(Episode 2) Jingle and Mingle … Campus Experience!

(Episode 2) Jingle and Mingle ... Campus Experience!

After a long, tiring, 45mins drive, we finally arrived at Adeleke University’s parking lot closer to Bello Hostel and parked on the one closest to the building.

I slowly opened the vehicle door and ever so gently placed my foot on the ground. Yeah, I always like to be dramatic. It makes me tingle in excitement knowing that at least 20 students that will be attending with me just saw how dramatic I am. I could easily be the next Genevieve Nnaji you know?

New Friend: Hey!

Someone greets, startling me and causing me to lose my balance for a moment before I hold myself up by the car we brought.

Me: Hi! I finally reply, straightening my posture and pulling down the hem of my skirt

New Friend: Mabel, nice to meet you” she introduces herself and holds out her arm for me to shake.

I look down at it before putting my attention back to her face. I don’t know where the hand has been.

Me: Uhhh! Nike. I smile, finally taking her hand in mine and shaking it twice before letting it go and look around like an idiot.

She looks around as well, nothing else left to say.

Mabel: It’s a very nice university, one of the best in the country. So, I was wrong

Me: Very nice, indeed. I agree

Mabel: Shall we enter and take a look at the inside?

Me: Sure. I reply as I face Kabiru to assist me carrying my luggage. “Kabiru please carry my luggage and follow us”

Kabiru: Ok small madam. I’m doing that now

Mabel surprises me by taking a hold of my arm and entwines it with her own, kinda like how a father does when he’s walking his daughter down the aisle towards her soon to be husband, that is, if he doesn’t chicken out and leaves her hanging.

I get pulled out of my own inner conversation when I notice that we had already entered the building, immediately being surrounded with the fresh air from the air conditioner and students crowding around.

While we are walking down, I catch myself drooling over a gorgeous boy that is definitely taller than me, strong figure, perfect hair formed into a marvelous quaff, and I can’t quite see his face but who cares, it must be flawless from what I can see at a distance.

I’m pulled away from my glance when Mabel tugs at my arm and pulls me the opposite direction from the sexy beast.

Mabel: Focus friend. We’re going to become really good friends. She said with a smile on her face and continues to drag me towards an unknown direction.

She finally stops in front of a desk and I look around to see that it’s a little office.

Lady: Names? The lady sitting at the desk asks

Mabel: Mabel Abiodun. She replies before me, offering the lady, which by looking at her name tag pinned to her shirt, her name is Linda.

Linda: Okay. She looks through a cabinet and pulls out, what seems to be her schedule and hands it to her “Room 300, here’s your key” She hands her a key with the number handing from the key chain and turns her attention towards me.

Linda: Oh Nike Jade! I smile and she nods her head, looking back down at the cabinet and pulls out my schedule. She then takes out a key and hands it to me as well. “Room 305”

Me: Thank you Linda. I wave at her and she waves back with a smile as Mabel drags me out of the office. “Must you drag me everywhere?” I chuckle, but she just continues to drag me along towards a building. I read the sign at the top of the two doors and read “300’s”… “ Are we in the same building”?

Mabel: You barely noticed

Me: Nice way of telling me I’m slow huh?

Mabel: I thought it was obvious” she looks back at me and smirks

Kabiru left back home after helping me with my luggages. The giggling and yelling with Mabel was interrupted when she bumps into another girl as she looks back at me, causing the girl to drop her books.

Mabel: Oh my god, I’m so sorry. Here, I will help you. She says and kneels down to recollect her books from the ground and hands them back to her.

Lady: Thank you. She replies shyly and I can’t help but giggle

Mabel: No problem, I’m Melanie. She introduces herself and does the same thing she did to me outside the building, she extends out her arm towards her.

Lady: Patricia. She responds and shakes her hand, looking down when she lets go.

Me: I’m Nike. Nice to meet you. I smile as I walk up to her and surprise her when I wrap my arms around her. “Can I call you Patty? I ask once I pull away

Patricia: Sure. She smiles, lifting her head up higher. “Only I can call you Nikki?

Me: I giggle “Of course. Oh and Mabel, I’m calling you Mel”

Mabel: I thought you would never ask. She says, flattered.

Patricia: I didn’t ask, I said I was calling you like that, whether you liked it or not.

Mabel: Geez. She rolls her eyes “Rude much?”


Me: My future Husband! Wait, What is Patty giggling with him? Oh hell no! Do I need to cut this girl?

I turn my attention back to Patty and notice that she’s walking towards him. Oh how I wish I had a wolf! My anger builds up.

Me: Wait! Why am I so mad when he’s not even mine or I never even met him? He can be her boyfriend for all I know. Oh god! Please no!

I watch as they wrap their arms around each other and I feel a piece of my heart fall to the pit of my stomach.

Question: Who is the future Husband Nike is referring to? What can you say about this interesting story so far?

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  1. The handsome beast with a flawless face I guess. But what is she up to, a guy she hardly knew and she is already falling for him.ftin d look of things dat guy may bring misunderstanding btw she and patty.

  2. Adelove good day to you. Kudos to your great work of making me smile and busy everyday. I have been down lately. Due to the inconsistencies in posting your stories that have changed lives and minds like mine. Would love it if the issue hindering this great site from posting stories is looked into.

  3. The tittle of the story said it all, she won’t concentrate on her studies cuz she will JINGLE AND MINGLE….


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