We are tired of ‘one minute silence’ for the dead in Nigeria – Senator Saraki

Senate President, Dr.Bukola Saraki has lamented over carnage in Zamfara communities state where scores of people were killed.

He said, the Senate was getting tired of one minute silence often observed in honour of the dead in Nigeria.

In his apparent abhorrence to incidences of killing across the nation and lately, in Zamfara communities, he noted that the ugly trend must not continue.

Reacting to a motion sponsored by Senator Tijjani Kaura representing Zamfara North Senatorial district, Saraki posited that drastic measures must be taken to forstall further killing of innocent citizens anywhere in Nigeria.

‘Distinguished Colleagues, I must say therefore, that we are tired of observing one minute silence for the dead in this chambers.”

“How long do we continue? Something must be done. Enough to these killings”, he insisted.



  1. This is what you get when the Hausa/Fulani dominated government of Nigeria relish the killing, by its soldiers, of unarmed Biafrans, while the real mass murderers, the Fulani herdsmen walk the streets free men with AK 47 rifles with which they kill and main innocent citizens

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