Only God can determine a hit song – Ice Prince

No doubt, Panshak Zamani, aka Ice Prince, has enjoyed his own share of success in the music industry with songs like Oleku and Aboki, but for a while now, the rapper seems to have lost his magic that once charmed a large number of music lovers.

A few days ago, a fan on social media, who targeted Olamide, dragged Ice Prince’s name into the mess also. He tweeted, “Olamide will soon become an up-and-coming artiste like Ice Prince.”

While Olamide replied with unprintable words, Ice Prince didn’t comment on the post.

In a conversation with Ice Prince, however, he told Newsmen that only God decides how popular a song would become.

He stated, “My duty is to create music, but how far the music goes is not for me to decide. God did what He did for Ice Prince and He did what He did for the Nigerian music industry. Music evolves and if God blesses an artiste to make a song that has a huge impact, such a person shouldn’t claim he is responsible for the glory. It is God, not the artiste.

“I don’t know if you will ask 2Baba when he will release another African Queen or you will ask 9ice when he will make another Gongo Aso. Will you ask Olu Maintain when he is dropping another Yahooze. I made Oleku, and I have also done other great songs.”

Ice Prince admitted that his song, Oleku, was his breakthrough single in the music industry. According to him, before Oleku, he won the Hennessy Artistry Competition in 2009 and he was already doing well.


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