(Part 1) Art of Seduction – Late Night Fun Story

(Part 1) Art of Seduction - Late Night Fun Story

I swear with my last breath not to let my slutty side be seen to my neighbors anymore as a rule simply because I did that once and that guy, Jackie went nuts on me, to the point I ended up moving out of my apartment in Ikoyi just to avoid him.

Jackie would expect to bang me anytime, knock on my door late in the night hoping to come in, bang and would get jealous about me spending nights with other guys. However, this is the true story of the first time we banged and how I seduced him.

My name is Christie, I am Daddy’s girl. Jackie, 6 foot tall was about 35 years old when I moved into the Ikoyi apartment next to him. I was 28 at the time. Our balconies at the back were next to each other and one could easily see the other person hanging around in the balcony. The balcony was also where the afternoon sun was at its best.

Jackie was a great looking hot guy. I saw him the very first day I moved into the apartment and some of my girlfriends’ teased me I had my fuck toy living next door.

Friend 1: Oh myyyy.. this guy is hot !

Me: Huuhh? I see that

Friend 2: OMG. i love him already

Me: Back off Jelilah. i fired at her with smiles

We all laughed about it as I agreed and told them I plan to taste my neighbor soon. My girlfriends  knew how slutty I was and so were they. They even asked me to share the happiness around once I was done.

To get my plan started, I would knock on Jackie’s door wearing my tight really small shorts and sports bikini often in the first week asking for help with stuff.

Knock! Knock! Jackie opened

Me: Hi

Jackie: Hey!

Me: How are you?

Jackie: I’m fine. How about you? And how can i help?

Me: i’m pretty fine Jackie. I was actually thinking if you could assist with an iphone charger. The light brought earlier today spoilt mine

Jackie: ok. Why not?

I made up help, but enough to have him stare at my small, tight young body. Jackie would also willingly help me on other things as he would get to see me this way often. From helping me move stuff, put pictures on the wall, doing shopping at “The Game”,  watching my thong ‘accidentally’ left in the bedroom floor while he helped move the dresser, I did everything to tease him. He had no girlfriend so he obviously was paying extra attention to me.

One day,  I was only in my towel when I knocked at his door asking him to come over and take a look at my sink as it was dripping water. I stayed in my small towel that showed a lot of my legs and the occasional peak up the towel to show my naked bottom while he worked on the sink.

He asked if I was a runner and I said yes. He said he was looking for a partner and was wondering if I would run with him. I agreed knowing after a sweaty run, one day I am going to make him go down on me. After a week we planned our first morning run. I wore my tight running shorts and sports bikini and nothing under that, we did our first jogging along Adeola Odeku Street for about 45minutes. Jackie had a tight running t-shirt and shorts on, but it was not small enough for me to see his bulge easily.

It was 5:30AM when we stepped out for a run. 2 km after,  we were back at the apartment and I asked:

Me: You care for some quick energy drink?

Jackie: Why not? Sure i do. He showed interest

Me: Why not common in.. and join me

Jackie: Absolutely. He replied

He stepped in with me and sat at the bar stool in the kitchen as I poured both of us a drink. I further asked:

Me: So tell me, why don’t you have a girlfriend? Afterall, you are a cute guy, handsome and tall. What else does a lady want?

Jackie wasn’t too straight forward to answer my queries, he seemed shy. He later started getting easy and free with me and we started talking some crazy stuff too. So to get him all excited I asked

Me: When was the last time you saw a cookie?

Jackie: You mean as in “Okin Biscuit cookie”?

Me: No … it’s Eiye Adaba Biscuit … not Okin Biscuit. We burst into laughter. He finally replied:

Jackie:  it has been a few months.

I walked across to him, pulled my shorts down from the front to show him my cookie.

I kept the shorts pulled down long enough and then pulled the front back

Me: Now, you cannot say it has been months since you saw a cookie.

Jackie swallowed spit. He was speechless a little

Jackie: Ok tell me, when was the last time you saw a…

Me: Last weekend

Before he could finish his statement, i answered him ahead.  I knew Jackie was feeling the raw sexual energy I was exuding. He got a little bold and came closer:

Jackie: What’s goood Christie. You are a such a damsel.

He then got bolder and stepped close to me trying to kiss me. I pushed him back in the bar stool and told him no.

Me: Do not kiss me just like that.

He was not sure why I was saying no after showing him my cookie.

Me: Is the Mr guy any god before i let you bang you?

Jackie: What do you mean?

Me: I mean i need to see your JT first, i can decide if it was good enough to bang me.

Jackie knew where this was going. He stood up, pulled his shorts and boxer down and there stood a nice long 7 inch JT.

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  1. OMG! Adelove, you don’t do it like that. Please stop cutting off episodes like that. i want the real action biko hahahaha

    • @Lewis Egim, people like you go dey bang your housemaid ‘cookie’ for back. Come here to dey form good man. Mtccchheewww … next jooor adelove

  2. This is why Nigeria is still behind. What’s wrong with this story abeg? Shoot us another one joor #AdelovelatenightfunStory

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