Late Night Fun Story – My Blessed soft feminine curves (Part 3)

Late Night Fun Story - My Blessed soft feminine curves (Part 3)

I’ve been left feeling so ashamed and embarrassed. It was a confusing, emotional and destructive time in my life, to say the least. Probably the most haunting aspect of the affair I had was how it ended. Michelle caught us red-handed!

Michelle: Why would you do that to me? I take you as my best friend. Ohhh gush!

Me: I’m sorry Michelle. It wasn’t what you think. I can explain myself

Michelle: Explain what? You whore! Ashaaaa-wwwooooo!!! Michelle clapped her two hands, singing “ashawo” songs and all sorts to disgrace me.

Michelle: Why would you do that to me? I see you as my best friend

Me: I’m sorry Michelle. I was horny, that’s all! I’m sorry I slept with James. Besides, he told me, you guys were not in true love and were not that intimate anymore.

Michelle: Just listen to yourself. Imagine what you just uttered from that gutter mouth of yours. Choiii… Tukfiakpaaaa.. She spat on my face.

I’m pretty sure I’ve lost her friendship forever and I have no idea how to deal with this crushing guilt and regret. Michelle ended the conversation, chased me out of her house, telling me how much she hated me and couldn’t think of another person in the whole world that she despised more than me. She was sick to her stomach. I didn’t blame her though.

Michelle vowed to leave James, told me she had divorce papers ready to go. But I could tell she still loved him. I could tell she didn’t want to leave him.

Couple weeks later, my life changed for the better after that night. I cut the cord. What was once in the dark was now in a fluorescent spotlight. Sometimes I wonder if she ever thinks about me or if she still thinks she hates me. I picked up my phone and dialed her number:

Me: Hi Michelle

Michelle: Hi

Me: Eerrrmm… How are you?

Michelle: Good! How about yourself?

Me: Very well. Thanks for asking. Actually, I called to say I was sorry about the other night. Truly sorry! Can you find a space in your heart to forgive me truly?

Call ended….

Michelle hung up on me! It still stings that I became a villain in someone’s life story. As much as I can move on, take responsibility, or as many times as I can apologize to my lover’s wife (which I did), that kind of experience lives with you and takes up residence in your soul.

I came clean. I atoned for my actions.


Me: Awww.. thanks for coming! I’m so excited to meet you again. Hope you are good

Michelle: Yes I am. It’s nice meeting you again. I’ve forgiven you from the bottom of my heart. We are friends back again.

Me: I’m truly sorry Michelle. I was embarrassed and ashamed to say it. What I did to you and your family was beyond heartbreaking. I have hurt you. I take full responsibility for hurting you and breaking our good friendship up. I am so sorry. Can I please have your forgiveness?

Michelle: You have it! Done!

Michelle and I became friends again. She called me one early morning, told me how she still appreciate our friendship and would love us coming back. The only “BUT” was that she was no longer with James. She complained James cheated on her much.

One night, Michelle came over, stayed up really late. We had all gotten high, Vodka to be precised, we had been drinking all night. I didn’t know when I fell asleep. It was Michelle and Kelechi left having continued conversations. So they were fairly loosened up. Not knowing Michelle tried to do something about her unfulfilled fantasies by sleeping with my husband, Kelechi.

Michelle went into the bedroom and changed into a black satin nightie. Nothing fancy, but it was really sexy on. She had spaghetti straps and was short, falling just a little below her ass. Kelechi liked it, and of course, she was wearing nothing underneath. Was she trying to pay me back my mistakes?

Michelle walked over to the couch, squeezed herself. Looked over at kelechi and say..

Michelle: you know, KC, I am really curious about you. I’ve been wondering what it would be like to bang you”

Kelechi couldn’t hold the drink in his mouth, he spitted out on his shirt that moment Michelle seduced him.

Kelechi: What are you talking about? I thought you were my wife’s best friend?

Michelle: Yes KC I know. I was just curious about you. Believe me, this will be one time and nothing more. I’ve been wondering what it would be like to fuck you’?

While Michelle was talking to Kelechi, she stared rubbing her tits through her nightie, and let one of the straps fell off her shoulder, which exposes quite a bit of her C-cup tits

Question: Will Kelechi fall for it? How will Eno reacts if she finds out?

Stay tuned today for Final Part 4

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  1. Indeed Karma is a bitch ,KC might fall 4 it.but wait o…does it mean dat KC is oblivious of wat happened btwn his wife nd her best frnd’ s husband

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