(Episode 3) Destiny has two ways of crushing us … An Inspired Story!

(Episode 3) Destiny has two ways of crushing us ... An Inspired Story!

It’s been four days since the arrival of Mr. Ayden and Emeka . Diamond and Emeka have been Inseperable. Emeka spoils Diamond with lots of candy, biscuits and anything Diamond desires.

Mrs Ayden, noticing the Bond between Daughter and Uncle decided to let her husband in on her fears in the confines of their bedroom.

Mrs Ayden: Sweetheart, haven’t you noticed that Diamond doesn’t pay much attention to anything or anybody except her Uncle?

Mr. Ayden: I have but what can I do? It’s her Uncle and he sure loves her so much. Let her spend all the time she can spend with him now that he is staying with us. I don’t see anything wrong with that or do you?

Mrs Ayden: No I don’t. Am happy they are very close but I think it is somehow for Diamond to be all around him 24/7. All I hear is Uncle Emeka, Uncle Emeka from her mouth nothing else.

Mr. Ayden: He is my brother. He won’t harm her and she is safe with him.

Mrs Ayden: If you say so but you should know that those who molest children are not people outside the home but within the home, they lure children with biscuits and candies. When they have gained the child trust and when the child is comfortable with them, they move to the next stage of molesting them. i am not saying that Emeka is a bad person, all I am saying is that if your brother happens to play any funny game with my child, I will forget that he is your brother because my home or rather our home is her only safe haven.

Mr Ayden: ‘I can’t believe you think so low of my brother’. shaking his head. Women with their thoughts.

Later the next day, Mr Ayden got dressed to accompany Diamond to her Taekwondo class while Mrs Ayden was in her bedroom having a nap.

Mr Ayden: Diamond! He called.

Diamond: Yes Dad.

Mr Ayden: are you ready, we should get going.

Diamond: Sorry dad but I want Uncle Emeka to accompany me today. He has been teaching me some Karate moves lately and he is so good at it. Dad, you can stay at home.

Mr Ayden: really, I am jealous. Your uncle has taken my place in my princess heart.

Diamond: No dad, I still love you so very much but I want Uncle Emeka to go with me today.

 Emeka: who has been watching the display between Father and Daughter said, ‘Brother, don’t worry I will take her to her taekwondo class. It is Saturday and I have nothing to do’.

Mr Ayden: okay Emeka! Bring her back home safe and Sound.  You can ask my driver to drop you off instead of going with transport.

 Emeka: Okay bros. Diamond, You Ready? She nodded her head and off they went.

While on their way to Diamond’s class, Emeka decided to pry into the mind of Diamond.

 Emeka:  Can you keep a secret?

Diamond: Yes Uncle I can.

 Emeka: Have you ever kept a secret before?

Diamond: No I haven’t. I share everything with Mom.

 Emeka: Then it is no more a secret. Secrets cannot be shared with anyone.

Diamond: But Mum is my best friend and best friends don’t keep secrets away from each other.

 Emeka: if I tell you a secret and you tell Mom it is no longer a secret. Secret are shared only with two people. I have a secret to tell you but since you cannot keep secrets I won’t tell you anymore. He said, wanting to know Diamond reaction.

Diamond: You can tell me anything Uncle. I promise I won’t tell anyone not even Mom.

 Emeka: You know a promise is a debt and you should never break your promises right?

Diamond: Yes Uncle, I don’t break promises.

 Emeka:  ‘Okay then. Let’s see how you can keep a promise’. He said, smiling to himself

After the taekwondo class was over, Emeka took diamond to Shoprite, bought her a lot of goodies which made Diamond very happy and pleased with herself for allowing her Uncle come with her instead of Dad.


With so much persuasion from Jessica to Ella, Ella decided to give in to her friends demand since life was too short for her not to enjoy every bit of it now that she has the time in the world. Especially now that WAEC is around the corner and soon she will be talking about higher institution. She needs to start getting acquainted with what the outside world holds and with her wild friend Jessica who have seen and tasted different shades of life, she believes that Jessica will act as a good guide.

Saturday Morning, Mr and Mrs Erakwe went out for work, Jessica did her house chores, prepared breakfast and lunch. By 9:35am she was done with everything concerning the house. She quickly went to have her bath, got dressed, woke up Johny quietly without wanting to disturb Caleb for Edwin left for school few days back to complete his school registration.

Johny: Ella, haven’t I warned you not to be waking me up when I am fast asleep? You seem not to have respect for your elder ones again abi?

Ella: Am sorry brother but there is something I will like to discuss with you urgently. I would have told you last night but I was already asleep when you came in. Please I won’t take your time.

Johny: Okay, Lets go outside the house and discuss it since it is very urgent.

They went to the back yard of the house because it is the only place Ella could think of having a conversation without anyone eavesdropping on them.

Ella: Ehen Brother, I wanted to take permission to go visit my friend Jessica. I want you to cover up for me incase am not back and will be back latest 6:30pm.

Johny: so because you want to go visit your friend you decided to wake me up from sleep and bring me here to talk about it? I thought you had something to say?

Ella: I just want to visit my friend and I need your help to achieve it that was why I wanted to talk to you. Please, Just cover up for me incase Mummy comes back home and ask of my whereabout.

Johny: And if I don’t? Besides why didn’t you ask Mummy before she left? You’re not permitted to leave the house if that was what made you bring me here.

Ella: ‘No brother! You can’t say No’. she thought of what Jessica told her concerning what to do if Johny says No and decided to implement it. If you say No, no problem, I will do all I have to do and wait for Mummy to arrive then tell them the latest gist in this house.

Johny: what gist is that?

Ella: ‘Ah! You don’t know the gist’? Looking at her brother and smiling. Okay fine, I will tell you. The one you were busy doing to yourself. Masturbating, not only that, the blue films you have been watching anytime Mummy and Daddy are not around. You think I don’t know? This is our deal. You cover up for me while I go see Jessica and I will tell nothing about it. It will be our little secrets.

Johny: Hey God, I knew that this girl will definitely say something about that day, she was just buying time. Ermm! Okay. I will do it just this ones and if you ever try to blackmail me again using that incident, I will make sure you regret ever having me as your brother. Do I make myself clear?

Ella: Yes brother and thank you. Let me start going she said to him. She went into the room, carried her small mini purse and off she went to Jessica’s house.

Question: What do you think is Ella and Diamond’s fate? Stay tuned for episode 4.

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  1. Ella is so gullible, she can’t even decode anything even with Laura trying to shed light on the kind of Jessica..hummmmmmm.. This is the place of mother,too busy to have noticed anything about her daughter. Busy but guilty..

    Ella, I pray you escape this..Your mum is sensitive but candy&every other goodies is blocking your reasoning to even think straight, the woman is teaching you well,I wonder how it will end..

  2. Diamond will definitely be a victim of child abuse. poor girl. Ella isn’t wise @ all…. cos she should have noticed dat jesicca is up to no good and should have decode wat laura is trying to pass to her.

  3. I hope uncle emeka will not molest little Diamond and for Ella…jessica is giving her wrong counsel. Adelove and Crew…is taking time before posting the next episode ooo

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