Late Night Fun Story – My Blessed soft feminine curves (Part 2)

Late Night Fun Story - My Blessed soft feminine curves (Part 2)

Me:  “What do you mean by something?”

James: “You seem nervous,” he said. He walked fingers across my shoulders.

Me: “”Stop that.” I admonished James. “She will hear us!!”

James: “Stop what, I was really waiting for long.” he teased, while continuing to slide.

Then he grabbed my hand & told he was waiting for long. I was excited also, I knew James was extremely handsome & lot better in sex unlike my Kelechi who’s only good at providing monetary stuffs like money but lacking the good bed Part. I have wanted him for months, and finally here’s my time to accomplish my dream.

Me: Man shall not leave by “bread” alone na. Atleast that kokolet something should be included. I pacified myself.

He looked into my eyes. We were bright with desires and wide with expectations. He looked into my eyes again:

James: “Baby, you’re so beautiful. I must have been a fool to allow you to stay away from me for so long. I guess I must have waited too long to make my move.” l began to blush. My knees trembled and l smiled. James loves my shape. I was 5 foot 11 inches tall, brown eyes, glossy dark down to just above my waist, my weight of about 48 kg with round hips, a full ass and 38 inch bust.  I have always been attracted to James.

He leaned in even closer and gave my neck a little kiss. My parted lips strayed over his. I was not sure if he started it or I started it but we started kissing. He kissed me passionately, as his hands moved closed to my under-arms and breast area. As the kiss ended, I kissed my way down his chest, lingering and sucking on each of his nipples, his head rolled back and he let out a moan.

James: Ooohhh yyyeeaahhh! You are sweet baby

Me: Mmmmm… mmmm. I was busy sucking on his nipples

My hand glided across his abs and onto his cloth covered JT; it felt enormous and he was very hard. He lifted his ass up off the chair so I could slide his shorts down and off. His JT came free of his shorts and I gasped, it was at least nine inches long, it was covered in throbbing veins, and its head glistened with pre-cum. I squeezed it hard and massaged his balls with my other hand. I then tasted his precum with my tongue, playing it around the massive head.

As I finished doing my mission, I felt his  hand caressing my legs and thighs, then sliding it up underneath my skirt, up along my bare thigh and finally ran his hand over my black panties. That shook me like an earthquake. I felt my thighs were shrinking. I was feeling much pleasure through my body as he rubbed his hand on my right inner thigh. I could feel him eagerly trying to get into my panties with his fingers. When finally reached, my cookie was wet uncontrollably. He rubbed my clit following a circular movement. My body shuddered after wave of orgasm took me over. I had no control over it.

He tried removing my bra and panties, admiring my glass-figure shape while it was still on. He ran his hands over my firm tits again, my full hips and pressing my cookie lips. My heart was pounding as I laid back on the couch.

He rested his other hand on my right breast. I felt his fingers unbuttoning my top and proceeded to remove bra. He tried to unbuttoned my bra.

Me: Wait! Lemme help you! i said

We stopped kissing and I helped him to unzip my bra and took it off. There I was, in front of my best friend’s husband, my bare breasts exposed to his lusty eyes.

As his hands explored my body, I closed my eyes, first I pulled on my nipples until they were hard and swollen. The lips of my cookie were already swollen; I encouraged him by pushing one finger inside me, letting out a moan. Pushing my second finger into myself, feeling my juices flowing over my fingers, I pulled my fingers out and bringing them to my mouth while I suck the juices from my fingers.

James was breathing heavy, his muscular chest rising and falling; his flat stomach was tensed, and he was rubbing a very large erection. i mean the kind of erection a lady can never deny. He took the right nipple between his fingers and started rubbing and rolling it. He wanted to play with nipples again, I already knew it. It made me moan when he leaned over and kissed one of them and then he put it in his mouth and gently sucked on it. I could see his dick growing more and more. I ran my hand over his bare chest. Slid down my hand and reached onto the JT again, pulled up a very hot JT that has been begging for freedom outta the boxers since. I slowly but firmly rubbed up and down his JT. I stood up, lowered my dress, I was left in my black panties. I got down on my knees and gripped his JT, leaned forward and lightly flicked my tongue against his head. Then I took it in my mouth completely and started sucking, James’ JT began to enlarge in my mouth, it was getting harder and harder under the slopping condition. He pushed my head, moaned as I deep-throated him.

He stood up then wore back his pant and then grabbed my hand and we tiptoed down to the spare bed room. As soon as we got in the room he wasted no time. He wrapped his hand around my ass and started squeezing my ass and kissed me hardly. He slipped my panties down over my hips and finally over my toes.

James: “Your breasts and hips are all soft feminine curves,” he whispered in my ear.

He took off his pants and we climbed onto the bed. I was looking at his huge JT anticipating how hard he was going to bang me. He laid me there and spread my legs and kneeled between my legs, parted my cookie lips and started rubbing. Without even realizing more, I had parted my legs wide open giving him access to rub every inch of me. “OMG” James is a mutha-Fucker! He can bang real good!

James: “Would you like me to suck your clit for you,” he begged?”

Me: Yes Please! I love it when it’s eaten raw!” I groaned. “I love it having a mouth on my cookie and suck me to orgasm!!” I added.

He leaned down and started licking my clit. I moaned slowly and wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

James: You like it?

Me: Me: ‘Yes… Yes… Mmmm… That’s great… eat me. Ggg…God I am going to come.. AAHHH!’

My hands slid in his hair and pulled him closer, begging him to do more. Abruptly he withdrew his tongue from my wet cookie. Then he inserted a finger and started strolling. I moaned loudly as he started harder. I wanted him. I couldn’t help my reaction as I let out a soft moan and arched my back. My hand held the covers of the bed in a tight knot. He brought out  JT in hand, rubbed and pounded the head of the JT against my clit slowly. That was so crazy and sexy.

Me: ‘Mmmm,’ I moaned slowly

James: ‘You like that don’t you?’

Me: ‘Y…Yes.’

James: ‘If you want another finger ask for it.’ He said .

Me: ‘Mmmm…Mmmm…yes…yes please,’ I moaned.

James: ‘Yes please what?’

Me: ‘Put another finger in.’

James: ‘In where and do what?’ He asked enjoying my awkwardness.

Me: ‘Put another finger up my… cookie and…and… bang me with it,’ I begged with high hope

I felt him put his JT against my cookie. He pressed his hips into me and I felt him going in. He pressed harder and I felt the sudden pain, I wrapped my hot shivering legs around him. He looked into my eyes and rimming me. He increased speed as I held with him with each thrust.

He stayed few minutes, got me on my all fours and climbed me from behind, slipped his rampant JT, right up to the hilt into my cookie, grabbed my big daggling tits and began to bang me. Oh Jesus! What a doggie style position can do me eehnnn… I no fit talk.

Me: Oh yeah! Ohhhh yeeeaaaahhh! ‘That’s it… I’m…going to CUM!’ I warned while enjoying my doggie style, the best so far. My body glistened with sweat as I struggled to maintain control but finally I released the pressure and cum for the first time ever since I got married to Kelechi.

Michelle: What’s going on here? It was Michelle. She was standing before us as we were both sweating profusely under a good AirConditioner room.

Stay tuned for Part 3

Questions: What would you do if you were Michelle or James?

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  1. Eno don collect good “bang”. Na only me remain here now.

    James will be like … “Honey, it’s not what you think! I can explain…” LOL

  2. Lol.. Thats why i don’t keep close friends. Michelle,the best thing u will do is to end that Marriage since there is no Child for now. Eno should go on and marry James.

  3. I won’t end my marriage not 4 anyfin, bt will just have to send Eno out d way she is or probably call her husband to no d kinda wife he married

  4. sincerely I was waiting last night for the next episode to extend that I doze off without offing my data I no like am o Adelove

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