(Final Episode 16) Middle of Nowhere … A Wavy Story!

(Final Episode 16) Middle of Nowhere ... A Wavy Story!

As all seemed to be falling for Ben, Judith and Phriz seemed to be building on to something. Life was fair to them, and love had begun to shine it’s light on them both. It was now two months after Phriz saved Judith’s life, and since Judith and Ben parted ways.

Judith seemed to have gotten over Ben. She was already spending more time with Phriz. But Phriz wanted the relationship to go slow between them. He delayed starting a relationship with Judith. First, because he wanted to give her time to get over her experience with Ben. Also because he did not want to make it look like he was taking advantage of her. He was a morally upright man, but he knew a lot about winning a woman’s heart, and just rushing into things, he thought, may be quite dangerous.

On that faithful day, Judith’s mother visited Judith at her boutique in Lagos. She told him about Lawal and how he has been a good friend, and from the way she talked to her mother, she was falling in love. He sounded her type.

Judith’s Mom: “From the way you describe him, Judy, it seems you’ve finally found yourself what you always wanted.” Judith’s mom said.

Judith: “Mommy, perhaps. But don’t be too quick to judge. I loved Ben, and I thought he was going to love and cherish me. I thought he was going to be loyal to our friendship. But he wasn’t. I cannot just run into another one, mom. Not again.”

Judith’s Mom: “Oh, my dear. Not again. But you see, a good man is a good man. How many times has Lawal had his chance to defile your body and chosen to help instead? Sometimes, the best of men are those that are best of friends to a woman. They truly love and respect. Now this Lawal sounds like a special man. Ben was just a player, and you shouldn’t let him block your way in the future. You should move on, my dear. Don’t let the past hold you back. You should learn from it, but do not let it stop you from living and loving.”

Judith: “Thanks Mom, I understand. But…”

Judith’s Mom: “But what, my daughter? Do you want to make the same mistake I did? I stopped trusting men because of what one of them did to me, and I almost made you hate them and destroyed your love life. I knew your father for five years, Judy! I thought he was a good man, but he betrayed me. I have forgiven him, though. Wherever he is. I have forgiven him. I don’t hate him, because no matter what, part of you is him. And I don’t regret ever having him. You found Benjamin. Yes, he wasn’t the man you thought he is. Now this is Lawal. If you really love him, then go with your heart. And I would really love to see this young man.”

Judith: “Oh, about seeing him. It’s a coincidence. Lawal is on his way here with his dad. He’s showing his dad round town, and said he will drop by here.”

As she was still talking, a call came in. It was from Phriz. She answered the phone.


Judith: “Heeey, eL. How are you?” She said in a friendly tone.

Phriz: “I’m fine, Ju. And how are you?” Phriz replied.

Judith: “I’m okay. Just having a chat with my mom.”

Phriz: “Oh, really!? Your mom’s there?”

Judith: “Yeah, she is. And she will be so happy to see you. Told her a lot about you already.”

Phriz: “Cool, I can’t wait to see her too. She’s a Superwoman, you know. I’m actually driving down to your boutique with my dad. He would like to see you too.”

Judith: “Wow! I’ll be waiting. Be safe, dear.”

Phriz: “Oh, I will. For your sake. See you soon.”

They ended the call.

Judith continued to have a chat with her mom in excitement, and shortly after, Phriz arrived at the boutique with his dad. Judith went out to welcome them both in, while Judith’s mom stayed back in Judith’s office. On seeing Judith, Phriz’s father’s memory was struck. She greeted him. He responded. She gave Phriz a hug.

Phriz Dad: “My girl, how are you?” Phriz’s dad spoke in a Yankee accent.

Judith: “I’m fine, sir.” Judith responded with a chuckle.

Phriz Dad: “I can see that. I’m impressed by you. My son tells me you built this big business on your own. You really are an amazing young lady.”

Judith: “Thank you sir, it’s all been God.”

Phriz Dad: “And, your face looks quite familiar. I cannot really recall who I know that you look like, but I know there’s a striking resemblance with somebody that I know.”

Judith: “Oh. I don’t know if I know the person you’re talking about, sir. But, I get most of my looks from my mom.”

Phriz Dad: “Really!? I hear she’s here.”

Judith: “Yes, sir. She’s in my office.”

Phriz Dad: “Okay. Take me to her. I’ll like to see the mother of this amazing young woman.”

Judith: “Okay, sir. Just follow me. I’ll lead you to my office.” She said and took Lawal’s hand they both walked side by side and playfully, with Lawal’s father following them closely behind.


They got to the office and just as Lawal’s dad and Judith’s mom saw each other, they were in dead shock.

Phriz Dad: “Agatha!?” Phriz’s dad called out, in shock.

Judith Mom: “Bright…” Judith’s mom said, but in a low tone.

There was silence in the room briefly. But Phriz broke the silence.

Phriz: “You know each other?” Phriz asked.

Phriz Dad: “Agatha, is this your daughter?” Bright asked.

Judith Mom: “Yes… Bright. She is your brother’s daughter. She is Femi’s child.”

The room fell into silence. Judith and Phriz stared at each other for a moment, not know what to say.

Judith: “Mom, I don’t understand. What are you saying?” Judith asked her mom, looking shocked.

Judith Mom: “Judith. This is Bright. Your father’s elder brother. He’s your uncle.” Agatha said to her daughter, still staring at Bright, whose mouth was agape.

Judith and Phriz were cousins. The family took care of the shock, and they soon settled things out. Frank asked Agatha for forgiveness, and he was glad to be introduced to his daughter, Judith, for the first time.

Judith felt she loses everything. She lost Ben over infidelity, she lost Phriz over being the first cousin.

Judith: My life is in shamble.

Phriz: How Sweetheart?

Judith: You can easily tell. I lost Ben and now i’m loosing you for being my first cousin. Infact, i’m in the MIDDLE of NOWHERE. My life is really wavy. I cannot think straight right now.

Lawal and Judith in no time, though hurt, got over their feelings for each other. They continued as very good friends. When Judith’s voice became much better, she was ready to record the song, and it wasn’t going to be a contract. She became a lifelong member of the Red Studio crew.

On one Saturday, Ben and Judith met at a mall. Judith was first to see him. So, she approached him.

Judith: “Ben!?” She said.

Ben turned and saw Judith. He was surprised.

Ben: “Ju…judith!? Judith how are you doing?”

Judith: “I’m okay, Ben. How have you been?”

Ben: “I’ve been… fine. I’ve been fine.”

There was silence in their midst. Judith just kept smiling. Ben was still putting on a shocking look on his face.

Ben: “I don’t know if this is a good time and place to say this, but, Judith. I’m sorry for all that I did to you. I’m. So. Sorry. If there ever is a way I can show how sorry I am.”

Judith: “No, don’t worry, Ben. It’s okay. I just saw you from across the hall, and I thought it would be cool to come say Hi.”

Ben: “Wow. Thoughtful of you. Because honestly,if I had seen you first, I would have ran away.” Ben said, charmingly.

Judith giggled, and said.

Judith: “Runaway Ben. You always run away Ben. But you’re a good man. You made your mistakes. And, I just hope you have gotten it right.”

Ben: “Judith. I have gotten it right. I know I screwed up. Two times, true love was shown to me. And I blew it off. Twice. That’s enough to teach a man a lesson.” Ben said solemnly.

Judith: “I’m glad you’ve learned. See you later, Ben.”

Ben: “See you later, Judith.”

Judith left Ben standing there.

Later that day, Ben summoned courage to call Judith. She hadn’t changed her number. Ben had it all that while. He didn’t delete it from his phone. He dialed the number. And hoped that she would answer.

Judith: “Hello, Ben.” Judith answered.

Ben: “Hi. Judith. You know it’s me. You still have my number?”

Judith: “Oh, no I actually changed my phone and I don’t have your number on this one. I just could recall your number.”

Ben: “Oh…” Ben became short of words. He exhaled and continued, “Judith. I know, it’s going to be big thing to ask of you. But I’m just going to ask it anyway. Let’s hang out sometime. And let’s talk about everything.”

Judith: “Ben, you know what’s special about you? You’re smart, you know what you want, and you go for it. Somehow, you always seem to get it. But not this time, Ben. Goodnight.” She said, and immediately hung up the phone.

Ben just wanted to talk, and he wanted her to know he was truly sorry and was a changed man. He was broken when Judith turned his date down, and he was scared she may never answer his call again.

Judith told Lawal about Ben. He advised her to agree on the date, and hear him out. Lawal had seen a number of young men who were genuinely sorry for cheating on their partners, and he knew for sure that it was possible for Ben to be a changed man as well. Judith also told her mom, who gave her a sermon about forgiveness and redemption. With words of advice from the people she trusted the most, Judith called Ben and fixed a date with him.

First, they reconciled. Then they went on a few dates. And old feelings began to creep back in. Then, one night, Ben paid Judith a surprise visit at her place. She welcomed him, and they ate and danced to a slow song. Ben pulled himself from her. Then he put one kneel on the ground. He sank his hand into his pocket and brought out an engagement ring.

Ben: “Judith. Someone once told me it’s not over until it’s over. It was the first love I ever had. I learnt a lot from her. She told me I’m a good man. She told me to find my way. So I began to think of my life. Judith, I have seen that not even she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It is you. You’re my everything. And I swear, by my life, that I shall die a man loyal to you in fidelity, if you take this ring. Judith. Would you marry me? You don’t have to answer now. Anytime you think its right. On your time. Because it’s going to be about you henceforth.”

Judith was surprised. The music was still playing in the background.

Judith: “Ben, I expected a much more dramatic marriage proposal.” She said, just staring at him.

Ben didn’t know how to respond. He just looked away.

Judith smiled at him and brought forth her left hand, stretching out her fingers.

Judith: “Yes, Ben. Who would say no?”

And the couple danced to many songs, and they kissed. But just when it was becoming much passionate, Ben pulled back and said;

Ben: “I’ll wait. Till marriage.”

Judith: “Yes, my bargain stands. Till marriage.” Judith said, and they resumed their kiss.

The words went out. And all who knew the story of Judith and Ben were glad it ended the way it did.

Just when love may seem lost, redemption, forgiveness, understanding and self reassurance would save it. Just like it saved Judith and Ben. For the choices Ben made broke it. And with him choosing to change his ways, he saved his love. And in the end, the two that were meant to be together, came together with both sides genuinely agreeing to love and to cherish each other; in loyalty, faithfulness and fidelity. And with that, they lived as a happy couple.

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  2. Of cause I do.
    The most important moral lesson here to me is DON’T GO UNDER ANYTHING ON SKIRT COS YOU NEVER CAN TELL IF SHE’S YOUR BLOOD.

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