(Episode 7) Middle of Nowhere … A Wavy Story!

(Episode 7) Middle of Nowhere ... A Wavy Story!

At exactly five-fourty that morning, Phriz reached Ben’s house, as directed by Judith. When they got there, she hesitated to come out of his car, and sat as though she was pondering on something.

Phriz: “What is wrong?” Phriz asked.

Judith: “Nothing. I’m just… wondering about something…” She replied.

Phriz: “Okay… Take your time.”

Judith: “You know what? Would you take me down to my place instead, please? It’s just about fourty minutes drive from here…”

Phriz: “Okay… I would, but why did you change your mind?”

“Well, it’s very early in the morning. And I don’t want to tell him the whole story about how I arrived at this time of the day at his place. He may get it all wrong. To say I pass the night in the same hotel with you, I really don’t think he would want to hear that. And it would even be worse when I tell him I got drunk and you had to carry me there. I’m scared he may get very jealous, and angry over nothing. I just don’t want trouble.”

Phriz: “Wow. He seemed like a nice guy when I saw him. Doesn’t he trust you?”

Judith: “He does, but he can be overprotective sometimes. Just start the car and let’s get out of here. Please.” She insisted.

Phriz: “Alright. As you wish.”

Her started the car again and drove off.

Meanwhile, Funke was already making breakfast for Ben, who was now having his bath. She had his t-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts on.

Funke: “Boo, the food is ready! Be fast so you don’t get late for work.” She shouted from the kitchen.

Ben: “Love, almost done!” He replied.

Funke: “Alright.”

Shortly after, he got out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped round his waste. His body bare, and hair wet. He went straight to the kitchen to meet Funke there.

Funke: “Finally. You’re out” she said.

Ben: “Yep.” He went close to her and hugged her from behind. “You know, there are many ways I can eat breakfast.”

Funke: “I know what you’re thinking. Stop, and get to work,so you don’t go late and be sanctioned.” She said, and chuckled.

Ben: “Alright. Madam, I’ve heard.” He pecked her in the neck, let go of her, and began to walk out of the kitchen. As he walked out, he said, “you know, your husband will be a lucky man.”

She looked towards him and her eyes caught his back as he walked out the kitchen. She laughed softly, and said to herself, “soon, you’ll know who that future husband would be.”


Judith’s place.

Phriz dropped Judith at her place. She was now looking much more relaxed. They had been having a conversation all through the ride. Even after Phriz parked his car in front of her house, the conversation continued;

Phriz: “You know, I don’t know much about you two. But I think he should have a little more trust on you, Judith.”

Judith: “He does trust me. Just that I don’t want to take chances. I want to have a balanced relationship life. I don’t want him to start misunderstanding things.”

Phriz: “So, you just want to keep last night a secret from him?”

Judith: “Hmmmm… Not really. I’ll just tell him I had a fun night, and that it would have been even more fun for me if he was there. That’s all. It summarizes everything.”

Phriz: “Really, Judith? Did you really want him to come with you in the first place?”

Judith: “At first, I didn’t. But for a moment at the club last night,I sincerely wished he was there. I probably wouldn’t have gotten that drunk.”

Phriz: “For real? He has never seen you drunk?”

Judith: “No one, until last night, had ever seen me drunk. More reason why he shouldn’t know yet about last night.”

Phriz: “Oh… cool. I understand.”

Judith: “You drove me. You didn’t get drunk, did you?”

Phriz: “Oh… uhm, no… I don’t drink too much. I get to my limit, and then stop.”

Judith: “Really, how gentle for a rapper.” She smiled at him.

“Aahh… Yeah, rappers should be wild. Yes. But I’m a wild rapper only on screen. Just for the act. That’s not my life. I have a personal reputation to keep. Not many would want to talk about the guy who’s been self righteous on screen. Besides, I do not totally lost myself during my act. I just pick on roles that I am okay with. It’s why I don’t use curses in my rap, or use half naked women to sell my videos. Of course, they say sex sells, but I want my art to sell, not some stuff that I think dehumanizes women and reduce them to symbols of sex. No. I’m a moral guy. And I stick to that. It doesn’t stop me from being a great rapper, does it?”

Judith was staring at him in admiration as he spoke. She was touched by how much he upheld virtue in a world where virtue shouldn’t even be mentioned — world of mainstream entertainment.

Judith: “You already are a great rapper, Lawal. You’re a great guy. I admire that. I wish all rappers would be like you.”

Phriz: “I’m doing my best to raise them. See, I decided to sign you for two reasons. First was because of your voice. Second was because of the dress you wore that night. It was sexy and moral at the same time. I could tell you weren’t like the others.”

Judith: “Awww. Thank you. So you are a feminist?”

Phriz: “Oh, na… The crappy argument about gender equality? Heh, I don’t support that. I’m just a guy who wants justice, and people to respond to their duties. Men be men, and women be women. If this happens, the world be better.”

Judith: “You know, I would like us to talk more about you. You seem to be a very interesting person. Are you free for lunch later this afternoon?”

Phriz: “Oh, yeah. Sure. I’m down for a talk. But, it would be share for share.” He raised his brows to make funny gesture.

Judith laughed.

Judith: “Sure. Thanks, Lawal. Have a great day. I’ll call you.” She opened the door of the vehicle and began to approach the gate of her compound.

Phriz: “Judith!” Phriz called out.

She turned to answer, and then saw him raising her bag.

Phriz: “I think you forgot something.”

Judith: “Oh… thanks!” She went back to collect them.

Phriz: “See you later Judith.” Phriz drove off.

It was now about seven that Tuesday morning. Judith went into her house, and plugged her phones to charge them. Shortly after, there was power outage. She took off her cloths and headed straight to the shower, and thoughts began to run through her head. She did notice the way Phriz looked at her acted towards her. She suspected he had plans to make passes at her. So, she wanted a date to know more about him and his plans for her. If he asked her out, she would turn down his proposal and end the contract. But as long as he doesn’t, their contract still stood. That was her plan. But while she was thinking all that to save her relationship, Ben was already driving Funke back to her campus after the night he spent with her.

Question: Do you think Judith is thinking in the right direction?

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  1. Judith is not actually in the right direction and if she finds out about ben she’s gonna be really mad at him and herself 4 maybe turning down phriz’s proposal.

  2. Judith is such a darling, yes Judith is thinking on a right decision but Ben does not deserve her am really sorry for him cos he is going to regret it

  3. Sure, Judith is jus being faithful wen she didn’t know kind of a guy she is into. I wish her well sha n pray it won’t b too late b4 she realises d real Ben.

  4. Sex sex sex amaka you too like fucking and sexing nawah for you untill you die i no that lekan and Sam no they tire fuck her until she fat and carry virus ,no die you cheater with no spirit

  5. Hmmmmmm….. She may make a wrong decision as someone unknown to her out there is planning to end her relationship with her guy and the guy has been unfaithful behind her back while she keeps faithful. So sad.

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