(Final Part 7) I can travel from Lagos to Sokoto for a D … Late Night Fun Story!

(Final Part 7) I can travel from Lagos to Sokoto for a D ... Late Night Fun Story!

I was still in shock and couldn’t have uttered a squeak even if I’d tried. All three guys then stripped in front of me and my eyes fixed on three huge cocks. Now, Gbenro’s not lacking in that department but this was something else. I was dumbstruck.

Phil: “Do you like what you see, Anita? I hope so. Cos you’re gonna get very familiar with these bad boys,” said Phil. I was slowly coming to my senses and on hearing him use my name I realised that Gbenro must have been talking about me with them at the bar.

Chris: “Hey, we’re all naked,” said Chris slyly, “and Anita is still wearing her bikini. I think we oughta do something about that, guys”.

Chris and Phil quickly grabbed my arms while Andy stepped forward and cut the straps of my bikini to with his knife and then ripped it off and tossed it on the floor.

Andy: “Your girlfriend’s got lovely tits,” said Andy, turning to address Gbenro.

He proceeded to stroke and fondle them and bent forward to lick each nipple in turn. Lightly pulling them with his teeth he then sucked each nipple until they were both hard and erect. Running his fingers down my stomach he slid them inside my bikini bottom and pulled so that he could insert his knife to cut the side straps and let it fall to the floor. I felt vulnerable and yet slightly aroused when I saw their eyes feasting on my naked body.

Andy knelt down in front of me and forced my legs apart. Turning to Gbenro he said,

Andy: “Let’s see if Anita smells and tastes as sweet as her name”. I felt his cheeks against the inside of my thighs as he first sniffed my cookie then gently ran the tip of his tongue around the lips and up and down the hood of my clit. I looked over at Gbenro expecting him to be struggling to free his bonds. To my horror his cock was stiff and hard and he was obviously so excited that his juices were running down the shaft. He’s enjoying this, the swine, ” I thought. Then the full realization hit home. Gbenro’s no seven-stone weakling, yet it seemed to me that the guys had overpowered him pretty damn quickly and now he was getting turned on watching me about to be gangbanged by three total strangers in Sokoto. Well, two can play at that game or in this case four of us.

I pushed my hips forward to make Andy’s job easier and let his agile tongue work its magic.

Andy: “That’s it, baby”, he said, “you enjoy it”. His tongue now stiffened and I felt the tip enter my cunt and lick inside me. I was beginning to get hot and wet.


Chris: “Our turn now, Ani. Kneel down”, said Chris.

I immediately did as I was instructed and the three guys stood in front of me, their huge pricks beginning to get really hard now.

Me: “Let’s see if we can really get some life into these cocks of yours” I said. I was warming to the task and glanced over to Gbenro. If he thought he was going to watch me being raped then he had another think coming. I was going to enjoy this and make sure that he could see what pleasure it was giving me. There was nothing he could do about it. I took as much of Andy’s cock in my mouth as I could and moved my head forwards and backwards sucking hard all the time and giving Andy the most enormous erection. I let him fuck my mouth. I bet he’d never been as hard as that.

Andy: “Your girlfriend gives a good blowjob,” said Andy catching his breath, “I hope I don’t come too soon”

While I was giving Andy good head I slowly massaged Chris’s and Phil’s JTs lubricating them with their own juices. Their powerful cocks in my hands and Andy desperately trying not to climax gave me a feeling of great power and I too became tremendously excited, to the extent that I wanted to behave like a sex-starved whore.

Me: “Fuck me,” I said to them, “any way you’d like”.

The three guys needed no further invitation. I was lifted onto the bed and Chris was the first in taking me from behind doggy-style. Phil knelt in front and pushed his bulging cock into my mouth.

Andy: “I love watching a spit roast”, said Andy who was wanking while enjoying the spectacle.

Chris: “Your girlfriend’s cunt is hot – and wet!” said Chris, “Do want to know how wet, Gbenro?”

Chris then withdrew, walked over to Gbenro and thrust his cock, glistening with my juices, into Gbenro’s mouth.

Chris: “Suck on that!” he said, as he fucked Gbenro’s mouth.

This got me unbearably excited. I pulled away from Phi’s cock and demanded that all three guys fuck me at the same time.

Phil lay on his back on the bed.

Phil: “Bring Anita over here. I want to fuck that sweet arse. Andy and Chris picked me up, spread my legs and slowly lowered me so that Phil could enter my bottom. His cock was well lubricated and the head slipped in quite easily.

Phil: “She’s got a lovely tight arse your girlfriend, Gbenro. Haven’t you given her anal sex before? Let’s go a bit deeper.”

It hurt at first then the pain subsided as his stiff cock penetrated deeper and deeper into my bottom and I looked hungrily at Andy. He knelt between my spread-eagled legs insert the head of his cock into my now dripping cunt and pushed all the way in until his groin was massaging my clit. Phil and Andy synchronized their thrusting and pumped their huge pricks rhythmically in and out of me.

Chris: “Let me fill that remaining hole,” said Chris, straddling my face and pushing his cock into my mouth. I sucked him hard at the same time wrapping my tongue around the head of his prick.

All three guys were pounding away now, grunting and moaning in ecstasy and seeming to sink their cocks ever deeper inside me. I could hear Gbenro moaning, clearly frustrated that he couldn’t touch his cock, which was now covered in his juices.

The three guys were now nearing their climax. I grabbed Andy’s buttocks, sinking my nails into his firm arse and pulled him tightly towards me. I wanted the whole of his cock inside me when he came.

Chris was the first to reach an orgasm and I felt him spend his load deep in my bottom. This caused Andy to come almost at the same time, as he must have been able to feel Chris’s throbbing cock against his. He shot his hot spunk inside me. This was too much for me, and my climax, which had been inexorably building, burst with a dizzying display of fireworks and a tidal wave of pleasure as Chris filled my mouth with spunk. I was loath to swallow so let it spill out of the sides of my mouth, down my chin and onto my breasts.

This scene was too much for Gbenro. He let out a cry of relief after excruciating, pent-up frustration and shot a stream of spunk that reached his chin and covered his chest and stomach.

It seemed like hours until we all regained our composure but was probably only minutes. The guys donned their swimming trunks and made to leave.

Me: “Hey, guys!” I said, “Safe journey home. And thanks.”

“You’re welcome. Any time!” they chorused and closed the door softly behind them.

I set Gbenro free. We embraced each and cuddled on the bed.

Me: “This is going to be a great holiday, Gbenro”

Gbenro: “You know, Ani. I think you’re right.”

Me: Any conference meeting tomorrow as planned?

Gbenro: Conference is hereby cancelled. We shall travel from Lagos to Kano some other time. He smiled

Me: Hahahah

Thankfully i wasn’t gangbanged by the 30 Vampires (whore-men). 3 was ok for me. I can now boastfully travel from lagos to sokoto for a D. We both looked forward to further adventures yet to come.


Stay tuned for Another interesting Adelove Late Night Fun Story!

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  1. So Ani u r not saved from dis ur sexual life, instead u looking forward to more adventures. Ok o, na here I go dey to read am all.

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