her;

Alero: “Kachi how was school?” she asked.

Kachi: “sister Chidera said that she is going to ask father to send me to a boarding school. She said I was a waste of money.” He said without thinking.

Alero sighed; “her father was right. She be a manipulative beast.” She thought to herself. “Don’t worry; your father will not take you to the boarding school.” She said, aloud.

Kachi: “she didn’t even buy the game sef and she is so fat.” He said. Alero chuckled

Alero: “what of your friend, the obobo girl?” she asked.

Kachi: “her mother doesn’t like me. She drove me away.” He replied, staring at his foot.

Alero looked him over and shook her head.

Alero: “come and show me where she leaves.” She said. Kachi’s eyes brightened and both of them set off to Chichi’s house.


Mabel sat outside watching the birds perched on a mango tree, as she broke melon seeds. Chichi was reading beside her. The twins were having extra mural classes, so the house was peaceful. She sighed, her thoughts full with the issues between her and Jidofor. Chichi muttered something and she turned. Chichi was looking at the distance. She turned and saw Kachi coming with a woman. She frowned in irritation; did I not tell this boy to stay away?”  She thought to herself.

Mabel: “what are you doing here?” she asked Kachi. “Did I not tell you not to come near my daughter?”

Alero: “good afternoon madam, please I fit talk to you small?” she asked. She turned to Kachi; “go and stand there.” She said.

Chichi looked at them curiously. When Kachi looked at her, she smiled at him and he smiled back.

Mabel: “who are you? Are you his mother?” she asked.

Alero: “no I am a maid in his father’s house. It is sad when na maid will come to speak for a child, abi? This boy is not bad o, he is just lonely and ignored. Him father is never at home and him brothers them are beating him every time. Whatever he do to your daughter, abeg forgive am. He need friend and I too old to follow play. He need somebody him age, but the boys of him age dey fear am. Him na good boy. Please allow your daughter to be teaching him book.” she said.

Mabel: “I hold no grudges against the boy o, in fact I am grateful to him for helping my daughter when she had the accident that put her in this condition.” She said, pointing to Chichi’s direction. “but if my husband finds out that I allowed any member of Chief Okoronkwo’s family into this house, I am finished.” She said.

Alero: “did my oga offend your husband in any way?” she asked, surprised. At first, she had thought the issue here was because Kachi bullied Chichi but she was now seeing that there was something else going on.

Mabel: “please let’s forget about it. It is best that he stays away.” She replied.

Alero: “please madam, abeg. Don’t use his papa’s sin to judge him. Okay, we fit do it this way; he will not mention his father’s name and he will come immediately after school. Your daughter will benefit too o. he will bring notes for her and they can read together. And she cannot be alone in the house all the time. Please.” She begged.

Mabel bit her lip in worry. “This will get me in trouble with Jidofor o but the lady is right, it is not good for Chichi to be home without seeing any body her age.”  She thought to herself. “I will let him come as you said but under one condition; he has to get a girl of her age to join them.” She replied.

Alero: “Kachi, do you have any female friends in school?” she asked, turning to him.

Kachi shook his head, digging his feet into the ground in embarrassment. Chichi chuckled;

Chichi: “you can tell Juliet to come. She will come, I think. We are not really close but she talks to me sometimes. Tell her, I will borrow her some of my story books. She will come.” She said smiling.

Kachi nodded his head smiling back.

ALero: “thank you ma.” She said smiling as she grabbed Kachi’s hand and they left.

Mabel watched them leave with sad eyes; “after all these years; why now?” she thought to herself. She turned to Chichi and smiled;

Mabel: “oya, let’s get you ready for your checkup. The taxi will soon come.” She said.


Jidofor’s office door opened and Leticia entered, swaying seductively. Jidofor could scent the perfume in the air. He looked at her and sighed;

Jidofor: “what is it, Leticia?” he asked. He had been avoiding her since that night but she kept on appearing everywhere.

Leticia: “can’t I come to see you again? Are we not friends?” she asked, batting her eyes innocently.

Jidofor: “I am a married man for God’s sakes. What is wrong with you?” he whispered, looking at the door.

Leticia: “it is you that is wrong with me. I have not been able to sleep or eat since that night. I have had dreams of you touching me again and again. I want you inside me; I want your kisses all over my body. I want you… I need you Jidofor.” She replied, walking close to his chair and leaning over him, exposing her cleavages for him to see.

Jidofor swallowed as his eyes peered into her smooth bossom. Leticia leaned into him and gave him a kiss on the lips. At that moment, the door opened and Mabel entered. She stopped short and stared at the scene;

Mabel: “I knocked but no one answered. Please can I have your hospital card? They need it to verify if our medical insurance is up to date.” She said softly.

Jidofor bent and picked his briefcase from the side of the chair and opened it. He brought out the card and gave it to her. As she took it;

Jidofor: “Mabel, it’s…” she cut him off with a wave of her hand.

Mabel: “you have to work. We will talk when you get home. Sorry for interrupting you.” she said then she walked out of the office.

Leticia: “now where were we?” she asked, smiling.

Question: Do you think Mabel handled herself well, or should she have descended on Leticia? Do you think Chief Okoronkwo is a good person?

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  1. Mabel handle it well cos I know Jidiofor will regret all he is doing, God is on the side of the righteous person….I can’t say about chief Okoronkwo

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