(Part 3) I can travel from Lagos to Sokoto for a D … Late Night Fun Story!

(Part 3) I can travel from Lagos to Sokoto for a D ... Late Night Fun Story!

I stood up, felt jealous sharing my Gbenro with anyone, took a seat at the corner near a table, there was a small fridge at the location, I opened it, took out a red wine. While I tried raise the glass to my lips, Gbenro crept up from behind and quickly wrapped his arms around me. Suddenly I jumped with fright, spilling the wine down the front of my white blouse.

Me: You just scared the hell outta me Gbenro. See what you made me do?” I said giggling.

Gbenro: Are you jealous? eeehhhh??

Gbenro asked while smiling, he then ran his hands up and down the tops of my legs, pushing my black skirt up to reveal the tops of my black stockings.

Gbenro: “Very nice indeed,” he whispered into my ear, before nuzzling on my neck.

I didn’t have long to enjoy this pleasure though as Gbenro picked me up and sat me down on the fridge top. He opened my legs as he pushed my skirt up around my waist. I took a quick sip from my wine while watching him as I enjoyed the lustful looks I was receiving.

I was now sat before him, legs spread with my skirt bunched around my waist revealing my black stocking clad leg and black lace panties. Without saying a word he dropped to his knees and hooked each of his thumbs into the sides of my panties. I lifted my bum off of the table slightly as he very slowly eased them down my legs.

No words were needed as the air filled with sexual tension. Kate was standing like a log tree watching us. She had to be brave enough to stop pretending she didn’t want to get off with us. She reached for her shirt, brought out her left breast and began to fondle with her nipple.  I closed my eyes as I felt Gbenro’s hot breath between my legs, he was soon sliding his tongue up and down each of my lips in turn. I was instantly oozing my juices onto his tongue as he expertly teased me.

Me: Ooohhh yyyeeaaahh.. Gbenro! You are damn too good Boss!

Gbenro: Mmmmm.. he moaned slowly. This juice tastes sooooo good!

As his finger probed between my cookie lips and entered me, his tongue was soon doing circular motions around my clit. I was forced to arch my back as I felt my impending orgasm. My chest heaved in and out as I took deep sharp breaths.

Me: “Almost there.” I groaned between breaths. Then suddenly he stopped.

Gbenro: “I can’t have you cumming yet my naughty Assistant. I want you to beg me before I let you cum,” he smirked.

I both hated and loved these sessions when Gbenro took control of me. He seems like an expert, he knew how to play it so cool. Gbenro helped me down from the table before leading me to the couch. Once in there, he took my silk scarf that just happened to be on the couch, he gently tied it around my head leaving me in total darkness.

As I sat on the couch, I felt his hands begin to unbutton my blouse before removing it. He loosened my black lace bra and let my breasts hang free. I felt my nipples instantly harden and my cookie begin to lubricate itself.


Then I felt him cup my left breast as he took my nipple into his mouth. My breasts have always been sensitive and Gbenro knew just how to work them. Not too soft or too hard, just enough to send uncontrollable shivers throughout my body.

I was soon ordered to lie on the couch with my blindfold remaining in place. I then felt two more silk scarves being wrapped around my wrists as he tied me firmly to the window posts near the couch. His breathing was deep and I could sense his arousal as he finished tying me up.

I imagined how dirty I must have looked. Tied to the couch and blindfolded with just my heels and stockings on as my skirt lay bunched around my waist. My breasts bared and my nipples showing my excitement as my shaven cookie leaked its juices onto the couch cover sheets.

Gbenro: “Tell me Anita, how much do you want it?” he asked.

Me: “More than you could ever imagine you bad boy,” I giggled trying to stay calm. Give it to me!

My excitement was reaching over drive as I heard the sound of a belt buckle being undone. Then I heard the sound of his trousers dropping to the floor. The couch soon creaked as he climbed onto it and got between my open legs. My breathing was forever increasing as I longed to be touched again. The episode at the fridge-top felt a lifetime ago, when in fact it was probably no more than 15 minutes ago.

I began to moan as I felt him gently kiss his way up my legs, paying particular attention to the tops of my stockings. Lots of tiny soft kisses were covering my thighs as I wriggled and groaned in pleasure.

My back quickly arched as the kissing stopped and I felt his JT touch the lips of my cookie. It was so sudden and unexpected but very nice. As he rubbed his JT up and down the lips of my entrance I felt his thumb press down on my clit. Pressing down slightly he began to rub my most sensitive spot.

As my orgasm grew closer I concentrated on the felling his thumb was giving me. Then without warning he plunged his JT deep into my body and sent me over the edge. He felt bigger than normal as I clamped my cookie tight around his JT. His thrusts were too strong for me though as his JT continued to stretch me. He stopped rubbing my clit and took both of my breasts in his hands. Squeezing them hard he continued to bang me with deep lunges. I could hear the slurping sounds coming from between my legs with each powerful thrust.

I tried to rock backwards and forwards with my legs up on his shoulder as he banged me senseless. I felt him touch places I never knew existed and in turn, was treated to another blissful orgasm.

I was being fully stretched as I lowered myself onto his JT. It was rock solid and it felt amazing. Once the head squeezed past my lips, the rest quickly followed until I was sat right down on his JT. His moans turned me on as I began to steadily ride him. I went slowly at first as my cookie quickly accommodated his size. Then I went deeper and faster, slamming my cookie down hard onto his cock. His hands reached for my breasts, squeezing them before he gripped my arse cheeks and began to fuck me back. His groans grew louder as he powerfully slammed his cock up into my cookie.

I began to cum again, my nipples hardened as my cookie tightened around his cock. I began to jerk violently as I coated his cock in my juices. Then he sat up and held his breath, his body began to shake as I felt his cock twitch inside of me. He finally came inside me and he rushed up to pour remaining into my face. I quickly swallowed the salty cream being fired into my mouth

Then, out of nowhere, I felt a second pair of hands on me. This time grabbing my head and turning it sideways. It was Kate!

Kate: it’s my turn for action! She dared

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