(Episode 13) Middle of Nowhere … A Wavy Story!

(Episode 13) Middle of Nowhere ... A Wavy Story!

Judith had driven down to her house. She was now in tears and on her bed. There, Ben drove to meet her, opened her door with the key to her place that he had. He didn’t know what to say at first. He just stood there at the entrance of the room. The only sound that could be heard was Judith sobbing.

Ben: “I’m sorry.”

There was no response at first. Judith just kept sobbing.

Ben: “Judith, I’m sorry…” He said again.

This time Judith sprang up her bed and sparked at him.

Judith: “Get out!”

It was at the top of her voice, and Ben was shocked.

Ben: “Judith, I can explain.”

Judith: “Don’t call my name! Get out! Go to the woman who left her underwear in your room!” She said, and sobbed. She was in deep emotional pain.

Ben: “What? What are you talking about?”

Judith: “Don’t even pretend! You liar and cheat!”

Ben was dumbfounded. What underwear in his room was she talking about? He thought to himself, but said nothing to her.

Judith: “And who… who was the woman that answered your phone, Ben?”

He didn’t reply.

Judith: “Why? Why Ben? I trusted you! I thought you were different! But you’re just the devil in disguise!” She said, in deep emotional pain. She sobbed once more and wiped off the tears on her face. “Get out of my house, Ben.” She said, bluntly, without any expression.

Ben: “I’m sorry. But I’m not the only one who’s been unfaithful. You are going out with that guy Phriz. You even passed the night together!” He said.

She laughed.

Judith: “Ben, nothing happened between me and Phriz. The blog, adelove.com never said anything happened. It only said we were seen walking out of the hotel together. So, do not quickly jump into conclusion.  It was my decision to leave that morning. I wanted him to drive me to your place. But I had to change my mind because I feared you may not understand. I was drunk, and he took care of me being the good man he is. Apparently, if you were him, I wouldn’t have walked out of that hotel with my dignity intact.”


Ben: “When were you planning on telling me?”

Judith : “Planning on… you… you know what? Just forget it. Ben, the blog was published this afternoon. That woman must have passed the night at your place! Oh, if I had decided to go into your house anyway, I would have met her. The blog does not give you any excuse. And your clothes smell a different perfume right now. It’s probably hers. Just go back to her.”

Ben was dumbfounded. He knew it had messed up big time. He took a deep breath, and walked out of the house.

Judith fell on her bed again, and began to cry. She later got up, went to her fridge, and brought out a bottle of red wine. Then she began to soak herself in it.

The next morning, at the bank. It was already past eight, and Ben was yet to arrive at the bank. One of his colleagues came upstairs to his table. He couldn’t find Ben, so he turned to Shola.

“Where’s Ben?”

She rolled her eyes and replied.

Shola: “I don’t know. Haven’t seen him this morning.” She said, acting unconcerned.

Colleague: “Yish… I just hope he’s okay…”

Shola: “Yea, I hope so too. I mean, he found out his girlfriend is cheating on him with her new boss. He’ll be devastated.” Shola said.

Colleague: “Cheat… No, she didn’t cheat on him. AdeLove sent a follow-up article. It was an exclusive interview with DJ Henry. He explained everything on that post. And they even went down to the hotel. There, one of the workers said he helped Phriz carry Judith to her room. And they lodged in separate rooms. The earlier post was only a random tipoff. And it would be ridiculous to say she cheated on him. The blog only said they were seen walking out of the hotel together. I seriously hope Ben hasn’t done anything stupid.” Ben’s friend said.

Suddenly, Ben appeared from the staircase. He was looking angry. He walked to his office space and sat down.

Shola looked shy. She looked away from him and casted her focus on her computer and continued doing the work she was on. She didn’t say a word to Ben.

Ben’s friend noticed the contempt written all over Ben.

Colleague: “Ben, how far? Good morning.” He said.

Ben: “I dey.” Ben gave a short reply, placing his hand on his mouth.


The other guy didn’t even bother to say another thing. He just brought out his phone from his pocket and logged on to the website, www.adelove.com. He handed it to Ben. And directed him to read.

Ben took the phone and read the post.

Colleague: “She didn’t cheat on you. Everyone just misunderstood.” The friend said.

Ben threw the phone on the table, and looked even more unease as he sat. Perhaps, he already knew. He was bothered about something entirely different. His friend did not know, but Shola knew what bothered him.

His friend then noticed the contempt Shola displayed as well. He could tell there was more to it than the eyes met. Words had gone around the office that Ben dropped Shola off the previous day…

Colleague: “Ben, we go catch later na.” He turned to leave.

Ben stood up too from his seat. Shola raised her head to look at him. Then he began to make his way towards the stairs. He passed his guy. Ben’s friend stopped and looked back at Shola. Their eyes met. She immediately looked away and place her focus back on her work. He could tell Shola was involved in Ben’s mood one way or another.

It was now about nine on the clock. Phriz was now at Judith’s place. He was there to check on her. She wasn’t picking up her phone, and he wanted to make sure that she was alright. He located her apartment. He met the door unlocked, but shut. Ben had forgotten to lock it on his way out the night before. He opened it and went inside.

Phriz: “Hello, Judith! Judith!” He called out.

No response.

Phriz: “Judith. Are you in?” He called out again.

No response still.

He walked into her room and saw her lying on the bed. She was drunk and didn’t have her clothes on except for her bra and underwear. She had her AC on and was shivering.

Phriz: “O my! Judith.” He dashed into the room, grabbed her blanket, and covered her with it.

Judith: “Ohhh… whhhhhyyyy?” She breathed out softly.

Phriz: “You’re hurting yourself, Judith. What happened again?” Phriz asked.

Judith: “Pass. Me. That. Bottle. Please.” She said, looking dazed.

Phriz: “No. You need to rest.”

Judith: “Just pass me the bot-tle.” She said again, in a very weak tone.

Phriz hesitated. He stood up and wanted to move to her kitchen to see if he could boil water to massage her, as her skin was cold. As he stood up, she reached for the bottle herself. He rushed to where she was to stop her from drinking from it. But then, the bottle turned and the red wine poured on him, staining his trousers from his zipper down.

Phriz: “Shit!” He said.

He unzipped, and pulled down his trousers.

Judith stood up from the bed with the intention of going to the bathroom. She staggered and was about to fall, but was caught by Phriz. He held her to his body, their eyes met.

Suddenly, Ben appeared in the room. Seeing Phriz without his trousers and Judith having just underpants and bra on, he got pissed thinking they had done something. Judith saw him.

Judith: “Ben?” She said, softly.

Phriz looked behind him and saw Ben.

Ben walked to the kitchen, took a knife and went back straight to the room.

Question: Is Phriz safe? Hope you won’t be mad if Ben killed Phriz in next episode?  How will Judith defend herself in this situation? Hmmm… Gbese nla reeee ooo! 

Stay tuned for Episode 14 (You Don’t Wanna Miss This!)… Adelove Stories… Premier Naija Inspirational Blog!

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  1. Adelove, don’t even sweat it. If anything happened to Phriz.. just note it that i won’t read your story again. LOL.. Nexxxttt ooo. I can’t wait for next episode. This story is killing me Hahahaha

  2. Ben you are a mad man..you have three different women with you but this wonderful girl has been faithful to you all the while,you better don’t do any rubbish or else you will regret your action.stupid man..

    Adelove,please you ate taken too much time on posting this story I wonder why?.please be more concern about your fans,you are toiling with our emotions here.please post on time..thank you.

  3. Why is it that it is only women that are always at receiving end,she doesn’t owe anybody any explanation, it is her body…who did Ben explains her fidelity to?…at least he has been cheating all this while with everything under skirt,he can eat his cake &have it…l know Sola has something in store for him…Useless man…Ben,want to blame an innocent man for his own misfortune.. Bunch of rubbish

    Phriz,will not die…

  4. Adelove Priz must not die ooo, I reemphasize PRIZ/LAWAL MUST NOT DIE OOOOOOOO….. If he does, na me and you lolz….. If there is any person that deserve to die is Ben.

  5. Adelove, do you post one story a you? you’ve changed o. Anyway Phriz should not die o, he doesn’t deserves to die rather Ben should be disgrace.

  6. Adelove no try am o, Phriz is not save by shouldn’t die or injured o. As 4 Ben, e dey craze. Judith should stay in front of Phriz n explain to Ben, inshort, she should walk him.

  7. Hmmmm, nawa ooo how I wish adelove fans could get hold of Ben now, lol
    But why will Ben enter at DAT particular time meanwhile Judith owes him no explanation.
    Adelove, next pls

  8. Adelove,since two days ago,I have been waiting for other episodes of this story,what is going on.any problem?. Kindly post in for God’s sake.

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