Late Night Fun Story – My Blessed soft feminine curves (Part 1)

Late Night Fun Story - My Blessed soft feminine curves (Part 1)

My best friend’s hubby, James was a good looking man and I always thought he was attractive. He was about 6 ft tall, with dark hair, fair skin and brown eyes.

Michelle and James had a good marriage life. But later James had been complaining about her not taking care of herself, not losing the weights, and always looking shabby.

James: I would need you to talk to your friend, Michelle

Me: Hope all is well? I was curious to know what was going wrong

James: She’s not taking good care of herself. She doesn’t take bath daily most times. She’s gaining weight every minute, always looking shabby and all.

Me: Hmmm… I understand your plight. I will talk to her. But nevertheless, remember you guys signed ‘for better for worse’. So, you have to manage the situation like that. i admonished him

James: hmmm.. well, I’ve said mine.

A few weeks later, we invited them for a small party in my house. They came and we enjoyed a lot, had a few drinks. Later at night, they decided to stay with us for the night. They stayed in our spare bedroom upstairs.

My Husband, Kelechi, a medical Doctor at LUTH was on call, received a sudden call to leave for an emergency

Kelechi: Honey, I have to go to clinic now

Me: whatsup? I need you tonight. You can’t leave me.

Kelechi: A life needs to be saved. I have to go Sweetie. Talk to you later.

I was so tired after party, I tried to sleep but not forthcoming. I had a desire, after a couple of seconds I got up to grab some cold water from refrigerator. Somehow, I just forgot that I had a guest in my house and was going around the house in a red G-string and a lacy transparent cloak.

While I opened the refrigerator to pull a water bottle, I just felt someone overlooking at me from the top. What I realized absolutely stunned me, because looking at me on my erotic dress was my friend’s husband, James. He was standing in dark and my body was gleaming by the light coming out of the refrigerator. He could see my exposed ass and my back through the transparent dress. My naked ass covered only by a few strings and by transparent cloak. He got a perfect view of my exposed body. I closed the door of refrigerator and made my way towards my bedroom.

James: hmmm… sexy babe! He called me that

Me: What? You should be with your wife. I left. As I walked, my breasts jiggled ever so slightly.

I closed the door behind me and finally dozed off. Next morning, they went back to their house after breakfast.


Since the incident, whenever we met I caught him looking at me and winked. I knew he was thinking about me. Few weeks later, at about 3 pm, my cell phone rang. I answered it. It was my friend, Michelle.

Me: ” Hello.” I said.

Michelle: “Hey. Dear! How are you?” She said.

Me: “I’m doing fine, and you?”

Michelle: “Well. I’m okay. But you forgot something… our wedding anniversary.” She said.

Me: “No I don’t. We will come tomorrow.” I replied.

Michelle invited us for their upcoming anniversary party. Soon the turn came for the visit to my friend’s house; As usual, my husband got himself busy in his work place. It was evening time, I decided to go to party alone. I was dressed in my usual jeans and deep cut top that showed ample amounts of the upper slopes of my breasts. After I reached their apartment, I rang the bell, waiting for few seconds, the door swung open, and there stood the man, her husband, James. In his hand was one glass filled with wine.

James: “oohhh! What an Angel. Thanks for coming. Common in,” he gestured me.

I stepped into the room. Music was pumping softly through the music system. He raised the glass, smiled and later offered me a glass of wine and started talking to me. At first I was quiet and shy but eventually I opened up. We started talking and having a few drinks. It was a warm evening, i felt at home with them wearing very little, a halter top, skimpy shorts and flip flops. I could feel him finding chances to get a glimpse of my waist and cleavage. Suddenly I found my best friend, Michelle. She walked up to me with a glass of wine in her hand. She raised the glass and smiled. I smiled at her.

Michelle: “Where is your husband?” She asked.

Me: “Sorry, he is busy at work,” I replied.

Then I hugged her. I blurted out without any break,

Me: “Congratulation to you and your Hubby, James?” Happy Marriage anniversary!

Michelle: Thank you my dearest friend. You are always appreciated.

We were just chilling having a good time, enjoying few more drinks. After a couple of minutes, I talked to my friend about their problems. I discovered, what her husband liked most about a woman in general and his wife in particular was her breasts. Especially he wanted to play with nipples. Another thing that annoyed him was that there was no way he could talk her into oral sex. Unfortunately she didn’t like it.

Michelle: You mean James discussed all these with you?

Me: Well, What are we friends for? If he couldn’t share his problem with me, who else should he go to? I’m your best friend Michelle. Wake up and fix your marriage. I smirked at her.

In general, sex was only of secondary importance to Michelle and he had often complained about it in the past. Despite this unsatisfying sex appeal, she still tried to satisfy him. I conveyed her and gave suggestion to her.

After that we were enjoying again. His husband took a camera and asked to take some photo shots. After several pictures, she moved to the far end of the room to meet with others. Then his husband and I started messing around. I found him looking down the front of my top. The view allowed him to catch a glimpse of my breasts. He found him quite exciting. I smiled at him, giving my implicit permission to stare, as he had already seen me semi-naked at my house.

James: “You liked the party?” he asked.

Me: “It was a good, well prepared event and besides that, a good wine too” I replied.

We walked and enjoyed the warm night. The talk was casual. What I discovered, he wanted some more pictures of me. In fact, he had always wanted some erotic pictures especially after that night. I started teasing while he took pictures of mine, showing off my waist and cleavage. After the party, Michelle wanted me to stay with them that night.

Me: No Dear, I have to go back home. Kelechi might come back

Michelle: Common Eno, Kelechi is busy at the hospital saving lives.

I could not bear the idea of staying there. She had finally convinced me and I agreed. Later at the middle of night, I got to grab a bottle of water as usual, as I simply forgot to keep the jug in the room. Rounding the corner of the living room, I made my way towards the kitchen. I was almost there when I stopped dead in my tracks. I heard some sounds. I was trying to find the origin. It was coming from their bedroom. I could see a light shining through a small opening. The door was ajar about one inch. And since the living room lights were out, it was easy to see the glow coming from the bedroom.

And if I was careful, I should be able to see what was going on inside. So after slowly leaning forward while taking care not to make a sound I carefully peered through the small opening. What I saw absolutely stunned me. Michelle laid on the bed. I didn’t have a straight view of the room. When I leaned forward, I got a perfect view of James on his knees in front of Michelle. He was licking her cookie. She pulled his head up to her nipples. Like a hungry dog he started sucking them. And his sucking sounds could be heard clear across the room. Jeezz! That sound turned the bastard out of of me. I could feel her own cookie begin to drip as she watched the incredible scene before her.

I stared gape mouthed through the opening of the door, I couldn’t control my urge any longer, lifted my dress and absentmindedly began diddling my clit. As I was about to have my orgasm I tried to suppress the moan coming from my throat, and unfortunately it was at that moment that I lost my balance and my hand stroke the door causing him to spin his head around to see what all the commotion was all about.

“what are you doing here?” Michelle and James chorused together

I was ashamed at the scene, seeing James and Michelle stark naked. Quickly I left the place to the guest room, dozed off.


Next day they requested me to stay one more night after much hesitation. I agreed since Kelechi confirmed he wasn’t coming home for 3 days due to serious tasks he had at the clinic. We also had few drinks and I could notice his husband pouring us more wine every time. We were all drunk at her house. She passed out and her husband carried her in the bedroom and put her to bed. Then he came and sat on the couch with me. When he noticed Michelle was in deep sleep & it was hard to wake her up now, he wanted me to drink one more glass.

James: “I know you peered through the door last night. Did you see us doing it?” He smiled.

Hearing this, I didn’t say much. I was just . Surprisingly, instead of acting afraid or nervous at being caught I nodded and smiled.

James: “Do you want something more special?” he asked.

Me: Huhh??? I arched my eyebrow.

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  1. A beautiful story, but this one that a Calabar lady, ( Eno ), is involved again, I hope she won’t be portrayed as a sex addict.

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