(Episode 5) Destiny has two ways of crushing us … An Inspired Story!

(Episode 5) Destiny has two ways of crushing us ... An Inspired Story!

Ella and Laura arrived Jessica’s home together; on sighting the both of them she became angry and was kind of disappointed at her friend Ella who couldn’t keep a small secret.

Jessica: while approaching them said to Ella” Ella, I am disappointed in you. I thought I said I didn’t want Laura to know of this?”

Ella: Sorry Jessy, you know she is our friend. I had to because I couldn’t come alone she lied.

Laura who was by herself felt embarrassed as to what Jessica said. She turned around , was about to leave when Jessica stopped her by the door and ushered her into her abode.

Jessica: Laura, you can come in. I can’t just send you away when you’re here already.

Laura: Thanks Jessica, she looked up smiling at her.

As the three girls entered into Jessica’s Home. They were amazed at how big the house was.

She had everything Laura has ever wanted. A Three Bedroom Flat, with state of the art decoration. In the sitting room was a well painted picture of Jessica and her Mom’s Portrait hanging on the wall, beside it, is a 32 inch Flat Led Screen and a Dstv decoder. The couch was made of tiger skin each placed on each side of the room, with a beautiful flower by the window side which added beauty to the room and scents like the early morning breeze.

Laura: Wow! Jessy your house is so beautiful. Hmm, you are a very lucky girl. Living like a princess.

Ella:’ your house fine sha and what is that noise am hearing’? Ella heard the sound of soft moan coming from one of the rooms in the house.

Jessica: ‘Hey guys, keep it down. Una never finish’? She shouted.’ Its Naomi and Jide doing the thing. You know that those two people have been lovers since they entered the school, I just gave them my room to do whatever they like with it.’

Ella: you mean they are having sex right underneath your nose, in your parents’ house and your room for that matter? Jesus Christ! Jessica, I know say you wild but I no imagine you wild reach dis one oh.

Laura: is anything wrong with Jessica letting them have their way in her house? As long as she is okay with it, I have no problem with her.

Jessica and Ella looked at her as if they are seeing her for the first time. The upright Laura supporting Jessica, what has come over her all of a sudden?

Ella: Laura, is everything okay with you because I can’t believe what just came out of your mouth. How can you be okay with what Jessica is doing?

Laura: It’s her house and her decision. Who am I to say otherwise?

Jessica: for the first time in your life you actually agreed to my decision? As in, you support me without arguing. Wow…na now you dey talk. It’s not a bad idea you came after all. Thanks jare.

In Laura’s mind, you have everything I ever wanted. You have a nice house, a mother who allows you do anything you want and you are also one of the big girls in school. If I had known you were this rich I would have been your best friend long ago. Instead of you choosing Ella over me, I will make you like me from now on so that whatever you want to teach Ella you will have to teach me first. Your class is the class I intend to attain and if it means agreeing with you like a fool, so be it as long as I attain your status and class even though I come from an average home I won’t let that deter me. You and I will trend, you and I will become best friends from now on because I won’t let this opportunity pass me by.

Laura: Jessica, forget all those talk wey I bin dey talk for school oh! All of them na wash. I just they talk them no be say I mean am.

Ella: stood speechless looking at the friend she thought was a good girl. She then remembered her purpose for coming. Ehen Jessica! What was it you wanted to talk about that you had to invite me over? We need to be fast about everything because I need to leave here by 6pm latest.

Jessica: oh that! Don’t worry, I invited Segun over. He has been wanting to have a heart to heart talk with you and I think it will be proper if you give the guy a chance but before that guys, let’s go get you some champagne and as for you Laura, even though you came here uninvited, I have someone I want to introduce to you. But wait here, let me go and make one or two calls and I believe Segun will be here any moment from now.

As soon as she left, Naomi and Jide left the room, came face to face with Laura and Ella. They both looked at them as if nothing happened and left just the way they came in, holding hands together.

Laura: Wonders sha never end. So because she don know man she no even fit say hi again abi? No be her fault and that Jide wey look like say him no go survive the next day na him Noami dey allow access to her vee jayjay? Wonder sha never end oooo. But Ella ooo, You and Segun fit end up like that today ooo

Ella: Laura, Me and Segun no go even start anything. If I know say Na because of Segun Jessica invite me come here, I for no commot for my house sef.

Laura: Ehen. Wetin you go come do?

Ella: since I don reach here, no wahala. I dey wait for the segun make him come. I no get strength to dey argue with Jessica, you know how she can be na.

Jessica walked In with a bottle of champagne along with benninlyn, codeine and skunk with three glasses each for them.


After the incident Diamond had with Uncle Emeka, The once happy and playful girl became a shadow of herself. She never left her Mom’s presence and was no longer close to Uncle Emeka.

Mrs Ayden noticing that the bond between Daughter and Uncle was no longer there became more worried for her daughter. She asked her daughter in the privacy of her own home if there is anything she wants to tell mom but her reply always remains No.

She decided to keep a close watch on her daughter and was resolved to find out why her daughter is a shadow of herself.

She walked to the sitting room where Emeka was and decided to ask him why the bond between daughter and Uncle is no longer there. Why Diamond is now too clingy towards her after the day she left both of them alone in the house.

Mrs. Ayden: How far Emeka, this one that you are at home early today, thought you said you had an interview by 3pm?

 Emeka: The interview did not hold today again, we were told to come tomorrow morning by 10:00am and since there is no where I have in mind of going today I decided to stay home.

Mrs Ayden: okay, no problem. I hope this will be positive because you really need the job, so that you can be on your feet again. The lord is your strength.

 Emeka: Amen ooh!

Mrs Ayden:’ by the way, what happened between you and Diamond the day I left you guys alone to the market’? Immediately she said it, Diamond went beside her mom to hide her face because she didn’t want Uncle Emeka to look at her with His threatening look.

Emeka:  Emeka froze immediately but quickly recovered.” Nothing happened. We just watched movies until you return. Though, I asked Diamond to fetch me my Bible in my room but she ignored me and continued watching her children programme and I gave her a stern warning. Since then, she has refused to have anything to do with me. She doesn’t even like coming close to me because she feels I will flog her.

Mrs. Ayden: looking at her daughter and trying to ascertain if what was said by Emeka  was true, asked her,’ is what Uncle said true’?

Diamond: wanting to speak out but remembered that Uncle threatened her immediately said ‘yes’.

Mrs. Ayden: okay!. She carried her daughter to her room and locked the door to her bedroom.

Uncle Emeka was nervous when the question was asked but relaxed immediately when Diamond said Yes for he thought he was about to be given away. He said to himself, So this stupid girl actually believed it when I said I was going to kill her and her mother. Well, Thank God that method worked but I have to make sure she doesn’t let the cat out of the bag. It seems her mother doesn’t believe anything I say. I have to be very careful oooo. Besides, why did she carry her to her room and locked the door? Does she want to have another mother and daughter talk? As he was busy thinking of his next line of action, suddenly the gate opened ushering Mr. Ayden into the compound.

Emeka quickly went to knock on Mrs Ayden bedroom calling and shouting that her husband was back. An act to stop whatever Mrs. Ayden was about to do.

Mrs Ayden, hearing Emeka call out to her concerning the arrival of her husband decided to leave the matter for another day but promises to talk to Diamond because the changes in her ones playful daughter is worrisome.

Questions: Seems Ella and her friends are about to have a nice time while waiting for Segun and Mr who knows. Will Mrs. Ayden find out her daughter little secret?

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  1. Hmmmmm…. Ella is in 4 it already…. i just pray she won’t be drugged… Diamond’s mum should pressurize her daughter more to find out d truth.

  2. I jst hope Diamond opens up to her mum on tym b4 its too late, Ella could be drugged and b4 she knws it, yawa don gas ⛽, GOD help her shaa

  3. Emeka is not only stupid bt wicked,how cud he do such with a kid,Its just a matter of tym…Emeka secret will soon b out..Ella shud b careful
    Else she will wake up nd d damaged Wud ve been done.

  4. Please, she should.. Let her find out,the girl is young for such act..

    Hummmmmmm, Ella&her friends,a child left to himself or herself will bring shame to his or her parents.

  5. This is a big lesson to all,never bring in any Uncle to the house.Emeka you are very wicked and your secret would soon be opened

  6. Hmmmmmmm…… Ella and Jessica are ripped enough to do whatever they want to do without even being drugged. I hope Diamond’s mother finds out about her daughter’s little secret.

  7. Diamond’s mother will later find out the secret between her daughter and so called uncle of hers Emeka but it will take time. As of Ella and her friend, they are old enough to know what they want.

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