If we don’t stand up to fight poverty, it will consume us all – Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze is shifting focus from the controversial topic of ‘tithing’ to focus on wealth creation and poverty eradiction which he says will consume us all, If we don’t stand up to fight it.

He writes;

We need to pool parts of our incomes together NOW and start building FREE schools, FREE hospitals and FREE housing estates for the poor amongst us!

The church has failed us…..but we cannot fail one another. We entrusted our money into their hands and they built huge edifices, bought jets, luxury cars, built schools that their poor congregations cant afford to attend etc!

Or how do you explain the senior pastor of a church who sent his wife abroad for cancer treatment, telling his congreagation to give faith offering and pray anytime they fall ill? I read somewhere that we have 18 radiotherapy machines in Nigeria out of which only 11 are functional. Guess what, in America they have 75 of these same machines for DOGS!

According to www.worldpoverty.io, Nigeria’s population in extreme poverty is rising by 5.7 people per minute and that in DRC by 3.6 people per minute. The rest of Africa is reducing poverty by 4.7 people per minute.

According to statistics, poverty is reducing in Africa, but increasing in Nigeria, despite 23,000 registered Churches, with one particular church having over 34,000 branches nationwide, and they are telling us that wealth is created through tithing??

The tithing of the last 2 decades has created wealth only for selfish preachers, while the rest of us have been impoverished!

The situation in Nigeria is such that in February next year it will overtake India as having the most people living in extreme poverty in the world, at 82m, the clock predicts. This would probably upgrade us to the country with the most Christians living in extreme poverty.


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  1. True prophets are unconventional and initially hated by their people. Daddy Freeze is being castigated now for criticizing “Men of God” who bleeds their congregants of their hard earned money for their flamboyant gains. Idolatry is being committed in their names as people now worship their photos and chairs they sat on. The correlation between piety, integrity and honesty on one hand and the growth of churches on the other hand are inversely proportionate. The only thing growing with the churches are the wealths of the pastors! Nigerians, you cannot but your way to heaven!

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