(Episode 15) Middle of Nowhere … A Wavy Story!

(Episode 15) Middle of Nowhere ... A Wavy Story!

The news of the accident went round Lagos. Ben was still at his place. Funke was on her way to his place to tell him about the pregnancy test and result. But he wasn’t expecting her. He didn’t know of her whereabouts, and wasn’t concerned about it until a colleague of his from the office, who knew about his affairs with Funke broke the news to him that the UNILAG Students that died during the accident were Funke and her friend, Ada. Ben was broken.

Colleague: Ben!

Ben: Yes Kunle? how na?

Colleague: Na here you dey? You never hear?

Ben: Say wetin happen? Gist me abeg

Colleague: You no hear say the accident wey happened yesterday were the Unilag chics, Funke and Ada

Ben: Which accident kunle? Which accident? Ben was shivering

Colleague: Last night na. They both died

Ben: Yeeeeee!

Ben fainted. It took him another week to move on with Funke’s death. During that period, he traced himself back to his Christian ways. He began to seek consolation from God, and with the help of the priest in his local parish, he could bounce back and move on with his life. He promised himself he was never going back to his old ways. The pain had become too much on him. First, he had lost his relationship with Judith, then he got suspended from the office, and finally losing a friend in the space of three weeks. But he was mostly affected by the fact that his relationship with Judith had hit the rock.

Meanwhile, during the period of Ben’s suspension, Shola had been transferred to another branch of their bank, and she had been replaced with another person. The manager had done this after he got to know that Shola was one of the reasons Ben and Judith had broken up, so in order to see that Ben was able to concentrate on resuming work, Shola had to go. Firing her as not an option because her parents owned a large proportion of the share of the bank. So, he talked her into agreeing on the transfer, which she obliged.

Two weeks after his resumption at the office, he began to go on dates with Tracy. At first, Tracy was only trying to offer him friendly support for all that happened to him. With time, they began to get fond of each once more. Their old feelings were rekindled. During one of their dates, Ben summoned courage to ask her out again.

Ben: “You are a good friend, Tracy.” He said, staring into her eyes and smiling.

Tracy: “Thank you.” She replied, and smiled back right at him.

He exhaled.

Ben: “I’m sorry I ran away. I really wish I can ever make it up to you again.”

Tracy: “You don’t have to Ben, it’s all in the past. Life always goes on.” She said, placing her hands over his on the table.

Ben smiled. Then he stared into her eyes.

Ben: “I don’t know if I’m worth it, but… I’ve been thinking… Can we think we can ever get back together, Tracy?”

Tracy was shocked to hear his question. She withdrew her hands from his and placed them on her lap, now feeling unease.

Ben: “Tracy, I know I’ve done bad things. I know I’ve been a liar and a cheat. But it’s all in the past now. I’m a changed man. I promise I will not hurt you, Tracy…” Ben said, looking remorseful in his first attempt to win Tracy over. He was being since at the moment. He was now a changed man, and he wanted to start all over again with Tracy.

Tracy: “Ben… I wish we could… but…” She said, and paused.

Ben: “What, Tracy? I promise by my life, I will not…” Ben cut in.

Tracy: “…I’m getting married, Ben.” She said before he could finish his sentence.

They both stared at each other for a while.

Ben: “How come you didn’t tell me?” Ben broke the silence.

Tracy: “I was going to, then all these vicissitudes hit you. I didn’t think it would be appropriate.”

Ben: “But you’re not putting any rings on?”

Tracy: “I just don’t like putting on rings. You know that, Ben.”

Ben sighed. All his world was lost. Funke was dead, Judith was gone, and Tracy was getting married. All of his world had fallen apart. He didn’t know what to say.

Tracy: “You’re a good guy, Ben. I’ve always known that. I never hated you for sleeping with my best friend. It was her fault. I knew the man you were. I don’t know what eventually came over you. But I’m glad it’s all over now. I do hope you have the strength to stay this way. You’re a great guy, and a woman that matches you well will come your way.”

Ben: “…that was Judith… and I broke her heart.”

Tracy: “And you’re sorry. Ben, it’s never over until it’s over. Honestly, I still have feelings for you. But my loyalty lies with the man I am engaged to.”

They talked that evening. They shared each other’s pain and secrets. And once again, they were best friends. And for a moment, it looked like something was going to happen between them. It could have been possible for Tracy to call off her engagement, but she wouldn’t. She was a woman who treasured loyalty above everything else in her relationship.

Question: Can you guess what will end this Interesting story on Judith, Phriz, Ben and Tracy?

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  1. I think Phriz is 4 Tracy while at d end Judith will go 4 Ben. Feel pit mostly 4 Ada, allowing her life to b lost wit Funke’s ways.

  2. I think Phriz is 4 Tracy while at d end Judith will go 4 Ben. Feel pitied mostly 4 Ada, allowing her life to b lost wit Funke’s ways.

  3. Judith is for Phriz while Tracy is for Ben, I think Tracy is lying about her relationship to Ben for her to know if genuinely Ben has changed

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