(Final Episode 16) Lovertainment – Turning heads Story!

(Final Episode 16) Lovertainment - Turning heads Story!

Amy opened her mouth and closed it again. She was too shocked to speak. Andick turned and tried to smile but Chief Okoronkwo’s face didn’t encourage a smile. Chief Okoronkwo walked to the bedside and dropped the gun on the bed then he turned to Amy;

Chief Okoronkwo: “it seems as if you mistake my graying hair for stupidity. So you are pregnant for this one and you brought that cursed seed into my home, into my room? Who are you, by the way?” he asked, turning to Andick.

Andick: “I am Chidera’s husband sir.” He said, trying to smile again.

Chief Okoronkwo: “I can see why you see the need for a side chick, if my daughter is your wife. What are you doing in my room sir?” he asked.

Andick quickly ran out of the room.

Amy: “baby, it doesn’t matter. You are all I want in my life now. If you want me to even remove the baby I will do it.” She said.

Chief Okoronkwo ignored her and walked to the door and locked it. He walked to the walk in closet by the bed and opened it. He entered inside and came out with a pot covered in cowries. Amy stepped back when she saw it.

Chief Okoronkwo: “shey you said you are willing to remove the pregnancy to please me? Well there is no time like now to keep your promises.” He said softly.

Amy: “chief what are you doing with that?” she asked moving away from him.

Chief Okoronkwo: “helping you get rid of the baby, so we can get married.” He said.

Amy: “ha… Chief… don’t be so old fashioned. We can get it done in a good hospital.” She replied, her voice shaking with fear.

Chief Okoronkwo: “you think I have lived this long and amassed so much wealth by being an idiot. You have placed a curse on me, you little fool and we have to cleanse it. I am not supposed to have a child outside wedlock or sleep with a pregnant woman. Simple rules, don’t you think?” He asked.

Amy: “what do you mean?” she asked, almost hysterical.


Chidera watched in surprise as two women were rushed into the hospital along with Alero. Alero walked to her and sighed;

Alero: “the man your papa hit, that na his wife.” She said.

Chidera: “what happened?” she asked staring at the stretcher rolling the two unconscious women inside.

Alero: “I no know o. I meet them like that o. some people na wa o. the neighbours heard gunshots and no one came out to find it person is alive… people wicked o.” she said.

Chidera: “that is life for you.” she said.

The nurse on duty called for Alero to feel a form for the two women who was brought in. a doctor came and informed Chidera that Jidofor was awake. She immediately followed him to the ward were he had been placed.

Jidofor’s head had been bandaged. He sat on the bed staring at the window. He turned as they entered;

Chidera: “how are you feeling sir?” she asked.

Jidofor: “my head hurts but I think I will survive. Can I go home now, doctor?” he asked.

Chidera: “I am sorry but you need to remain here. Your wife was just brought in here with another woman. They both had injuries and are unconscious.” She said.

Even as she spoke, Jidofor jumped off the bed. he staggered as the pain hit him;

Docotor: “maybe I should give you some painkillers?” he asked. Jidofor shook his head to clear it

Jidofor: “no… I am fine. Please can you take me to my wife?” he said.

The three of them left the room.


Chief Okoronkwo opened the pot and picked a kolanut sitting in the middle. He beckoned on Amy to come. Amy shook her head and stepped back again. “There was no way on earth i was going to eat that kolanut; not for the millions in Chief’s account” she thought to herself.

Chief Okoronkwo: “if you want to really marry me then you will come here and eat of this kolanut.” He said, walking towards her.

Amy: “God forbid! My tongue will not touch that evil thing. so this is what you do to young girls? If you near me, I will scream. I don’t want to marry again leave me alone.” She yelled as Chief Okorokwo tried to grab her. She rushed to the door and tried to open it, screaming for help.

Okoronkwo tackled her and forced her to the ground. He tried to force her mouth open but Amy fought hard. Suddenly loud knocks could be heard on the door. Voices were screaming for Chief to open the door but he ignored them. He grabbed Amy’s hands and pressed them to her body with his laps then he grabbed her neck and squeezed.

Amy’s eyes rolled as she was chocking. As soon as she opened her mouth for air, Chief Okoronkwo tossed the kolanut into it and left her. as soon as the kolanut touched Amy’s tongue, she began to jerk and foam gathered on her mouth; her eyes turned white.

Chief Okoronkwo walked to the pot and picked it up. He was sweating and short of breath but he started speaking incantations. He walked back to Amy and started spreading the liquid inside the pot all over Amy’s body.

The people knocking were now trying to break the door down but the door was too strong. Chief Okoronkwo ignored them and kept on with his incantation. After some time, he noticed the blood pooling from between Amy’s legs. He raised her up and placed the pot under to catch drops of blood.

When he was satisfied he raised the pot to the ceiling and made some more incantations. As he moved the pot to his lips the door splintered from its hinges and fell inside. A sweaty and scared Andick rushed into the room followed by policemen.


Jidofor stared at his wife silently. He felt so sad that he wanted to dig the ground and hide. Mabel had done her best as his wife but he had failed her. He grabbed her hand and stared at her chipped nails. The doctor was talking;

Doctor: “fortunately, we discovered that the blood on her body were not hers but that of the other woman. She had a minor heart attack that is why she passed out. What she needs is rest, and nothing strenuous. Also please stop hitting the woman; I saw old bruises all over her body.” He said, angrily.

Jidofor bowed his head in shame and turned as Mabel moaned. Chidera came close and stared at the woman that had caused her father to reveal his true nature to the world.

Jidofor: “Mabel I am sorry. I have been a fool. Please forgive me… please…” he said.

Mabel: “I too am guilty of a crime and I am sorry.” She said softly, her voice weak.

Jidofor: “whatever it is, I forgive you. You have been a better person than I have been.” He said.

Mabel: “Chichi is Okoronkwo’s daughter.” She said.

Chidera stared at the woman then she burst into laughter. Jidofor leaned as if he had been punched in the stomach;

Jidofor: “it doesn’t matter. She had been my daughter since she was born, nothing has changed.”

Alero: “your father is a beast.” She said.

Chidera: “don’t you love him anymore?” she asked in a mocking tone.

Alero is hissed. Mabel smiled and Jidofor hugged her tenderly.


Chief Okoronkwo: “who are these people? Do you know who I am?” he asked. Two policemen held his hands while another bent over Amy, Andick was shaking her but it was too late; she was dead.

Andick: “she was carrying my baby. You killed her, you beast.” He said angrily stalking towards Chief Okoronkwo.

Chief Okoronkwo: “you are a child. Within two days, I will be out of prison and I am going to hunt you.” he replied, his eyes red.

Policeman: “Oga, shut up.” He said as they dragged him outside. As he stepped out, a phone rang

Andick brought out his phone; it was his wife, Chidera. They spoke briefly and he turned and ran towards the policemen and the handcuffed chief.

Andick: “congratulations sir, Chidera said to inform you that Mabel gave birth to a child for you as a result of the forced sex.” He said.

Chief Okoronkwo looked at him smiling, then his eyes widened in realization. He frowned and grabbed his chest then he fell. The house scattered again as people started screaming. The police stood confused as well as Andick who didn’t know what his news had meant.



Chief Okoronkwo never recovered from his stroke. He is presently a bedridden man, a shadow of himself. He cannot pursue little girls nor do money rituals anymore.

Chidera took Chichi under her wing, paying her school fees and other necessities as she did her other siblings. She divorced Andick when she discovered that Amy had been pregnant for him.

Leticia died of bullet wounds.

Jidofor and Mabel are still together and both of them are trying everyday to put their marriage back on its feet. Kachi and Chichi are now close friends and siblings


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  1. This story is so interesting but I won’t also denial that it leads the Heart to TEMPTATION since I started reading it I began to feel LAGA-THIS LAGA-THAT…… HONESTLY I NEED TO DO FASTING AND PRAYER TO OVERCOME THIS FEELINGS….


  2. Sorry for Amy, her greediness landed her to untimely death.There are many chief Okoronkwo all over the the World today, girls beware.

  3. Hmmm. If only some ladies would learn from this story, most of these rich men are not ordinary.
    Adelove thank you, you guys still remain the best

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