Late Night Fun Story – My Blessed soft feminine curves (Final Part 4)

Late Night Fun Story - My Blessed soft feminine curves (Final Part 4)

Michelle: “I’ve been wondering how big your cock is. I wonder what your favorite sexual position is…mission- ary, doggie-style, or something else? I wonder if you like to suck tits, which is one of my favorite things, or you’re at least the kind of guy who likes to do whatever turns his woman on? I’ve been wondering if you like anal.”

Kelechi: Hol’on.. are you and your friend, Eno trying to set me up? It’s not gonna work. Ok?

By this point Michelle pulled both straps down and freed her tits from her nightie. Her nipples were rock hard as she continues rubbing them.

Michelle: “I want to know what it feels like to have my nipples in your mouth.”

Kelechi: What has come over you Michelle? Je-s-u-ssss Christtttttttt! He screamed as Michelle proceeded to climb him

With this, Michelle proceeded to climb over into his lap & straddle him. It was obvious that Kelechi’s rock hard too, as Michelle was extremely wet.

Michelle: Kiss me KC…

KC finally succumbed as the seduction was extreme. He kissed her and Michelle could feel his JT Long and hard, and it was everything she thought it would be.

Michelle placed his hands on her tits, and he fondled them. KC then raised her tits up to his face, and took the left nipple into his mouth.

Michelle: Ooohhh Yeeeaaahhh.. I feel I’m in heaven.

KC sucked away on both her nipples, until she was practically insane with wanting him.

Michelle quickly unzipped his pants, and climbed off his lap so she could pull his pants off.

Michelle: Oh My Goddddddd… She exclaimed as she got first look at his rock hard, 8-inch, thick cock.

She was so excited, that she had to have it in her mouth. She knelt on the floor in front of him, and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. She then took as much of his JT in her as she could, and started sucking up and down the length of it, sliding her hands underneath his ass to get more leverage. It must be feeling really good to KC, because he was breathing really heavily and moaning.

Michelle:  I don’t want you to cum yet. First, I will have to have that JT inside my soaking-wet cookie. KC nodded in agreement

She climbed back on his lap, and position her cookie over his hard cock. As the head starts to penetrate, KC started to suck her tits again, which is almost more than she could take. He grabbed her ass to shove his JT the rest of the way inside.

Michelle: Ohhhhh yyyeeeaaahhh… Yeee.. this is damn too sweet. I love you KC. I can’t believe it, so I finally have your JT inside me!

The combination of grinding her cookie around his hard cock and the sensation of her nipples sucked sent her over the edge, and she cum all over his dick. It was a creamie cum. The look of that creamie cum was a huge turn-on for KC.

KC lifted her off his lap, positioned her over the back of the couch. He stood behind her, while holding the head of his JT pressing against her asshole. He pushed his cock partway into her tight hole, drew back, then suddenly slammed his JT all the way into her ass. Michelle let out a hurt sound, KC was really turned on too. You can easily tell how hard and fast he was thrusting his JT into her.

Michelle: Yes KC! Pound my ass! Pound it!!! Pound it for all its’ worth. Pounnnnnnddddd itttttttt… yeeeee! She cried out tears.. it was tears of JOY. Michelle couldn’t hold the joy seeing herself achieving her goal.

KC grabbed her hair, pulled her head back, slammed his JT in hard and shot his loads all the way up in her ass.

At this time, Eno woke up and discovered what went on. She saw both Michelle and KC lying on each other trying to catch some breaths. She burst into tears. And went back into the room. She regretted sleeping with her best friend’s hubby, James. That was the end of their true friendship. Michelle left that night, happy she got what she wanted as she and James were no more.

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  1. Michelle got what she wanted but I dont think Eno will b separate wit Kelech cus she understood d message passed across in it.

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