(Final Episode 5) Jingle and Mingle … Campus Experience!

(Episode 5) Jingle and Mingle … Campus Experience!

Me: Jide, you have to….. You have to let me go to Mabel.

Jide: still with the smirk on his face, he planted a kiss on my forehead, my cheek and was about to kiss me on the lips when I close my eyes, waiting for the moment our lips will meet and we savor the taste of each other. Wow! You really want to have a taste of me he said, smiling.

Me: I quickly lifted my hands up my face to cover the shame. I am so embarrassed.

Jide: Don’t be, a lot of people want me because of this same thing you are about to have. I know I’m hot, sexy and you will do anything to have me all to yourself.

Me: Umm….mmmm

Jide: Umm…mmmm What Nike?

Me: I pushed him aside. My body is on fire and he is busy taunting me with it. God! I will give anything to have him kiss me. If this is a joke Jide, stop it I said with all seriousness.

Jide: Joke! does it look to you like I am joking he said with a smirk on his face.

Me: Get that smirk off your face. I need to go visit to Mabel.

Jide: you cannot leave me alone here. No when I am enjoying your company. He came close to me again. This time, her back on the wall and kissed her passionately.

Me: I quickly dragged him close to me to intensify the kiss. It was the best kiss I have ever had. I never wanted it to stop. I felt like I am in heaven. As the kiss intensified, he pulled my clothes over my shoulder while his manhood was already on alert and I was reading to go to heaven back and forth.

Jide: He stopped for a few minutes to catch his breath, looked into my eyes, are you sure you want this?

Me: I nodded my head shyly and was carried to the bed, within few minutes; our clothes were lying on the ground with our naked body on the bed, entwined with each other as we savor our bodies. I could not hold it anymore, I wanted to feel him inside me but I had to be patient with Jide.

Jide: Hmm, you do really know how to please a man with your kiss. In as much as I want to be a gentleman to you, I want to ravish you, feel your body in mine. I want to make you enjoy this moment just as how I will to you. You should be able to take back whatever you want from this.

He quickly stopped talking and got down on me by fingering me, using his fingers.

Me: A low moan came out of my lips as I quickly closed my eyes. He is good. He is an expert. He is the perfect gentleman in escapades I thought. I was in higher height when I felt something warm and slippery entered me. I looked down and saw him using his tongue to locate my G-spot. He was giving as much as he could give and I was taking as much as i could get from the moment. I was moaning, wriggling, breathing heavily, and ready to explode when I felt his big hard cock inside me. He rode me like a horse rider, with his masculine and magnificent stature, he thrust more harder inside me, this time taking what he could get from me. It was bitter at the same time sweet experience. I was enjoying the flow of ectasy.

Jide: Do you like it? Say you love me Nikky! Are you enjoying it he repeated as he kept riding.

Me: Yes Jide! Harder and Faster. I said. I moaned, I screamed, I mumbled so many words I never remembered. I was about exploding when suddenly I was tapped roughly. Waking me up from the pleasure I never wanted to wake up from. I shook off the hands immediately, trying to continue my Pleasure with Jide.

Madame: Nike! She tapped me roughly again. Will you wake up this moment before I descend on you. One would think that you are fighting a demon with the way you have been wriggling and shouting in your sleep. I said wake up!! she shouted.

Me: Oh Madame! You shouldn’t have woken me up na. She said with sleepy eyes. I was enjoying my sleep before you interrupted. So, it was even a dream sef. she thought to herself.

Madame: Will you stand up and go do your house chores. I didn’t bring you here to sleep throughout the day she said and walked away.

Me: hmm. What a dream!!! So in my dream, I had a driver, was crushing for Jide at Campus. I thought going to school was all about Mingling and Jingling but this is my real life, a housemaid in Lagos. I really wish my life could be that of my dream!


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