(Episode 12) Lovertainment – Turning heads Story!

(Episode 12) Lovertainment - Turning heads Story!

Jidofor: “get off me! are you mad? Do you want to destroy my marriage?” he shouted, suddenly angry.

Leticia: “come on, why are you shouting? You want to act like you didn’t enjoy it the last time.” She replied, still smiling.

Jidofor: “I was drunk. I don’t remember anything about that night. Please you have done enough, leave my office.” He said, pointing at the door.

Leticia: “listen Mr Man… you cannot have your way with me and dump me. you will not do that to me. I am not some little girl, you picked off the street. If you don’t want to have anything to do with me, fine. You are going to pay me five hundred thousand naira for damages or I will take the matter up with the M.D.” she said, frowning at him, then she smiled and drew close to him again; “or you can be a good boy, and you and me will have so much fun.” She added.

Jidofor looked at her in disgust; “why did I think she was beautiful or sexy? She is just an old tramp.” He thought to himself; “I will not let you destroy my marriage. You can do whatever you like, you hear me. do whatever you like.” He said, getting up and leaving the office.

Leticia: “don’t you dare walk out on me Jidofor; don’t you dare. I will kill myself, if you leave me!” She shouted.

When Jidofor ignored her and closed the door behind him, she screamed angrily and stamped her high heels on the floor, then she suddenly stopped the tantrum; “this is not the end Jidofor; it is either I have you or even share you with your ugly wife, or none of us will have you at all.” She muttered to the empty office.


Amy sent Andick a message while in the bathroom. Chief had asked her to go home with him and she realised that she could not meet with Andick as planned. So she informed Andick that she was going to Chief Okoronkwo’s home and that she intends to become a part of the man’s life no matter what. Andick pleaded with her not to go but she refused. For her, it was an opportunity to get rich and she told Andick that if he played his cards well, both of them could be millionaires once her plans come to reality.

While she was texting Andick in the bathroom, Chief Okoronkwo called his home and he asked that everybody should wait for him; no one was to go out as he had a big announcement to make that involves the family.

Some few minutes after they, Chief Okoronkwo and Amy, drove away from the hotel and headed to his home. On arriving there, they met the family gathered in the sitting room, talking among themselves.

As Amy entered the room, Chidera stood up;

Chidera: “you! What are you doing here?” she asked, angrily.

Chief Okoronkwo: “so you do know her? I wasn’t too sure if she was telling the truth but now I see that she’s indeed telling the truth. Is everybody here?” he asked, looking around.

Chidera: “I want you to leave this house immediately or you will regret knowing me.” she said, looking at Amy with red eyes.

Chief Okoronkwo: “while you might be my first child, you do not own this house neither do you command anybody here. If you are not going to sit down quietly, then you might as well get out. Where is your husband? Is he never coming?” he asked; “where’s Kachukwu and Alero?” he asked, noting their absence.

Alero: “we are here.” She replied from the doorway. Kachi stood close to her.

Chief Okoronkwo looked at her for a moment, his face blank then he nodded his head;

Chief Okoronkwo: “for fifteen years, I have been single and I have tried to focus on my business as an alternative to the warmth of a woman. I have finally decided to get married again. Come dear…” he motioned to Amy; “meet Amy, she is going to be my new wife.” He added.

The room erupted. Everybody was talking at once. Chidera opened her eyes in shock. She turned to Alero in shock. She had not expected this. She had thought that Alero was an obstacle but she could now see that her father was smart to her plan.

Alero looked at Chief Okoronkwo and smiled; she bent and whispered into Kachi’s ear;

Alero: “go and tell your father congratulation.” She said.

Kachi: “I don’t like her. She looks like a doll.” He replied, frowning. Alero smiled and pushed him forward.

Kachi walked to his father and tapped him;

Kachi: “congratulation father.” He said, his voice shaking with fear. He heard some voices hiss in the room.

Chief Okoronkwo: “ha… Kachi. Thank you.” he replied, then he raised his head to where Alero stood but she was gone.

Chidera: “I refuse to accept such rubbish. This gold digging worm, this thing can not sleep on the same bed with my father.” She shouted.

Chief Okoronkwo: “you have driven every woman that I have brought into this house since your mother, God rest her soul, died. Nneka was the only one who could withstand you but she too has passed on. What do you want? That I should die old and alone? What is it?” he shouted.

Chidera: “but not her, father. She is a slut. Okay, marry Alero; she’s nice enough.” She said, squeezing her hands in worry. She could see that she had pushed her father too far.

Chief Okoronkwo burst into laughter. “I have nothing further to say to you all. You can now go. And no one should touch Kachi; I repeat no one.” He said. He stretched his arm to Amy who had stood there shaking, and they both left the sitting room.

Chidera crumbled on her chair and held her head. She immediately picked up her phone and called Andick;

Chidera: “are you aware that your useless Ghanaian girlfriend is herein my father’s house and my father intends to marry her?” she asked, angrily.

Andick: “no… not at all. I have not spoken to her since I left Ghana.” He lied.

Chidera: “how did two of them even meet? God! I need you to stay away from Alero. If I am too choose, I will rather choose the lesser devil.” She said.

Andick: “okay… so what do I do now?” he asked.

Chidera: “come to the house. Let’s see if your slut will be able to avoid making passes at you.” she ended the call and smiled; “once a slut, always a slut.” She thought.


Jidofor drove home after work, his head full with the scene that had played in his office that day. he still could not believe how he had fallen into the mess. “Why did Mabel even come to the office without calling me sef? What was she expecting to see? See it has gotten to the point when she has started spying on me abi?”  He pondered, trying to shift the blame from himself.

He entered the compound and stepped out of the car. Augustine ran out to meet him and hugged him. he gave him his suitcase and the little boy tried to carry it but could not. He then lifted it and placed it on his head;

Jidofor: “where is your mother?” he asked.

Augustine: “she is in the sitting room.” he replied, skipping in front of his father.

Both of them entered the house together. Jidofor immediately noticed the bag gathered at the door;

Jidofor: “what is the meaning of this? Do we have visitors?” he asked.

Mabel turned to him. He could see that she has been crying;

Mabel: “I want a divorce Jidofor.” She said.

Question: do you think Mabel overreacted? Do you think Chief Okoronkwo really wants to marry Amy?

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  1. He won’t marry Amy,he just wants to use her to taunt his daughter…
    Jidofor,is not treating his wife well even after twelve yes,at least she has apologized, if he WS mad at her for cheating, he should have divorce her for long instead of maltreatreating her.

  2. If chief marrys Amy it will just be to taunt Chidera and chidera’s plan won’t work because Amy is enjoying chielf more than Andick

  3. She is not overreacting, every woman in her shoes will do that. Chief Okoronkwo is not marrying Amy,he just want to teach her daughter that he is a master in the game. The episode is not coming regular……

  4. It’s pay back time for chief okoronkwo and as for Mabel well… She did the right thing God knows why he to her to her husband’s office unannounced. She’s suffered a lot even after apologizing.

  5. Mabel is overreacting. She should not have decided on divorce yet. She will just d situation again her husband, atleast for now he cannot abuse her like he used to anymore. Chief never had d intension marrying Amy. He is just trying to play his daughter game but little de he know dat his daughter did not ask Amy to flirt with him. Amy is just doing her own thing

  6. To me, Marble didn’t overreacted but want Jidofor to think n send things right. Chief wants to use Army to get back at Chidera’s act but Alero still on his mind.

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