(Episode 1) Destiny has two ways of crushing us … An Inspired Story!

(Episode 1) Destiny has two ways of crushing us ... An Inspired Story!

Seven Years ago, Diamond brought Joy, smiles and laughter  into the lives of Mr. & Mrs. Ayden who have been married for eleven years with nothing to show for it.  After their precious daughter arrival, since no child is forth coming they decided to embrace and accept life the way it is.

Mr. Ayden works as an engineer in Edison Rockson Company situated in Port Harcourt and visits Home every three months to spend time with his family While Mrs. Ayden owns a crèche where she employs people to take care of little children and young ones during the day.

After supervising how her crèche was doing, she decided to go home and prepare something for her daughter who will be arriving later in the day from school.

Diamond: Mom! Am hungry! Mom! Mom! Mrs. Ayden was lost in thought, reminiscing how life was before the arrival of Diamond; how her life has changed since the day she held her tiny little bundle of joy in her arms. Mom! Diamond tapped her roughly.

Mrs Ayden: Yes Diamond! Am sorry my child, I was lost in thought. What did you say again, she asked smiling?

Diamond: Am hungry Mom! My teacher thought us that Mothers  clean the house, take care of the kids, wash the clothes, prepare food for the family while  father’s go to work ,makes sure the family never lacks financially, but why is it that you also go to work and sometimes dad takes care of the house chores too?

Mrs Ayden: hmm. Schools these days, for how long will my daughter keep unlearning what has been learnt? Diamond, during the time of our forefathers, our fathers were the sole providers and women basically were meant to take care of their homes but these days, things are not the way they use to be before, the world has changed and is still changing. Women around the world have realized that we also have more potential invested in us. We can be anything we want to be if only we set our mind to it.

Diamond: Anything Mom?

Mrs. Ayden: Anything D. We can reach for the stars and we are Limitless. We women decided that we can also be career women. We can be Managers, Accountant, Engineers, Doctors, Presidents, Ministers, Anything! The men started seeing us differently, they started appreciating the fact that we can help in taking care of the family that is why sometimes when Dad is around he takes care of the house chores too because it is his house and we are both helping each other whenever we can.

Diamond: Okay Mom, when I grow up I will also like to be a career woman like you so that I can help in taking care of my family.

Mrs. Ayden: Sure you will D. because you will reach for the stars and be a blessing to your generation and your family when the time comes. Alright, go to the dining and have your lunch there. When you’re done, you will have to help mom in the kitchen alright?

Diamond: Yes Mom. Remember am going to my taekwondo class on Saturday, wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world Mom and off she went to have her lunch.

Mrs. Ayden: Thinking out loud ‘when other kids are busy learning and partying on Saturdays, my child is busy learning Martial Arts and she loves it a lot. If that’s what she wants, so be it. This girl is too sharp for her age and thank God I have her in my life because she has been a good daughter and a son I never had’. She said smiling and went about doing her chores.


The Erakwe’s lives at the outskirt of Abuja named Maraba . The family comprises of three boys and a daughter named Ella who happens to be the last child of the family. Though, the average family are doing well on their own but Mr. Erakwe refuses to send Ella to Secondary School after she graduated as the best student in Seat of Wisdom Nursery and Primary School Maraba Nassarawa State because he believes that at the end of the day, Ella will get married and her only role in life is to be a good wife to her husband but with Mrs. Erakwe persistence on wanting her Daughter to be a graduate at all cost and with so many nights of trying to convince her husband on the importance of the girl child in the family and society at large, Mr. Erakwe Decided to send Ella to Secondary School on the account that Ella their only daughter will not neglect her basic duties in the house, Which Mrs Erakwe agreed to.

Ella came back from school tired and exhausted, went straight to the room she shared with her three brothers, laid on the bed and slept off immediately.

Mrs Erakwe: Ella! Where is this girl, isn’t she supposed to be getting dinner ready? Its 4pm already and nothing is on fire. She called again. Ella! Ella! Ella.

Ella: ohhh! Somebody cannot sleep in peace in this house again. Everything is Ella. Yes Mummy! I am coming.

Mrs Erakwe: Ella! Don’t tell me you have been sleeping? Where are your brothers? Aren’t they back from visiting their friends? You haven’t started preparing dinner? Ah! Ella do you want your father to come back and start shouting at me? You know if you do any little thing he will say it is because I allowed you go to school or do you want him to stop you from going to school completely?

Ella: Mummy, why do I have to be the one doing everything in the house? All the boys do is eat, sleep and nothing else. Just because i am the only daughter in this house doesn’t mean you should subject me to the position of house help. Every day, I come back from school; I wash the dishes, clean the house and cook food for every member of the family while the boys do nothing. Am tired abeg! I had a long day at school and I need all the rest I can get because exam is drawing close. I can’t afford to use the little strength I have meant for reading to do house chores.

Mrs Erakwe: Are you done talking? So because Caleb your brother who is studying Computer Engineering, second year in the university and Edwin who entered School this year just came back from School and your complaining that they do nothing but eat and sleep abi? My friend, will you go to the kitchen before I descend on you.

Ella: Mummy, this is not fair oooo. Listen Mom, don’t you know that it is better you also train the male child so that when the time comes he will be useful to himself and to others around him. Just as how you say you are training me to be a good wife to my husband, you should also teach them to be good husbands to their wives. They should also learn to cook, take care of the house for it will be beneficial to them in the future.

Mrs Erakwe: Will you go to the kitchen before I descend on you? My sons will be ministers and presidents of any organizations they find themselves in. They are being trained on how to be the head in wherever they go or wherever they see themselves and as for you, you will only be a wife and if God willing, you will get married to a minister and end up in the kitchen. That is why we are teaching you so that you know how to take care of your home when the time comes. After all, even Buhari himself said and I quote ‘His Wife belong in the Kitchen’

Ella: hmm. No Mom, I Disagree with you. I will not be a just a wife but will be a career woman. I will not get married to a Minister but I will be a Minister myself. Take a look at Okonji Iweala, Late Dora Akunyili, Hilary Clinton, they are my role model and they didn’t end up in the Kitchen. That is the kind of woman I intend to be in the future. Mom, how will you feel if in the future you came to visit me when you heard I am seriously ill, you entered my home, saw it in a mess while my Darling Husband is fast asleep on the couch like the world belongs to him? Imagine that scenario Mom. What will you do?

Mrs Erakwe: You are still there talking abi? If I come and meet you there eh, you will know that I carried you nine months.

Ella: ‘Mom, this is not right ooo. Why can’t they come and help me at least. I don’t like this one bit’. Sluggishly she went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for the family.

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  1. If that’s the main belief of Ella’s mum, why then did she persuade her husband to send Ella to school. She’ll end up proving their expectations wrong

  2. Ths story really touch me n i felt sorry for the two boys cos the mum is not training them in d right way now that the world has become civilized.

  3. Interesting story, every child needs training whether male or female so they can be useful to themselves and the environment at large. Being a Minister as a man doesn’t stop you from helping out at home. There is going to be a big lesson to be learnt from this stories, mothers please take note.

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