(Episode 4) Destiny has two ways of crushing us … An Inspired Story!

(Episode 4) Destiny has two ways of crushing us ... An Inspired Story!

Mrs. Ayden went to the Market to buy foodstuff for the house leaving Emeka to help take care of Diamond in the house for she told him she won’t take long. Diamond was glued to the T.V Watching Mulan while Emeka is sitting on the couch watching Diamond closely and wondering when to make his next move on the little girl.

 Emeka: Diamond come and sit close to me and have this special candy I have been saving for you. He brought out a candy from his inner breast pocket.

Diamond stood up, went to sit beside her Uncle. Collecting the candy saying Thank you Uncle.

 Emeka: you are very welcome. You haven’t told mom our little secret abi? You didn’t tell her that we went to Shoprite the other day abi?

Diamond: I didn’t because it is our own little secret.

 Emeka: good girl, now come let me carry you. He lifted her up, kept her on his laps.” Remember that whatever happens today is a secret. Nobody not even Mum is supposed to know about it.” Gently he started moving Diamond Back and Forth on his laps.

Emeka was beginning to get a hard on when he realized that Diamond was beginning to move restlessly for she was backing him while he was finding it difficult to move her the way he wants. He decided to strengthen his grip on her and increased his pace faster.

Diamond noticing that whatever is happening is making her uncomfortable and her vain attempt at wanting to stop it proved unsuccessful, decided to speak out dropping the candy that was given to her on the floor.

Diamond:  “Uncle Emeka! Uncle Emeka stop it, I don’t like this’. She said sobbing.

 Emeka: ‘Okay, okay’. He quickly laid Diamond on the ground, unzipped his trouser and brought out his bulging hard dick out for diamond to work on. ‘See this thing here, he said pointing at his dick, he is hungry and needs you to feed it’ he quickly added.

Diamond: sobbing quietly, she looked at the big dick right in front of her, for she has never seen a penis so big and erect with hairs all over it in her entire life, for the first time, she became afraid of what the penis will do to her.

She remembered when Mum use to teach her about her private parts, when she told her that  boys have a penis and just as how it applies to the girls ,it also applies to the boys. ‘You should never touch a man’s penis and a man should also never touch your vagina for it is meant for you and you alone’. Her Mum’s word echoed in her ears.

She also remembered seeing Tango’s penis, their neighbor’s son who is 3 years old but his penis is not as big as what is staring right in front of her.

Diamond continued sobbing and said” uncle, Mom said we should never touch a man’s penis, it is not right. It is a sin.’

 Emeka: smiling wickedly said to her.’ You are not only going to touch it, you’re going to suck it and give me pleasure using your mouth. You see the way you were licking and sucking your lollipop the other day when I bought it for you, that is the way you’re going to do it, and if you do not do what I say you should do, I will kill your Mum and you will be left with no Mum to take care of you and Dad ever again. Do you want me to kill Mum?

Diamond: No Uncle, Please don’t kill Mum. Please let me go she said, crying.

 Emeka: Good. Now suck it and suck it well. Stop that stupid noise your making he ordered angrily.

Diamond was helpless, seeing the angry look on her Uncle’s face; she took the penis into her mouth while crying and sucked it like her life depended on it, looking at her Uncle who was lost in pleasure while using his hands in guiding Diamonds head as he was thrusting in and out of her mouth.

Diamond felt disgusted but couldn’t do anything with what her Uncle was making her do, coupled with the foul smell emanating from the act. On the other hand, her Uncle was increasing the speed in which he was finding pleasure with.

Emeka: moaning. Oh yea! Ah! ah! ahhh! he came into Diamond’s Mouth.

Diamond: Immediately she felt something slippery and warm inside her mouth, she dashed straight to the bathroom and threw up.

She sat on the bathroom floor crying when the door opened, Emeka came in looking at her as if nothing has happened.

Emeka: Why are you crying? What did I do to you?

Diamond: shocked at the question asked, looked at him disgustingly and said nothing for the look on her Uncle’s face wasn’t that of someone who will say what just happened.

Emeka: Good! Now clean yourself up, your Mum will soon arrive and remember this is our little secret. I was not joking when I said if you tell a soul I will not only kill you but I will kill your mother if you let her in our little secret. He said and walked out the door without looking back at Diamond who couldn’t believe he meant what he said.


On her way to Jessica’s house, as she was about to board a keke to take her to Nagode’s Street, she met Laura who was about coming to her house to spend some quality time with.

Laura: Ella, where are you going, I was on my way to your place just now.

Ella: I was on my way to Jessica’s house, she invited me over.

Laura: okay but why didn’t she invite me too and why didn’t you tell me that Jessica invited you over, I thought we are friends?

Ella: it’s not like that, just that I was told not to tell you.it is a secret between Jessica and I but you can tag along lets go together.

Laura:  if Jessica doesn’t want me to know, No wahala na, won’t want to come around to spoil her mood. You know we don’t see things eye to eye.

Ella:  you are our friend joor, just follow me and let’s go together. She will only get angry and confront me. Don’t worry; I know how to handle her. Let’s go.

Together, Ella and Laura left to Jessica’s place.

Questions: Do you think it is a wise idea allowing Laura to tag along? Do you think Uncle Emeka will continue with his wicked plan? Find out on the next episode.

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  1. Tanx fr coming back.. Bt u’ve lost do many fans. If possible try n keep up wit ur 4 episodes daily n d timing should go back to 6.30, 11.30, 3.30 n 7.30. God bless u

  2. Emeka will definitely continue with his wicked plan, I pray Diamond finds d courage to tell her mum, as for Laura its a gud thing dat she went with her else……

  3. The small girl should get courage to tell her mother,or better still,they should catch him in the heart. He will later raped the girl if care is not taken..I pity Diamond..

    Ella did the right thing..but she should not be gullible anymore.. I knew Jessica had plan a man to rape her.thank God she is safe now at least.

  4. I hope it won’t be too late when that stupid idiot is found out, chai some men sha,after he will blame it on the devil,Emeka is just pure wickedness

  5. It’s a good idea for Laura to come along cos she will stop the evil plan.
    Emeka is an animal and will continue his plan.

  6. Laura going with Ella to Jesicca’s house is a good thing…. @ least laura won’t succumb to her plans.Diamond needs to courage to tell her mum wat happened btw her and Emeka…. her mum can as well ask her cos dere wilk definitely be some kinda changes in her.

  7. Ella has made a good decision by insisting her friend Laura to tag along with her to Jessica’s house. As for Emeka, that one is for sure.

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