(Final Part 2) Art of Seduction – Late Night Fun Story

(Final Part 2) Art of Seduction - Late Night Fun Story

He was not shaved or maintained down there. I covered up back his shorts.

Me: You need be thinking about some clean up if you wants a girl going down on you.

Jackie couldn’t say much. He was ready for action. My  clothes were soaked with sweat. I had taken my bra off as it was uncomfortable. My nipples were poking through my sweat soaked top. My panties were wet with desire. It was wet from the hot oil that flowed-out from deep within my cookie. I couldn’t wait to get Jackie and bang ourselves.

Jackie could not take his eyes off my breast.  I saw that he had a powerful erection. Well, he just mentioned he hasn’t had sex for couple months.  I walked over to him. I pushed him back on the couch and laid my body on top of his. He tried pushing me off for a better position,

Me: Don’t reject me. Let me give myself to you. I said, in a very low voice

Jackie: Absolutely sweetheart. I wasn’t pushing youYou are epitome of beauty. I’m gonna give it to you just as you like it.

I kissed him. It was a long passionate kiss. He returned my kiss. Our tongue dances together as we kissed. Then I looked at him and said,

Me: “I want you to enjoy the gift of my sexuality. Take from me what you need.”

Jackie: Ohh yeeah.. that’s my babe

I stood up and slowly began to undress. I took off my tight shorts. His eyes caressed my 36 C cup size-breast. My nipple were at attention as his eyes ranked them in. I stood before him and let him enjoy the sight of my sweet body. Then I slipped my shorts off. His eyes went directly to my panties. He looked at the wet crotch of my panties. I was so wet that I felt a drop of wetness, rolling down inside of my thigh.

Me: Come here Jackie. i summoned courage. I was super-turned on. Couldn’t wait anymore

I walked right up to him. I allowed him to watch my wetness rolling down my thighs. I allowed his eyes to roam all over my nakedness. Then, I took off my panties.

Me: Keep this! They are yours now! I handed my sopping wet panties to him

Jackie groaned in response to my offering. He held my wet panties up to his nose as his eyes fell to my cookie. My labia lips were swollen with desire, the clit was also erect and it was sticking out from under it’s tiny hood.

I grabbed his hand and lead him to the bedroom. I sat on the bed

Me: Take off your dress Jackie. I ordered him.

Jackie: oh yeah! He nodded in agreement

Jackie  eyes never left my naked body as he undress. I was sweating. It was hot. I felt a rivulet of sweat running down from under my arms. My back was covered in sweat.

When he took off his shorts, he JT stood straight up. He was as hard as a light pole.

Me: walk towards me. I said as he obeyed.  I said.

I held his cock in my hand. I knelt before him. I began to suck his hard JT.  I swirled my tongue around the head of his JT. Then, I took him in my mouth. I sucked him slow and easy. I slid my hand slowly up and down his JT as I sucked him into my mouth.

Jackie: Ooooohh Yyyyeeaahh. He moaned out slowly

I felt that he was about to ejaculate. I didn’t want him to reach orgasm until after we had intercourse. So I backed-off just before he came.

I laid back on the bed and opened my legs. I started touching myself to increase the sex drive. I was on the verge of orgasm and I needed to cum. I allowed him to watch me as I plunged my fingers deep into my cookie. I dragged my wetness up to my enraged clit and I rubbed my clit fast. I knew that I would achieve orgasm quickly.

I moaned as I used my fingers on myself. Then, as he sat mere inches from me, I brought myself to orgasm. I laid there trying to catch my breath. My orgasm was very intense.

Jackie grabbed my body,  first sucked my nipples. His tongue was very gentle. He didn’t rush. He wasn’t in a hurry. He sucked each nipple slowly and delicately. Then his tongue eased it’s way down to my pubic hairs. He rubbed his nose in my cookie hair. He inhaled the earthy scent of my sexual arousal. Then, he gently sucked my clit into his mouth. He let his tongue dance with my clit.

Me: You are very gentle, soft and slow…. you are very gentle, soft and slow. I said repeatedly as i couldn’t control the urge

Jackie.. Ummmmm… Ummmm… Ummmm.. he moaned

He slid his fingers deep into my cookie as he gently swirled my clit around with his tongue. It felt so wonderful! I was moaning and groaning as he pleasured me with his tongue and fingers.

Soon, I was on the verge of orgasm. I could tell that he knew that. Twice he backed-off before I came. Then, when I was about to go insane from the erotic pleasure he was giving me, he brought me to orgasm with his tongue. I came HARD!!! I gushed my cum as my orgasm exploded within me.

It was time for him to have the very essence of my womanhood. I knew that he desperately needed to cum. He started to get on top of me.  He JT was semi-erect. I sucked him until he had a solid erection. Then I straddled him. I slowly slid his hard JT into my cookie. With me on top of him, I began to make love to this wonderful man.

I was very wet. My cookie was slick with my wetness. Intercourse with me is always very sloppy because I get so wet. My cookie literally turns into “Niagara Falls” when I am very aroused. But he loved my abundant wetness.

My heart filled with joy as we made love together. I relaxed as I became use to his large erection. I knew I was about to achieve orgasm. I wanted to wait until he came too. I wanted us to come together. But suddenly, I burst into orgasm. I could feel myself gushing my wetness all over him. I knew he could feel my cookie’s orgasmically contracting around his hard dick.

I had to stop. My orgasm had taken my breath away. Sweat dripped from my forehead onto him. I was sweating so much that I looked like I just stepped out of the shower. The natural scent of my sweat and womanhood was unmistakable.

He reach up and wiped the sweat from my face. I smiled down at him. After I caught my breath, I began to fucking him. I had taken this to the next level. I was no longing make love to this man…I was fucking him as hard as I could.

I began pounding myself against him as hard as I could. He had his hands on my buttocks, guiding me up and down. I knew he was getting close to orgasm. I knew that he would cum if I keep this up.

Then, like a professional wrestler, he rolled me over onto my back and began pounding himself against me. He was on the home stretch. Then, unable to stop myself, I burst into another orgasm! I came fast and hard. Just as I reached the peak of my orgasm, he groaned. He knew that I had achieved another orgasm.

Then, as my orgasm began to subside, he plunged his JT deep inside my cookie and he came! I felt his cock pulsating as he ejaculated deep inside my cookie.

We laid there for awhile just trying to breath. He was wet from me. My sweat. My cookie wetness. His own cum. The bed was soaked from our love making. Then, I got up and left the room. When I came back, I handed over two cans of Mountain Dew to him while i was enjoying my own portion.

I banged him 2 more times over the next month and had to move out with all the drama after being in the apartment for only 6 months. But that first time with him was still worth talking about.


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  1. Thanks Adelove for your stories but like Lewis said, my daughter is 9yrs and she enjoys reading your stories but these days, I always make sure she doesn’t have access to it. Please, maybe you should code those raw words.

  2. A woman doesnt achieve orgasm dat easily n countlessly,some women have neva evn experienced orgasm. Be more realistic and do ur research well.. am no longer too impressed with ur crew,i knw u think sex sells but think again

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