(Episode 4) Jingle and Mingle … Campus Experience!

(Episode 4) Jingle and Mingle … Campus Experience!

Me: I think I’m drooling!

I quickly lift my hands up to my face and sigh in relief when I realize that it’s dry. That would’ve been embarrassing. Not that this isn’t awkward at all. ‘Cause it is.

Jide: Geez Sweetheart! He teases. “I know I’m hot but come on, is it that necessary to come into my room when I’m in nothing  but a towel?”

Me: Umm.. mmm. Comes my idiotic response “Th-this is m-my r-r-room” I finish stuttering more than necessary

Jide: Hmmm, a girl as a roommate? He stares at me, never erasing the smirt off his face. “A pretty, hot, stuttering, girl as a roommate?

Heat creeps up my neck and I feel my cheeks flush in just seconds and I try to hide it by falling back on the bed and go under the sheets – but the only thing that I succeed is fall off the bed with a loud thump and a deep groan to escape my lips when I land on my butt.

Laughter booms throughout the room when I collapse on my side to rub my butt with my left hand. Once the numbness finally goes away and I push myself off the floor, I stare down at a dying seal on the floor, with his towel falling off.

I feel myself heat up again throughout my entire body and I instantly jump face down on my bed and burry my face into the pillow; both from embarrassment and because I was about to get an unwelcomed show.

Jide: Th-that was gold. I should have recorded it. He snorts between his laughter and I groan with my face still buried in the pillow.

Me: I need to pee. I say as I get up from the bed and start to walk to the bathroom, but of course, having a pervert in the room, I didn’t enter the bathroom without getting a smack on my left buttcheek and another squeal to escape my lips.

Jide: You have a nice ass. He comments right before I shut the door.


Patricia visits her brother only to realize we stay same room.

Patricia: Your ex is calling you. She emphasizes the ‘ex’ part

Jide: who?

Patricia: Your ‘ex’

Jide: Sis! Jide whisper shouts “quit that”

Patricia: Jide! Patty groans as she sits down on my bed. “I don’t give a shit”

Jide: Well, Jide starts “I don’t want a shit, keep it. I’m just telling you that she keeps texting and calling me and it’s annoying. She was only a one-night stand”

Me: Umm.. I mumble “Can you guys please excuse me, I need go use the restroom”

They ignore me as I walk in and shut the door behind me, sighing and shaking my head.

Patricia: You’re sick! You just used her as a toy and then threw her away once you finished! Who are you?

Jide: I’m Jide, nice to meet you. I could hear his smirk and then a spank on his chest “GBbbbaaAAsssSS”

Patricia: You’re not the Jide I grew up with!

Jide: Did you just slap my chest? What’s that for?

Patricia: Yes, I did. You’re not the Jide I grew up with!

Jide: And you’re not the Patricia I grew up with either

Patricia: I just want my little brother to get a proper girlfriend

Jide: Just for your information “ You’re only older by 3 minutes!” Jide argues. Seriously! “3 fucking minutes Patricia!”

Patricia: I don’t care about that, I care about your relationship. Jide, get a real girlfriend. One you could say “I love you” whenever you want and not having a different girl every week.”

Jide: Well, it’s not that easy Sis

Patricia: Of course it is! She sniffles.

Jide: How?

Patricia: Take a girl you’re interested in to a special place and have a small talk. Go on dates, and eventually ask her for an official relationship.”

This might be the wrong timing, but if I don’t get out of the restroom soon, they’re going to think I clogged the toilet or something. Not what I want for a first day friendship.

I slowly open the door and step out of the restroom with a smile on my face.

Me: Umm.. I giggle “I’ll go check on..umm..Mabel. Leave you to it” I wave at them and Patricia turns to look at Jide with a sheepish smile.

Me: What? I ask as they both look at me with the creepiest smirk plastered on their faces. I catch a tiny glint in Patty’s eyes as Jide starts to approach me.

I slowly back away, extending out my arms to prevent him from coming closer than arms length. My back makes contact with the wall and a small screech escapes my lips, causing Jide’s smirk to stretch.

Jide lifts both his hands and wraps his fingers around my wrist, bringing them down by my side as he closes the gap between us, leaving only about an inch. My breathing becomes ragged when he brings his head down to the crook of my neck and the sound of a door clicking shut echoes through my ears and my attention turns towards the bed where Patty was sitting moments ago.

Patricia left us alone! Just what I needed! NOT!

My attention blurs when I feel something warm and soft make contact with my skin. His lips hover over my flesh as he brings them up to my ear and whispers,

Jide: “I know you heard all of that.. huh” he said before gently bites down on my earlobe, causing a shock to go down my spine and ending right at my core, wetting my panties

Well, there’s my turn on SWITCH.

He trails down my neck again and sucks on my collar bone, causing a low moan to escape my lips and I quickly shut my lips tight to prevent any other noises to come out. I feel him smile against my skin and he lifts his head up to look into my eyes, the annoying smirk still glued on his gorgeous face.

Question: I still need someone to guess this Story right? It’s getting more interesting now

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  1. Let’s find out… Or could she b dreaming? Well Nike may be d right Gf for Jide. Adelove, d story not coming up as supposed to…. Pls work on it, thanks.

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