(Episode 3) Jingle and Mingle … Campus Experience!

(Episode 3) Jingle and Mingle … Campus Experience!

I watch as they wrap their arms around each other and I feel a piece of my heart fall to the pit of my stomach.

Guy: Hey Sis. He greets her once they pull away Mand l let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding.

Patricia: Hey! She greets back at him. “You are in this hall too?”

Guy: Yeah, he replies simply and turns to where Mabel and I were standing, making my breath hitch in my throat. “Room 305”

Me: Wait! What? That’s my room!

Patricia: Ohhh, I have room 347. She frowns

He ignores her and continues to stare at us, a smirk plastered on his beautiful face.

Guy: Hey Sis

Patricia: Yes?

Guy: Those your friends over there?

She looks back at us

Patricia: Yeah, why?

Guy: They’re hot!

I blush at his statement and I could hear Mabel giggle.

Patricia: Jide! She yells and then a slap is heard throughout the hall, followed by a hiss.

Guy (Jide): What the hell was that for?

Patricia: Seriously Jide? She snaps “Is that all you know how to do? Checking out my friends?

Jide: Well, he starts “If they’re hot, then yes”

Patricia: Jide!

Jide: Wha hahahaha. He laughs

Patricia: Woman-wrapper

Jide: Thanks. He giggle. He snaps his head towards me and I blush, putting my attention on anything but him. “Hey you! Pretty lady!” he shouts and starts to walk in our direction.

Me: Oh crap! Oh crap! What do I do? What do I say? How do I look? Ohhh no!!!

I get pulled out of my train of thought when I feel warm arms wrap around my waist. I’m melting!

Jide: Hi! My name is Jide. What’s your name? He asks, massaging my sides with his thumb. Oh sweet baby jesus, help me.

Me: Uuuhh..mmm! I stutter “Nike”

Jide: Nice to meet you, uuhh-mmm-Nike. He chuckles, mocking me and I dissolve completely. His laugh is perfect.

Patricia: Jide! Patty groans and he turns his head towards her, smirking

Jide: I’m just trying to get to know her, geez Sis, don’t get your booty tickled.

Patricia: Don’t get your D all up in the bundle and leave Nike alone! She snaps back at him and I gasp at her combat and at the sudden skin to skin contact when his hands find their way under my shirt. “Jide, you horny bastard! What the hell!” She yells the moment she notices where his hands were at and pulls him away. “You’re never going to change Jide, are you?”

Jide: Nope! He pops the ‘p’ and winks at me when she pulls him down the hall.

Mabel: He’s hot! Mabel whispers once they walk away and I knock out of my trance and giggle.

Patricia: Jide! No! I am not going to give you a handjob! What the hell is wrong with you? I’m your sister for crying out loud! Patty spits at him and my eyes widen.

Jide: I was only joking! He defends with a laugh

Patricia: Still. That’s not nice. It’s gross!

Jide: If you weren’t my sister, I would’ve already had you in bed!

I could hear his smirk as he says that and Patty smacks his arm. Hard.

Patricia: You are f**cking dirty. Fucka Boy like you

Jide: Well, I like ‘em feisty!

Patricia: Please shut the hell up and get a cold shower! She demands and he chuckles. “You need it Jide” she adds

Jide: Sure I do

Patricia: Well, there’s my room, stay out of trouble and also stay out of girl’s pants.

Jide: No promises

Patricia: Jide! Jide!! Jide!!! How many times did I call you? She warns

He throws his hands up in defeat “Alright, alright, alright, I will”. Jide replied

Patricia: Go to your room

Jide: Okay mother Theresa. He laughs and walks further down the hall when she closes her door.

After winking at me, putting his key through the key hole, and going inside, Mabel and I just stay standing there like lost puppies.

Mabel: He’s a cocky hottie that needs to control his hormones. Mabel speaks up and I giggle.

Me: Mabel, I think I’m tired. I need to go my new room. Talk to you later

I reach into my little pocket that was built onto my skirt and pull out my key. I put it in the key hole and the click makes way for entrance. I’m greeted with an empty room and I arch an eyebrow – until the sound of the water running hits my ears, coming from the bathroom.

Me: What I have a room mate? Who could that be?

I take a deep breath and shut the door behind me, I walk over to the bed that hasn’t been touched yet and plop down on it, hearing the water hit the floor, from the shower. I fall back on the bed, laying flatly on my back and just start to stare up at the ceiling like if it’s the most interesting thing in the world.

My thoughts are cut short when the door from the bathroom flies open, causing me to bolt up to a seated position and stare at a hot, wet, dreamy, smirking, sexy beast who walks out with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

Me: What am I dreaming? Are you my roommate?

Jide: Hi Nike. Geez! So you are my roommate?

Question: Male and Female as roommates? Is this still happening in Nigeria?  

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