(Episode 10) Destiny has two ways of crushing us … An Inspired Story!

(Episode 10) Destiny has two ways of crushing us ... An Inspired Story!

The following day, Emeka picked Diamond up from school, took her home and asked her to go to his room and bring his t-shirt that is lying on the bed. She was extremely tired from school work and needed to rest but she obliged. As soon as she got to the room, she opened it and didn’t see any t-shirt. She came back to where he was and said there was no t-shirt on the bed but Emeka told her to check well maybe it was not on the bed and she went back again.

As she was looking for the t-shirt, Emeka came into the room and closed the door.

Diamond: Uncle, I didn’t see any t-shirt.

Emeka: oh the t-shirt! Forget it he said moving close to Diamond who was also moving backwards with her back to the bed. Diamond, Uncle will not hurt you. All Uncle Want from you is for you to pull your pants down.

Diamond: No Uncle, I can’t do it. Mom said if anybody asks me to pull my pants i should say No.

Emeka: ‘you better do as I say because nobody is here to save you not even Dad’ he ordered.

She was about to run past him when he caught her by her hair, dragged her towards the bed and pushed her. ‘You this stupid girl’ he slapped her. who in the world told you to disobey me?

Diamond: Uncle, I am sorry I won’t disobey you again, I want to go outside and wait for Dad, Please Uncle your hurting me, she said crying.

Emeka: Will you shut up that your dirty mouth, if I hear pim again from you, you will see the other side of me. Now will you pull your pant or do you want me to pull it for you?

Diamond: Uncle Please, Uncle Please let me go. She clasped her hands together begging. Uncle please let me go, please she said sobbing.

Emeka: without waiting for anymore delay, he undressed himself, Carried Diamond roughly towards the bed, placed her there and started undressing her. I told you to remove your pant and you are there calling Uncle, is Uncle my name? Since you don’t want to do it, I will do it for you.

Diamond: Let me go! Let me goooo!!! Let me gooooo!!!!



Ella: Segun, so you finally came to write WAEC. I thought you will never show your face here again after what you did to me, she said angrily

Segun: I know what I did was despicable. I haven’t been able to come to you face to face because i am ashamed of myself and what I did. I know that no matter what I say, It will never undo what has been done but believe me, I am very sorry for everything I did to you. I don’t know what came over me; it was the devil at work. Am sorry Ella.

Ella: She raised her hand up in the air, Will you stop all this nonsense you’re talking about please. Segun, this is all a charade. You act all nice but you’re a beast in human form. Just say the truth Segun, the only reason you came here is because you are writing your WAEC here and you will be seeing me every day. Else explain to me why you haven’t looked for me in the past to apologize?

Segun: ‘I don’t have anything to say except I am very sorry’ he said.

Ella: what has happened has happened. You may leave please.

Segun not knowing what to do or say to Ella stood for a few minutes and left.

Ella: laid her head on the desk and thought to herself. I live in a country where rape is used as an instrument of war. I am only silent because of the shame, stigma and fear of being hounded. I really want to get to someplace beyond this pain. If I tell my family what will they think of me, I am the only female child of my parents and I will not want to bring disgrace to them. Even if I tell them and they take it to the relevant authorities will there be a promise of Justice at the end? What a country I live in, where rape victims such as me go silent and perpetrator goes away freely. Where those who raped women and children are sent free by the relevant authorizes even while the case is reported. There is no justice in my country.


Mrs. Ayden was not comfortable in the hospital, she felt something was not right but she could not place what it was. Her Husband Mr. Ayden saw her moodiness and asked.

Mr. Ayden: what is wrong with you, are you okay? You seem to be restless.

Mrs Ayden: ignoring his question asked, have you tried reaching Emeka to know if he has picked Diamond from school?

Mr. Ayden: I did but his number was switched off and so I had to call the school, they told me he came to pick her up. Is that why you’re worried?

Mrs Ayden: I don’t know, I just feel something is wrong somewhere. Can we go home now? Am feeling much better.

Mr. Ayden: we have to wait for Doc. Shola’s approval before you go anywhere Madame. Until he says you can go then you can. Until then, we are both staying here.

Mrs Ayden: looking at her husband and knowing how stubborn he can be once he makes up his mind about something, she decided to be diplomatic about the situation. Sweetheart, I know that i am pregnant and I am sorry for neglecting myself. I promise you that from now on, I will take care of myself and our unborn baby but right now, we need to go home. Please Darling, Please,I  have never asked for anything since we got married and now that I am asking that we go home just grant me my request please.

Mr. Ayden: seeing that his wife won’t give up succumbed to her will. ‘Okay! Let me tell the doctor to discharge you’ he said and went to see Doc. Shola.


Diamond: Let me go Uncle! Let me goooo Uncle Emeka

Emeka: Go where? I must reach Cloud 9 this night. You daughter of a bitch!

Diamond Struggled with her little strength but it was no match for her uncle who overpowered her and slapped her continuously.

As Emeka was undressing her with one hand and holding her down with the other hand, he felt a deep pain in his lap and screamed. He saw that Diamond was using her teeth to cut deep into him, he punched her face and Diamond went still.

Question: I hope you are enjoying this interesting story? Will Doc agree to discharge Mrs Ayden? Do you think Little Diamond is Safe?  What’s next for Ella?

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  1. Ella has no choice Dan 2 move on…d deed has been done..diamond is not safe with dat retard human being called uncle emeka..

  2. wat a monster, Emeka is…. can u imagine? wat pleasure is he gonna derive from raping a child?…. i just pray Diamond’s parent get dere asap to rescue d little girl.

  3. The Doc will agree.
    Diamond will be safe coseher parents will soon arrive.
    Ella…won’t tell her parent but maybe her brother.

  4. doctor should better discharge Mrs Eden oooo
    ..little diamond is not safe ooo.as for Ella she will be a great person and fight against rape victims

  5. Hmmmm, Emeka is a beast, Diamond it’s time to speak up ooooo,I pray nothing happens to her ooooo @Ella d deed has bin done just try and move on

  6. I pray the Doc discharges her bcos Diamond is not save at all, Emeka will take advantage of her. As for Ella she should speak up. Emeka is a beast your brother’s daughter who equals your hmmm, God have mercy n save diamond.

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