(Part 6) I can travel from Lagos to Sokoto for a D … Late Night Fun Story!

(Part 6) I can travel from Lagos to Sokoto for a D ... Late Night Fun Story!

It’s not that the sex life with Gbenro had become irretrievably dull, no not at all. He has always been a kind of Guy that made sure that I came, often before him. Yes i understand he’s my Boss, but i cannot deny myself when it comes to that sex part. We’ve tried out a variety of positions, some of which were more pleasurable to me, many of which really excited Gbenro and some which turned us both on and nearly always caused me to have multiple orgasms. So I really had nothing to complain about with Gbenro. It was just that … well, it seemed that sex was becoming routine and lacked the spark that once used to fire us with real passion after work. That’s why we booked ourselves on an all-inclusive holiday in a 5-star hotel on the coastal region in Sokoto to revitalize our sex life (all in the name of attending Conference in the North).

The catalyst for the wildest sexual experience I have ever encountered occurred in this afternoon of my stay as Gbenro left me in the midst of 30 hefty men, ready to swallow me without dropping a bone.

I woke up, then suddenly aware that I was being watched and, glancing over to bed. Gbenro, came in, held my hand and took me out of the room.

Me: What was that for?

Gbenro: Musa must be crazy! How will he ever thought of that?

Me: Thought of what?

Gbenro: You sleeping with 30 men at same time. He must be out of his senses.

We were both at the hotel Bar. Gbenro ordered some drinks. I was busy sipping and enjoying mine. Suddenly, I noticed three young men, staring at me, and I was clearly the subject of their conversation. They were probably in their late twenties, but who cares when they were as good-looking as they were and had such well-formed bodies. I have a vivid imagination and I pictured their cocks starting to get erect as they discussed what they’d like to do to me.

Gbenro had also noticed the three guys eyeing me up.

Gbenro: “Hey, there are three guys over at the bar undressing you with their eyes. I think they fancy you.”

Me: “Don’t be stupid,” I said, “I must be ten years older than them. What would they want to do with me?

Gbenro: “Are you kidding? You look great for your age – flat stomach, long slender legs, great tits. Besides, I know when a guy’s attracted to someone. Look at them. If their tongues hang out any further they’ll be licking the floor. Tell you what – tease them a bit. Go on!”

I glanced over to the bar and made eye contact with the three guys. it was clearly having an effect. I’d got myself worked up and suggested to Gbenro that we go back to our room. I pulled him through the door as we got in, threw my bag into a corner and slid my hand into his trunks. Firmly taking his JT in my hand I eased it out and began to stroke the shaft, feeling it grow hard.

Me: “Strip me”, I urged him.

Now naked, I knelt down in front of him, sliding off his trunks in the process. I then took his cock in my mouth, gently and teasingly at first, running the tip of my tongue around the head and then delicately pressing my teeth into the hardening shaft. I grasped his buttocks and slowly pulled him towards me taking the whole of his cock in my mouth and sucking him hard, as if to drink all the juices that were now beginning to flow.

Gbenro: “Fucking hell, Anita, that’s great!” he gasped trying to catch his breath and pulling my head forward, pushing even more of his prick into my mouth and throat. “Where did you suddenly learn to do that?”

I hadn’t the heart to tell him that I was still picturing the three guys down at the bar to come join us, besides, I never speak with my mouth full.

Gbenro then picked me up, carried me over to the bed, and threw me on my back forcing my legs wide open and lifting them up in the air. Then, thrusting his cock deep inside me, he began to pound away with all the lust and energy of a younger man who hadn’t had a woman for years. We both came at the same time and I felt his spunk pumping inside me as I gripped his cock inside my cookie, drawing him in even further. We collapsed exhausted onto the bed and waited for the dizziness to subside.

Me: Wow! You seemed to enjoy it as well. I wonder what brought that performance out of you,” I mused, “though I think I’ve a pretty good idea what turned you on.”

Nothing more needed to be said and anyhow I didn’t feel like declaring my fantasy. I think he already had a pretty good idea.

The following afternoon we headed for the pool near the bar. I suggested trying to grab a couple of sun  body cream near the swim-up bar. Gbenro’s wry smile betrayed that he knew why I wanted to be at that particular spot. I had my fingers crossed that the three guys would be there again. I wasn’t to be disappointed. When they looked over at me I smiled in return and the three guys smiled back knowingly.

Gbenro: “I’ll go and get us a couple of drinks,” He said a short while later. He headed over and stood directly next to the three guys, though there was plenty of space at the bar. I could see him in conversation with them and all four occasionally threw a smiling glance in my direction. When Gbenro returned with our cocktails (mine was a Irish cream, Gbenro’s was Jack and Coke) I was intrigued to discover what they’d been talking about.

Gbenro: “Oh nothing. Just chitchat. They’re all from Kano and this is their last day here. Chris is the tall guy, Andy’s the afro-hair guy and Phil’s the guy that obviously works out at the gym a lot.

Me: They look cute. Nice guys.”  “Is that all you talked about?” I asked

Gbenro: “Yes, that just about sums it up”. That abruptly ended the conversation. We returned to our drinks.

Two or three cocktails later I was beginning to feel horny again, so suggested we go back to our room. Gbenro took no persuading. As we left I could see Chris, Andy and Phil finishing their drinks. I thought nothing more of it.

No sooner had we entered our room and I was in the process of loosening my hair then the door burst open and the three guys rushed in. Then there was one hell of a commotion. The door was slammed shut and locked. Gbenro was overpowered by the three guys and stripped of his trunks. He was then tied in an armchair facing the bed. They then turned towards me.

Chris: “It’s our last day here,” said Chris, “and we’re going to make it a memorable one – for all of us. Any screaming by the way and we’ll cut your Boyfriend.” Andy brandished a long knife menacingly.

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