(Part 1) Age is nothing but a Number (18+)

(Part 1) Age is nothing but a Number (18+)

Couple Years ago, my best friend Gbenga and I graduated from school as Graduates. We had known each other since 100 Level and we became like brothers as we grew older. Gbenga lived with his mother Mrs Tomi and older sister Vanessa. His mom and dad divorced when he was 7 and Mrs Tomi never remarried. Mrs Tomi and my mom were also best friends. They had met 11 years earlier at a group in Ikeja for divorced moms with kids. My mom and dad had also divorced around the same time as Gbenga’s parents. Mrs Tomi and my mom started hanging out when they learned that Gbenga and I went to the same school and over time, we all became very close. I was an only child and I spent a lot of time at Gbenga’s house over the years, since my mom traveled a lot for work. Mrs Tomi became like a second mom to me.

Two weeks after graduation, my mom had to go on a long business trip overseas and I stayed at Gbenga’s house during this time. Little did I know that not only was I about to have the best time of my life, I was about to have the best experience of my life.

Mrs Tomi has one of the best Boutique in Ikoyi where we lived. She was very successful and she had a beautiful home. I enjoyed spending time at her house. She stayed in a great neighborhood, with a built in home theatre and a game room with a pool table, ping pong table and a couple of retro arcade games. Gbenga and I spend a lot of time in these rooms, or outside, by his pool. The pool area was great. There was a huge privacy wall, so none of the neighbors could see back there. There was also an outdoor hot tub and cabana. Mrs Tomi was cool and she would let Gbenga have friends over for pool parties all the time.

One day,Gbenga and I were hanging out by the pool with his girlfriend Liberty and his sister Obby. I wasn’t seeing anyone at the time. We were talking and listening to music when Mrs Tomi came out to join us.

Mrs Tomi: Hi everyone! Hope you guys having fun

Everyone: Hi Mom. Yes we are! Thanks. We chorused

She said hi to everyone, and proceeded to take off her robe to sit one a lounge chair on the opposite side of the pool from where we were. My eyes almost popped out of my head when she took off her robe.

Mrs Tomi was not very tall, probably 5’3″. She had straight, dark brown hair with black highlights, sky brown eyes and toned skin. Over the past year, Mrs Tomi had started working out and she had lost at least 15 kg. I had seen her a bunch of times in a bathing suit, but she always wore a one piece and some kind of draping around her waist. This was the first time I had seen her in a bikini. She looked amazing. Her arms and legs were toned, she had nice, c-cup breasts and a thin, hourglass shape. Her breasts sagged a little, but they still looked good in here bright yellow bikini top. I couldn’t stop looking at her. I always thought of her as a second mother, but my perception of her changed that day and I began lusting for her. I couldn’t explain why, but I did.

After  Mrs Tomi sat in the lounge chair, she reached over to a small table, next to her and grabbed a bottle of body cream. I watched her spread the white, creamy lotion on her shoulders, arms, chest, stomach and legs. It was a good thing I had sun glasses on. I continued my conversation with my friends, but my eyes never left Tomi. Once she was done spreading the lotion over her body, she sat back in her chair, put on her sunglasses and laid back to soak up the sun’s rays.


About an hour later, Liberty left the pool, to get ready to go meet her boyfriend. She walked over to her mom, said a few things to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Mrs Tomi sat up and asked us if we wanted some lunch. Gbenga and his girlfriend said yes and they got up to go in the house to change out of their bathing suits. They said they would go grab some take out for us. I decided to stay in the pool for a while longer. After everyone left, Mrs Tomi got up from her lounge chair and looked over at me.

Mrs Tomi: “How’s the pool Anthony?”

Me: “It’s great Tomi.” I replied, staring at her behind my sunglasses. Gbenga’s mom had always insisted I call her by her first name.

Mrs Tomi: “Good. I need to cool off a bit. The sun is hot today.”

Mrs Tomi walked over to the diving board and plunged into the pool, head first. When she emerged from the water, she swam over to the shallow end, where I was standing.

Mrs Tomi: “Have you talked to your mom?” She asked when she approached me.

She stood up, looking at me and waited for my reply. My eyes just moved down to her breasts. The water was glistening off her smooth, tanned skin.

Me: “Not since yesterday morning.” I replied, forcing myself to look up at her face. I noticed a slight smile.

I felt my face get very warm. I wasn’t sure if I was blushing or it was the sun making me get hot. I hoped she didn’t notice me looking at her chest.

Mrs Tomi: “Well, I spoke to your mom this morning, before coming out to the pool. She told me she needed to stay away on her business trip for a couple of extra weeks, so it looks like you will be spending some extra time here. She said she would call you tonight with the details.”

Me: “Ok.” I said. Still feeling embarrassed at the idea that Tomi may have caught me looking at her breasts.

Mrs Tomi: “You are not very talkative today Anthony. You feeling OK?” She asked as she splashed some water in my face.

I started laughing and splashed water back at her. Tomi was always cool with us kids. She was 45 years old, but she acted like she was 20 sometimes. She was very playful and very full of energy, especially since she had lost all her weight.

Mrs Tomi: “I’ll race you to deep end and back. Loser has to take a cold shower in the outdoor shower by the cabana.”

Then she splashed me again in the face and took off, swimming toward the deep end of the pool.

I tossed my sunglasses over my head and swam as fast as I could after her. The outdoor shower had no hot water and it was always cold. I hated cold showers. Tomi and I reached the deep end at the same time, and raced back toward the shallow end. I was captain of the varsity swim team at school. Even though Tomi had a big lead to start, I easily caught and passed her, beating her by several strokes to the end of the race. I got out of the pool and stood at the edge, with my arms crossed, looking down at her. She reached the end and looked up at me, breathing hard.

Me: “What took you so long?” I asked, teasing her.

Tomi: “Funny guy.” She said sarcastically. “Help me out of the pool.” She demanded, extending her left arm up at me.

I bent over to help pull her up, but instead, she grabbed my arm and pulled me in. I dove right over her. When I came up, she was wading through the water, toward the ladder to climb out. I chased after her and reached the ladder as she stepped up on the last rung. I looked up at her and saw her bikini bottom wedged in between the crack of her round ass. I also saw something else I didn’t expect. I saw a slight patch of dark, pubic hair sticking out of the left side of her inner thigh.

Mrs Tomi: “That’s what you get for not letting me win!” She exclaimed as she laughed, running over to the shower by the cabana, while pulling her stuff out of her ass.

I climbed up the ladder and ran after her. She turned on the shower and put her hand under the running water.

Mrs Tomi: “Fuck!” She squealed. “This water is cold!”

I put my hand under the water to feel how cold it was. She was right. It was really cold.

Me: “Karma is a bitch Tomi.” I said as I grabbed her and pushed her under the water.

She squirmed and tried to pull away, but I held her tight. It felt nice holding her body against mine as she squirmed and pressed up against me. At one point, I wound up behind her with my arms wrapped around her waist and my crotch pressed up against her ass. Oddly enough, Tomi didn’t struggle to get free as much when I was pressed up against her. It actually felt like she was pressing her hips into my crotch. My heart beat sped up and I felt my manhood swell up a bit. I pulled away from her because I didn’t want her to feel me get hard.

Me: “We made a bet and you lost. Get in the shower Tomi, before I lose all respect for you.” I joked with a chuckle.

Mrs Tomi: “Fine, but I will pay you back for this.”

Me: “Yea, yea. You are the one who bet me and lost.”

Tomi gave me a puppy dog frown and walked under the shower head. Her whole body quivered and she squealed as the cold water hit her skin. I just stared at her and admired her body. Her nipples started to protrude from her bikini top and I could see goosebumps pop up all over her skin.

Tomi: “Don’t just stand there staring boy, go grab me a towel!” She exclaimed in a high pitched voice.

I laughed and walked into the cabana and grabbed a towel.

Me: “Here you go Tommy.” I said calling her by her nick name.

She jumped out from under the shower head, grabbed the towel, and wrapped her self in it. She was shivering where she stood.

Tomi: “Oh my God, this towel is so warm.” She said, a look of ecstasy on her face.

I walked over to the shower and turned the water off. Then I went into the cabana and grabbed 2 more towels. I walked behind Tomi and put a second towel around her shoulders.

Tomi: “I already have a towel around my shoulders dumbass.” She said defiantly, obviously annoyed that I made her pay the consequences of losing our bet. “Wrap that towel around my waist.”

I stood in front of her, reached around her waist, grabbed the towel from around her and brought the 2 ends of the towel to her belly button. I tighten the towel around her and slipped one end in behind the other, my hand pressed between the towel and her lower abdomen. An image of me unwrapping the towel and taking of her bikini bottom popped into my head and I felt my manhood swell again. A let go of her towel and quickly wrapped the other towel I grabbed around my waist. I noticed another smile on Tomi’s face.

Stay tuned to Part 2

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