(Part 4) I can travel from Lagos to Sokoto for a D … Late Night Fun Story!

(Part 4) I can travel from Lagos to Sokoto for a D ... Late Night Fun Story!

Honestly, I never thought group sex was something I would participate in. I almost considered it science-fiction. I mean, really, threesomes and moresomes are just the storybook world of porn movies, right?

Looking at Kate in the blue light in the office, her teeth biting her bottom lip; her left hand on the small of my back pushing me into Gbenro– her right hand maneuvering from her round breasts to her shaved cookie and clit.

Kate looks very pretty. She looks 25, wavy brunette hair to her shoulder with bright eyes.  Kate  has an inch or two on me in height. She’s very busty. Breast size is at least D cup. Everything about her is sexual innuendo. If you know what i mean!

Kate: Let’s get down to business. she encouraged

Gbenro: “You’ve had a threesome before?” He asked

Kate: “Yes. It’s been a while.”

Gbenro:  “Would you like another?” he quizzed, leaning toward her more.

Kate: “That is completely up to you two,” she responded.

Gbenro extended his right leg so it was touching Kate’s thigh, while Kate’s leg laid on mine.

Kate: “Um, you know, Anita’s still on the floor.”

Gbenro: “Yes she is. Get up here,” Gbenro said to me. I paused in shyness — so I decided to see if the two were really aroused, or just having fun and being flirtatious.

Gbenro kissed Kate on the lips for a moment, then leaned down and kissed me on my lips. Shortly after that, the three of us were all on the couch, kissing and touching.

Gbenro and Kate kissed again, both of them sliding their hands into me. Then faced each other while their fingers running along their thighs. I was watching.

He pressed his thumb against Kate’s clit with his palm on her cookie. Kate leaned down and bit softly into his shoulder and neck. I was turned on while i joined. I and Gbenro then attacked Kate, kissing her lips, neck, and massaging her body.

Kate: “Okay, I have too much clothing on me.. lemme take ’em off” Kate spoke up softly.

Calmly, but without hesitation  Kate lost her shirt next, and Gbenro took off his. I did the same with mine, and in moments the three of us were much less clothed.

Gbenro and I returned to our touching of Kate — we both kissed her lips, and then her breasts, and again her lips and neck. Bras were pulled and pawed off, and as Gbenro lowered his lips to Kate’s panties, my own fingers briskly moved against her clit and cookie. I pulled her panties to the side and sucked hard on Kate’s clit and cookie, looking up to the two lovers as they touched as kissed. I love giving oral, and felt Kate’s body shake in intensity with the sensations against her clit and from the kissing of her nipples.

Kate: “I want sex,” Kate squeaked, spreading her legs more.

Gbenro stood up and grabbed a condom from a ready-stash  he has in his office — Always ever Prepared Gbenro! He put it on,  ran his JT along Kate’s soaking cookie and began pushing slowly inside as i watched.

Kate: Ohhh yeaaahh.. you are big! she moaned

Gbenro: I’m average size. he grinned

Kate:  “You’re bigger than I’m used to — and you’re bigger than average.”

Gbenro: “You like that, huh, Miss? Like banging your  nice tight cookie?”

Kate nodded her head in agreement, enjoying the feeling of good sweat between the three of us.

That turned me on more. They both enjoyed missionary for about ten minutes — with either his or Kate’s hand constantly manipulating Kate’s breasts or clit.

Kate: Mmmm …. she moaned slowly

Kate enjoyed an orgasm while holding one of Gbenro’s hands, then she looked at me, then at Gbenro and said:

Kate: “I want Lion style,” she said, referring to a licking style… “And I want to taste you,” she said to me.

Gbenro pulled Kate off the couch while she opened her legs in front of me. He pushed into her body’s passion while i moved from Kate’s breasts to her clit and cookie. I pressed forward as much as I could and ran my tongue along Kate’s leg.

Gbenro slammed harder into Kate, provoking a second much-louder, much more intense cumming which her body felt through the protection.

Kate: Yeah, that feels great. That feels fucking great” Kate breathed.

Me: “Yeah, Gbenro, bang her hard. Bang her cookie” i said to him…. “you like that huuh? I whispered into Kate’s ear.

Kate: “Feels amazing.” she moaned slowly

Gbenro pushed back against her and began fucking Kate even harder, withdrawing and pushing in as hard as he could and she exploded into another climax.

Kate: Yeahhhhh… she moaned slowly

Me: God! you are so wet. Are you usually this wet? I said to her

The warmth and wetness of her cookie was gleaning against Gbenro’s waist in moisture. Kate’s arms wrapped around her breasts momentarily like she was trying to conserve heat — it was the sign that her climax was near and I knew it, lapping deep into her as I ran my fingers along Kate’s legs. She shook and came, Gbenro leaned down to kiss Kate’s lips, wet with her flowing nectar. Kate’s body that had been so constricted seconds before was now looking like a boxer who had been knocked out on the ground, sweating, breathing hard, with her limbs in various places around her.

Me: “Damn, girl. You are wet,” I said again.

Kate: “I know. I so know,” she exhaled.

Gbenro withdrew his hard cock from Kate. He seemed love feeling a woman climax — and only after he knew a lady is well satisfied will he think about his own desire to cum. Though it takes a little control, but i think it is worth it in life.

Realizing he was still able to go, I pushed Kate’s legs open to Gbenro’s waist and her hand traced the sweat from the middle of his chest to his abdomen as she sank his erection into her slowly, making sure she was physically and emotionally receptive to the sex. Gbenro leaned over and kissed her as i moved to my left side and watched them while she rested on her knees.

Gbenro’s hands held onto Kate’s breasts, pinching her nipples, massaging the rising of her chest while he pushed into her.

Kate: Ohhh yeaah.. You are bigger than i’m used to and i love it. She confessed again.

They both banged each other for a while, not keeping track of the time — just enjoying the sensations. Kate came twice while they made love — and I showed  my voyeuristic side as I watched the two of them.

Gbenro pulled his JT from her cookie and sat back onto the floor, looking at the two of us. Kate sprawled on the couch, I was looking at Gbenro as i leaned against the coffee table. We’ve enjoyed about an hour of sex and were all sweating profusely.

Me: Did you enjoy it?

Gbenro: I did, i felt my spine was being shot through my cock as i exploded inside her cookie.

Gbenro took a break for a few minutes, but my hand took hold of it, and lightly pulled it back to erection.

During the next hour, the three of us enjoyed more sex, at one point, Kate and I kissed long and hard, I gave her head, then turned to Gbenro, sucked on his JT as Kate kept watching us, trying to catch her breath. Gbenro turned on, turned me around and sank his JT into me via doggystyle. He pounded my entire body as i screamed in pleasure.  He released some shots onto me

Me: “Enjoy?” I asked.

Gbenro: Oh  yes … hell yes,” he answered.

Kate: “Yes indeed,” Kate added.

Me: “Good. So good,” I commented.

Gbenro: You know what? You are going with me to Sokoto this weekend for the conference. He said to me

Me: With all pleasure.. i can travel from Lagos to Sokoto for a D.. let’s do this

Question: Hmmm… what’s gonna happen next at Sokoto? Comment with ash tag #adelovelatenightfunstory

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