“Tithing is not compulsory” — Dr. Olukoya

Speaking today at Mountain of Fire and Ministries International Headquarters, the General Overseer of the church, Dr. D.K. Olukoya, disclosed that tithing is purely a personal relationship between the giver and God, and not compulsory.


He further said that by doing so, one gets more blessing from God. According to him, tithing is done by Christians who see everything they own as given to them by God, as there are some who have gone beyond giving 10%.

Dr. Olukoya also said when one tithes, he/she is sowing seed for future prosperity.

“There is nowhere in the Bible where it is written that tithing and giving offering is compulsory. But if you want to trust God with your finances you should even strive to do more than the tithe” he said.



  1. Wow!U are truly a man of God. To me, i so much believe in tithing cox it is my personal relationship with God. I really wonder what is causing this uproar on social media about tithing! no man of God will ever force u or make it a compulsory task for u to pay tithe. if u are led to pay do it but if u aren’t led to do it don’t do it but then, don’t discourage who is willing to do it and secondly don’t insult or criticize a man of God cox his anointing will surely visit u. allow God be d judge cox him alone has the right to judge… that’s my take on this tithing issue so far.

  2. This isn’t all about seasoned men of God going on social media. the point is that devil has so much unleash his agent to judge and blasphemy men of God! NO ONE, I repeat NO One has the right to judge anyone. if these men of God are fake, the end shall tell. calling names of men of God n writing unsculptured things about them isn’t right. I for one pay my tithe not because a pastor talked about the necessity of paying tithe but because it is my personal relationship with my God.

  3. Distraction of the highest order…who’s business is it if I pay or don’t pay my tithe? Na waooo…Christians faith will never be cut short in Nigeria

  4. this issues of tithing has generated a lots of argument on social media,
    let me remind us some days ago I watch from social media the rate at which most our pastors in Nigeria celebrate their newly acquired private plane and others expenses cars,
    I think this is what brought the issue of tithing and the money realise from Tith was used to acquire all this very expensive materials,
    I know of a friend who sold his car to establish a church what do you expect from such a persons is business as usual,
    God will judge everyone

  5. Unfortunately, many people have for too long myopically and ignorantly, resorted to put their trust in the so-called ‘Men of God’ rather than God Himself. It is however, interesting that these discussions are going on to enlighten people about what God wants from us, and Christ is therefore being preached (Phil 1:15-18). Many now know more scriptures within the last few weeks than they ever knew all their lives. Even the ‘Men of God’ have become more knowledgeable about the Bible dispensations and God’s requirements – may God be praised.

    1 Peter 3:15, enjoins Christians to be ready to defend or give an answer always of the hope in them, including our practices/beliefs – ‘rightly dividing the word of truth’. If so-called GOs (BTW the only ‘GO’ is Christ, and the rest of us are equal members of the body of Christ with the same access to God through Christ – Heb 4:14-16, 1 Tim. 2: 5-7) cannot defend a doctrine that they have held onto with so much passion and zeal, how can they then preach Christ to the lost. Paul directed Titus (Titus 1:5-9) to appoint elders (also called Overseers, Pastors, Bishops, Shepherds, etc) in every congregation, emphasising the autonomy of the local church even in managing finances. The Church of Christ has been structured in this manner since Pentecost (Acts 2). Any deviation or central worldly authority is man-made. True members of the Church of Christ are all over the world today, they speak where the Bible speaks, and are silent where it is silent. They do not pay/receive Tithes, because there is no such example in the New Testament – the example for Christians (1 Cor. 11:1, 1 Pet. 2:21). Whilst not collecting tithes, they have built free Schools, World Bible Schools, Hospitals, supported millions of poor communities/people, etc. all over the World through the collection of the saints (1 Cor. 16:1-2) and donations meant only for such purposes. In the example of 1 Corinthians 16, Paul instructed the Corinthians to contribute so he can take the offering to support the poor brethren in Jerusalem. That’s our example. How beautiful is this purpose when emulated!

    Amongst the many Churches of Christ today, those who work in local congregations (Preachers) who have no other jobs are provided stipends or salaries by their local Church or supported by another congregation well-able to do so. Preachers are not called to riches; Jesus wasn’t, Paul wasn’t. The Disciples left everything and followed Christ and never turned back. This is a simple message that has been well understood even centuries after Christ left. Paul warned against the love of money in the Church.

    There are secular work that can get you wealth, you have to choose between wealth and Christ if you want to serve in such capacities (1 Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1). Please research the ‘Church of Christ’; Nigeria has so many congregations of the Church of Christ. Within the Church of Christ, it is simply about Bible Study and doing the word, and every individual Christian belongs and can question any doctrine. The Bible settles it and that’s all. No sentiments, no ‘Man of God’ special experience and revelation (1 Cor. 13). What has been revealed in the Bible is sufficient for our salvation, therefore we shall not go beyond (Jude 1:9; 1 Tim 3:16-17; 2 Pet 1:3; Hebrews 1:1-2). It is not about ‘Tithe’ being compulsory or optional, the truth is revealed in the Church. ‘Pastors’ should willingly declare the truth of Christ to the world or they are not qualified (1 Tim 3:16-17). You don’t appoint yourself Pastor, the Church does based on Bible criteria (Titus 1, 1 Tim 3:16-17) and can stand you down if you do not continue to meet those qualifications at any point in time. Do not add or subtract from the complete word (Rev 22:18-19). Nigerians, wake up, arise to support Christ and not men. We go to school to learn to unlearn, why are we not learning and unlearning when it comes to the things of God—-‘my Pastor said so’. Please ask, what does the word of God say – study like the noble Berean Jews (Acts 17:11). The country, and not the Church, needs our wealth to develop the nation. Churches need to be at the forefront of supporting the vision of social development. Why on earth will you give a hungry family member money to pay tuition, and he/she takes a tenth for tithe and comes back to you that the money you’ve given is not enough for tuition. Manipulation and slavery in the name of religion!!! Some people must be accountable and be made to restitute accordingly. No one should support erroneous teaching – it’s evil.

    BTW, the greatest message (i.e. word of God) is about eternity, soul prosperity, and that was the entire message of Christ on earth. We should not change it. Let us focus on Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Let’s allow the word to teach us about Christ and not follow man’s doctrines or additions/subtractions. He that has an ear let him hear!

  6. Dr. Olukoya has nailed it on the head. Many Pastors directly or indirectly impose tithing on their members as compulsory and a lot do it through different gymick in the church.
    It is very good but a personal relationship with God.

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