(Part 5) I can travel from Lagos to Sokoto for a D … Late Night Fun Story!

(Part 5) I can travel from Lagos to Sokoto for a D ... Late Night Fun Story!

On Friday, the day to leave from Lagos to Sokoto, I wanted to look my best so I took a shower, shaved my legs and cookie. I put on my favorite white miniskirt and a white tube top to match as well as makeup. To bring out my eyes I wore brown eye liner and to bring out my lips I wore lip gloss.

I drove down to the address provided by Gbenro, meeting him at a Lounge where we would be taken to the Airport. It was a nice looking lobby with some quality pictures on the wall . I went straight to the counter to get information from the receptionist

Me: Hi ma’am

Receptionist: Hi, how are you?

Me: I am very well. My name is Anita Okafor. I’m here to meet with Gbenro

Receptionist: Ohh .. you are Anita. Mr Gbenro called few minutes back asking you to wait few minutes. He would join you soonest. Ok?

Me: Ok. Thank you. May I get a fitting room to change my attire please?

Receptionist: Sure! Why not? The lady took me to the fitting room to change my attire to a sophisticated one.

Few minutes later. Gbenro came in with a Driver. He dressed in an Italian black suit with an open neck plain white shirt and black shoes and sat in the lounge with a gin and tonic.

When I appeared in the lounge, I was wearing one of my favourite dresses, a tight cocktail mini dress in bright green to match, it was made from some sort of stretchy material that clung tightly to every curve of my body. It had a scoop top, being stretchy this could be pulled down off my shoulders to sit further down my arms, exposing as much of my ample 36D breasts as I wanted too or be pulled up to form a modest scoop. The hem finished about 2 inches below pussy level, exposing nearly the full length of my lovely legs. I knew from experience that when I sat down, I needed to be careful if I don’t want my cookie showing off to anyone.

Gbenro: Wow! Look at her. She’s absolutely gorgeous! He complimented me

Gbenro comment of “wow” brought a big sexy smile to my face, I pulled up the hem to show him I was wearing a very tiny G string that was just a bit of black lace at the front held together by very thin strings. I had no bra on and my large nipples were making little tents in the thin material.

We were taken to Airport few hours later and flew to Sokoto.  We arrived safely hours later.

Gbenro: You know what?

Me: Tell me. I’m all ears

Gbenro: The conference is on Sunday morning. So we have all the time to catch more fun prior to that time. Meanwhile, you can go to room 511, ask of Musa. You will be taken care of. Just do whatever they ask you to do. These guys are super rich. That will be 50-50 if the deal clicked.  I need to reach a place right quick. I will be back soon

Me: Really? Wow! So much fun to catch! Let’s do it. Don’t be late Gbenro. See you soon.

Gbenro knew what I’m good at. I can describe myself as stunning lady with a good face, a small nose and full lips. Whenever I smile, the room lights up, my big eyes sparkle when I get excited and I love sex, altogether as an intelligent, very lovely and horny package with an outgoing and friendly manner. When at work, I always dressed in a sexy, sophisticated style, usually with a white blouse with too many buttons undone to make the most of my tits, which looked bigger because of my small slim build. I am also great with male clients, the way I flirted with them, touching their arms and hands and looking directly into their eyes with my full smile had them very willing to deal with us. I have really won many contracts for Gbenro since I started working for his company. If it was an all male group of investment company reps, I would flirt outrageously with them to get the deal done.

Gbenro directed path to the room at the 5 star hotel, the room was already booked to my utmost surprise. I entered the hotel room, a tall skinny Aboki guy with dark hair approached me and exchanged pleasantries.

Aboki: Hi, How are you?

Me: I’m fine. You?

Aboki: I’m fine too. Thank you for asking. You are so beautiful. Gbenro told me about you. May I know your name?

Me: My name is Anita. You may call me Ani. What about you?

Aboki: Musa is mine. I’m a graduate of ABU Zaria. I read Electrical Engineering

Me: Wow, now I see why your English is fluent. It’s nice meeting you Musa

Musa: Same here Ani. Gbenro told me you are super-good in bed. Could that be true? Not sure if you’ve tasted Aboki rod before?

Me: Hmmm.. It will be my first time though tasting on any Hausa/Fulani man.  I heard you guys are well endowed

Musa: You wanna bet?

Musa called over the front desk and ordered some round of drinks and champagne. In no time, the waitress knocked at the door, brought in some heavy drinks. He ordered two bottles of champagne, One big bottle of Hennessy which was opened, we all drank a toast to the success of our venture. The champagne coupled with the Hennessy was making me feel a bit tipsy but still well in control. Gbenro has always been teasing me that I would find myself in the middle of a gang-bang one day.  This type of talk, of being fucked by several men seemed to turn me on, making my cookie very wet and ready, usually ending with a huge orgasm for us both.

Musa asked if I minded dancing with him. I obliged. We stayed on the floor for two dances. I was so tipsy. I was enjoying and loving the attention as Musa held me while moving to the music.

My dress had ridden up, the lacy thong was clearly in view as I stayed before Musa. I had my arms around the waist of Musa. My ample bra-less bossom spilling half out of the top, nearly exposing my nipples, the edge of my dark brown aureole just visible, one little tug and my nipples would pop into view, which were already hard and sticking out.  I was in an aroused state of sexual excitement, it showed in my body and my eyes. I looked straight into Musa eyes and he could read the excitement in them as I bit my lower lip with my teeth, showing a sign pleading with him to allow it to go on.

Musa did a very unexpected thing by dropping his pants and asking me to suck his JT off. I didn’t think this was a test but I thought it would help satisfying my curiosity if I sucked his cock, so I got on my knees and put his JT in my mouth and started sucking. As his dick hardened and grew in my mouth I started to get a bit wet. I was now sucking his dick as hard as I could and had been for a few minutes but he still hadn’t cum. I couldn’t believe how much stamina he had; I used to think I wanted to have a boyfriend like this but now I am not too sure. Finally after several minutes, he started to really get into it and he started to bang my mouth as his JT pulsed and shot stream after stream of hot sperm into my mouth. I swallowed all of his cum and then stood up.

Musa: Good job! I can testify your goodness with this. He said as he put his JT away.

I was somewhat disappointed because my cookie was aching to be fucked. He told me to go into the next room and wait for the next Guy.

Me: The next what?

The next room I entered was very large and had a door at the other end and a large bed in the middle. I was greeted by a huge man with a very deep voice. All he was wearing was a bathrobe and it was very apparent to me that this isn’t what I was expecting but on the other hand I was horny and this guy is very handsome so I figured I would bang him.

I was still tipsy from the champagne and the drinks. Without request,  I went straight to him, opened his robe and started to suck his JT. It was much larger than Musa so I couldn’t get the whole thing in my mouth. After a little while of sucking his cock I started to rub my clit through my silk thong. Now my cookie was really burning to be fucked so I slipped my panties off and started to finger fuck my throbbing cookie. He saw this and stood me up and walked me to the bed. He pulled my top and my skirt off then proceeded to lick and finger my little cookie. He really knew what he was doing and in no time I was quivering and moaning as a long awaited orgasm flowed through my entire body. I nearly passed out it felt so good.

When I recovered he was just sticking his huge JT in my shaved little cookie. He first teased by rubbing up and down but then in one giant push he was completely inside me.

Me: Ooohh yeaah. That hurt but sweet

It was more filled then I had ever been in my entire life. He stayed in my cookie like that for a few secants before pulling almost completely out and shoving it all the way back in. after doing that 3 more times he started to fuck my cookie at full speed. I couldn’t believe how fucking good it felt and I caught myself screaming

Me: “fuck me ,oh god fuck my cookie”.

Now he was holding my ankles up as his JT deeply hammered my cookie. I was moaning loudly as another orgasm rushed through my body. I was quivering and my pussy squeezed his dick hard enough to make him shoot his load deep inside my cookie. Again I started blacking out and when I woke up there was more than 30 men in the room all staring at me lying spread eagle on the bed, my cookie was red and leaking cum from the last guy who banged me.

Question: 30 what? I hope she can still boast of traveling from lagos to Sokoto for a D..?? Comment with ash tag #adelovelatenightfunstory

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