(Episode 1) Monster’s Den with the Dead

(Episode 1) Monster's Den with the Dead

Meat seller: Ah Customer, welcome oooo. How much Okazi leafs you wan buy today? The seller asked Mrs Kennedy who came to buy food items from the market.

Mrs. Kennedy: Weldone ooo, abeg give me okazi leafs one thousand naira, do am well oooo because I wan prepare delicious food for my husband wey dey come tomorrow.

Meat seller: No wahala Madame, she said, as she grinds the okazi leafs. After she was done, she packaged it and gave it to Mrs. Kennedy who bid her farewell and went to her car which was parked by the roadside in mile 4 Port Harcourt.

As she got into her car she said to herself, I hope this time around he will stay longer than expected. I will cook his favorite meal; I won’t give him any reason to want to leave home early. I will rekindle the love we had, make him realize that I am the best wife in the world to him. She looked up above and hoped for a miracle. She started her car, zoomed off to pick her children from school.

Mr and Mrs Kennedy have been married for 12years, blessed with 2 kids named Bryan and Andrea. Mrs Kennedy is a full time house wife. Though a graduate, but decided to give up her career to face her family the moment she became pregnant for Andrea and nearly had a miscarriage. She knows that her husband has been having an affair ever since he made Warri his head office, but she is not the kind of woman who will give up her marriage easily and so pretends like everything is alright. She was excited when her husband called saying he will be coming home the following day and decided to use that opportunity to rekindle their love and marriage.

She picked her children from school, told them their daddy will be returning the following day with excitement in her voice. Bryan who knows that whenever daddy is home, everyone will be agitated decided to speak out.

Bryan: ‘Mom, why is it that whenever daddy comes home, the house is always as silent as a graveyard? Anything we do he picks offence’ He said.

Mrs Kennedy: Bryan she said, it is not that your father picks offence, you know your daddy works so hard to provide everything and anything you guys want. So most times, he is always stressed out and the only way to relieve his stress is to put it out on us. Don’t worry Bryan, your daddy won’t do it again I promise. She added.

 Andrea: Hmm, I hope so oh! Mummy, said Andrea who has been playing games with her mom’s phone, why doesn’t daddy call us like he use to do before? He doesn’t play with us, doesn’t laugh with us, he is always so uptight with us.

Mrs Kennedy: Andrea, your dad loves you both and like I said he is always busy with work. You guys should understand with him okay she pleaded with her eyes from her rear view mirror. ‘Okay Mom, if you say so’ said Andrea.

Dear God!

Please keep my family safe and together always. I know that Kennedy hasn’t been the best father or husband lately but I am willing to forgive and accept him back. Please God, bring my husband back to me, a new and changed man. If not for my sake but for the sake of my kids. Amen! She prayed silently.


Jennifer: ‘Hello Darling’ she said through the phone, ‘how are you doing’? Hope they are not stressing you for me ooo. I miss you too. Okay, this one you are going for a one week business meeting in Port Harcourt, don’t let all those girls snatch you away from me ooo. Okay, love you and bye’. She ended the call with all smiles and looked at her friend who has been eager to hear the latest gist concerning her friend.

Jessica: Jennifer na, gist me.

Jennifer: ‘But wait na, you no want make I talk finish with my boo? Anyway, the gist be say we want to take our relationship to the next level. I mean, he is planning on coming to see my parents. Though, I want it to be sometime next year but he can’t wait to have all this to himself’ she said, as she used her hands to touch her boobs and ass.

Jessica: Wow girlfriend, I am so happy for you. You didn’t just get a man but you got a handsome, rich, sexy, intelligent man. A man who loves and adore you. I envy you ooo.

Jennifer: Don’t worry; your Mr. Right is on his way.

Jessica: Amen! She shouted. ‘But babe wait ooo, how come you no wan follow Kennedy go Port Harcourt since there is nothing keeping you here in Delta State

Jennifer: Hmmm, I don even tire for the matter myself. Each time I bring up the topic he keeps telling me I will be a distraction, I kukuma let the sleeping dog lie.

Jessica:  I hope he is not having an affair in Port Harcourt because all this Port Harcourt girls, their eyes too dey shook. Don’t give anybody any chances.

Jennifer: Hmm, babe you no trust me? Any girl wey go wan chop from the same pot wey me I dey chop from eh! Hmmm. I go show the person say me, I be warri girl. I be Jennifer  Kome Osaze from Ilah Local government. I go treat that person fuck up because I no chop or look for another woman man. Babe, leave that talk abeg. I trust Kennedy.

Jessica:  I trust your judgment sha. Wetin dey house wey we fit chop abeg I dey hungry she asked her friend whom she came to visit.

As soon as Kennedy ended his call with Jennifer, he was glad he has spoken to her and told her of his one week appointment he will be going for the following day. He remembered when she first came to her office, telling the secretary that she wants to see the M.D of the company. His secretary refusal in allowing her see the M.D to sell her perfume to him made Jennifer angry and was exchanging words with her. The secretary was about to usher Jennifer out of her office when Kennedy walked in and met the rukus.’ What is happening here’ he asked. The secretary, who was fuming explained all that transpired and how arrogant Jennifer was towards her. Kennedy turned to Jennifer, apologized without asking her own side of the story and told the secretary to go back to her position while he ushered Jennifer into his office.

Mr. Kennedy: Please have a seat. I am the M.D of Marvins Oil & Gas. I am so sorry about my secretary, she was only following instructions’ he smiled at the beautiful lady looking at him.

Jennifer: ‘I am also to be blamed, I went overboard by raising my voice at her’ she said shyly.

Mr. Kennedy: My name is Kennedy Njemanze and you are?

Jennifer: I am Jennifer Osaze

Mr. Kennedy: Okay Jenny, do you mind if I call you that?

Jennifer: No, not at all sir

Mr. Kennedy: Alright then, what can I do for you Jenny?

Jennifer:’ Actually, I came to sell my products to you’, she brought out her packaged perfume from her bag and showed it to him. Mr. Kennedy was not interested in the perfume but the beautiful lady herself, he decided to buy one of her perfumes with a promise that she will go on a date with him. He brought out his complimentary cared, handed it to her and told her to call him anytime she is free. Jennifer was skeptical at first but seeing that he was not wearing any wedding band decided to give it a try. She collected the complimentary cared, thanked him and left. He smiled to himself, ‘today is gonna be a good day’ he said to himself. ‘Thank God I forgot my wedding band today else, she would not have accepted my proposal’ he added.

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  1. Hummmmmmm!!!!.. O ga o..Anyway & crew,I trust your judgement, keep the ball rolling..another interesting one there.. #girl friend, house wife,children, hummmmmmm!!! I pray it works for real Mrs Kennedy o.

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