(Part 2) I can travel from Lagos to Sokoto for a D … Late Night Fun Story!

(Part 2) I can travel from Lagos to Sokoto for a D ... Late Night Fun Story!

I came and knelt before him and took his JT into my mouth. His JT was just too big, my mouth could barely take in half the length of his shaft. I felt his hand over my head as he began pumping his JT back and forth into my mouth, making me choke on it. He picked me up from the floor and planted me on the edge of his desk. I pulled up my skirt and balanced my legs on his large shoulders as he knelt before me, tucked my g-string to the side and began nibbling on my cookie and clit. His tongue sent shocks running through my body; I clutched my breasts with one hand and bit down on my lips to control my moans.

Me: Mmmm…. i moaned softly

He went on sucking and licking me for what felt like a long time and I probably was on the edge of cumming had he not decided to stop then. He slipped out of his jacket while I sat forward and help undo his pants. When he was ready, he stroked his JT and beat it against the top of my cookie before slowly thrusting it into my love hole.

I sucked in air and my legs immediately began to quiver as he pushed his almighty tool inside me some more. I grabbed hold of him;

Me: “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh … my God!” I cried out … and right there and then I had my first orgasm for the day. Each time he withdrew, his JT came out glistening with my cookie juice. Gently he worked his tool in and out of me in a slow rhythm, banging me the way I’d never been fucked before.

Gbenro: “Yeah,” he groaned at me. “Your cookie’s so tight.”

Me: “All because of you, sir,” I gasped.

My hands were wrapped around his neck for support. If not for them, I’d probably have collapsed right there on his desk. I raised my ass up from his desk and I wrapped my ankles around his waist as he held me in the air and went on banging me. His JT felt so good inside of me, it was like manna from Heaven.

Me: “Oh … Ohhh … Ohh God!” I cried out and it wasn’t long that I felt my body tremble all over as I felt myself cum again. All this while my boss hadn’t relented. He went on banging his cock into me; I could almost feel the head of his black JT touching the walls of my heart. It was so fulfilling, I wished we could quit work for the day head off someplace to continue.

Gbenro: “Yeah, you like that don’t you?”

I could only mutter a yes.

Gbenro: “You’d like your boss to be banging you like this from now on, don’t you?”

Me: “Ahh yes! Yes … all the time!”

He gave me one final thrust of his JT which went all the way in I had to cry out before he then dropped me on the feet. I had to hold unto him to steady my feet if not I’d have slipped and fallen.

It was at that moment that we heard a knock on his door. Both our eyes fell open with alarm.

Gbenro: “Who is it?” He called out:

A female voice answered:

Lady: “Errm … I’m Kate Ibinni, here for an interview Sir.”

Oh shit, I thought to myself. I’d forgotten about the lady whom he’d been expecting. I picked up my clothes and he too quickly wore on his shirt, though he didn’t bother dressing up completely; I picked up his jacket and came and draped it over the back of his seat.

Gbenro: “Just give me a minute,” he said to whoever was behind the door while he motioned for me to hide under his desk, which I did. He wiped sweat off his face, tried looking his professional self before calling out for the lady to come in. I heard the door come open and closed back, followed by approaching footsteps. I looked up and noticed my boss hadn’t bothered buttoning back his pants; his JT was still standing like a tent pole from inside his boxers. I was still overwhelmed with excitement as once again I pulled out his JT and went ahead sucking it just as the lady took the chair I’d formerly occupied a couple of minutes ago.

Lady:  “I’ve been sitting outside for a while but when your secretary didn’t show up, I thought it better if I knocked.” I heard the woman say

Gbenro: “It’s alright,”

He muttered with an edge in his voice. I assumed my sucking was getting him excited once more, though he didn’t want his visitor to know, and I personally didn’t really. All I thought about was continuing from where we left off. I was so horny for his JT and nothing was going to prevent me from getting more of it.

Gbenro: “So, Miss Kate, you said you’d like to work here. Tell me, are you good at working till late night hours and are you excellent at taking in dick-tation?”

Kate: “Well, yes sir, if you’ve read through my resume, you’ll find that –”

Gbenro: “I’m not talking about what’s in the resume,” He interjected with a groan. His hand patted my head as my mouth went on working on him. “What I said was that are you any good at doing DICK-tation. That’s D-I-C-K, if you still don’t understand what I mean.”

Kate: “Could you please be specific, sir?”

Gbenro: “Come on over here and let me show you,” he said.

I heard her push her chair backwards and go up. Gbenro pushed his chair further back, exposing me from my hiding corner. I looked up briefly and there was the lady whom he’d been expecting staring down at me with a look of surprise on her face; I went on applying my mouth and all my effort to polishing his JT, unmindful of the woman’s gaze.

Kate: “Excuse me sir, but there’s a lady down there that’s sucking your dick.” She turned to my boss and said with surprise in her voice

Gbenro grinned at her. “Now you’re getting the picture, Miss Kate. Now how about you get on down and show me exactly how good you are with that mouth of yours. This here is my secretary Anita, and I know she too wouldn’t mind sharing. Or would you, Anita?”

Question: Threesome in an office? Seems like Anita can truly travel from Lagos to Sokoto all for D… Comment with ash tag #adelovelatenightfunstory

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